4 Feb 2011

The Names For My Future Baby

the words on the cover: Letters, never sent

I was reading my secret diary entry of 16-03-'98 – oh, I like reading my old diary pages sometimes. Some entries are so much fun to re-read :D! In this particular entry I wrote a letter to my older self explaining which names I wanted to give to my future babies.

For a girl I opted for:

Monique. Zahirah. Velia. Candice.

Abigaille. Mercedes. Jacqueline. Chantal.
Virginia. Judith. Ruth. Samantha. Melody.

and for a boy:

Werner. Ruben. Addis.

Tobias (or variant Tobie). Monja. Terence.

Teddy. Guy. Michael. Harry. Arthur.

Now, some sound a little bit dubious (especially the boy's names) but in the diary I noted you like these names because there is something special about them! - I am sure my older self knew what I would think of my younger self name choices. At the time I didn’t consider if my future husband will like them too. Now, that we are TTC and we are thinking about baby names, I am still very fond of some, but I am trying to convince MrB.P that he likes them too :)!

Also, I never thought giving my babies trendy names. I wanted names that I like for their powerful meaning.

I recently read an article, 10 Popular Baby Names That Must Stop, which reinforced my philosophy (not name our child based on a trend). The author points out that “In the quest to find the most ‘unique’ baby names, American parents actually tend to become copycats, following the latest trends in the same way they follow fashion. Everyone wants to discover the latest must-have name that isn't too common, but at the same time, they don't want it to be too different. This explains why when the annual list of popular baby names is released, we're taken aback by the popularity of such odd choices.” You can read more here.

Some of these names are quite nice, but the popularity dilute their beauty.

I don’t want to follow any trend when it comes to my baby names. We all know celebrities are good in that. For this reason sometimes they can over do themselves. Now that the celebrity pregnancy boom is in the open, the future parents are going to run the marathon for the coolest name in Tinseltown. Who knows what will come out.

I've read that Victoria Beckham might name her next baby Vida (VI-ctoria+DA-vid) if she is a girl (I hope they get a girl)! Luckily the combination of the two names makes another nice name. But we all know that some names are just a joke, think about Apple, Bluebell and what other creative names some celebrities have named their children. I concluded that these famous parents don't want their children's true names to be known that's why the public know these children by crazy names. I am waiting for the day when these children will grow and write about their true names other than Apple or Bluebell.

I believe it is very important to give names which will influence your children in a positive way once adults. Although I am not pregnant yet, I am thinking about baby names, because I want to be original in the name choices, but I am sure I won't name anyone Peter-Pan, Apple, Strawberry or Bluebell.

Which names do you like? Do you already have some names for your future baby?


  1. We picked at least one bible name for each son. I wouldn't know what to choose if I had another boy! Sigh! However, I still love Emily Lloyd, Maggie Lloyd, and Faith Lloyd! No chance of using them, though:(

  2. We picked at least one bible name for each son. I wouldn't know what to choose if I had another boy! Sigh! However, I still love Emily Lloyd, Maggie Lloyd, and Faith Lloyd! No chance of using them, though:(

  3. We have a few names set aside for future children, but I'm superstitious about sharing them. For boys we like to use a name out of the history books. The Boy's real name is a biblical one and a historical one. We won't always use that trend, its just the way it worked this time around.

  4. I completely agree with what you are saying in regards to names!
    I love classic names...

    In high school i was sure I would some day name my daughter "saprano blessing"... ACK!

  5. def. not Werner honey, I watched a movie where there was this little gordito (fat boy) with shorts and a swirly lollipop who was a spoiled rotten thing...lol I love the girl names tho..God Bless

  6. Mia Paige (first & middle). I've had tucked in my pocket for many years now. I think it's adorable for a little girl yet works really well for a grown woman. Unfortunately Hubs isn't crazy about it. However, I may have a trick or two up my sleeve to help convince him otherwise :) No idea of boys names yet- would love to incorporate my dad's name in as a middle- just for the sentimental value.

    Picking someones name is a lot of pressure though! :)

  7. I chose Liam Demitri for a boy's name because it reflected my boyfriend's Irish roots and my Russian one. Lately I've been thinking Guinnon would be nice.

    Another trendy name that should be over is Madison. For girls at least.

  8. We love family names. I like looking back through family history on my side and on my husbands side and making combinations of names that carry on a history. For example, our son is Clint Richard. Clint is my maternal grandfather's first name and Richard is my husband's middle name, his father's name, his grandfather's name and his great-grandfather's name! We plan to continue incorporating family names such as Paul, Rosalie and Elizabeth.

  9. Ooh I really love the name you have for your future son Addis. I really like the name Nikko for a boy. My friend already took it though. I like Ayumi for a girl (it's Japanese). I also like Andi for a girl. This is fun I feel like I could list quite a bit. Haven't thought about this in some time. Thanks for this post.

  10. My niece just named her baby Miele. Pronounced My Elle. All I think of as a former teacher, is that every single time that kids goes to school or her name is in writing she will be asked to spell, pronounce, or explain it. A burden to give a kid if you ask me, no matter how pretty the name is. This would especially apply if there is nobody you're naming the kid for or you're not swedish or whatever Miele is. Use a strong name, maybe something after someone in the family or a dear friend, and don't get crazy with it!

  11. Hahaha! Yeah, I always wondered about Apple.... I met a girl named Circle once. And talked to a woman named Chicken once too. CHICKEN!!!!! I'd much rather be known as Apple. I like Irish/English names. I also like names that have a religious meaning. So far we've done both for both girls. Jacqueline is awesome.

  12. My husband and I LOOOOOOOOOVE thinking about names even though we aren't TTC. We have only agreed on two so far: Emma and Josh. He doesn't like non-traditional names so he vetoed every kooky idea I had :) In Japan, parents names are really easy to combine! Example: Yusuke and Nana become Yuna. It happens all the time! I wish we could do that with our names. Great post!

  13. i don't have any names picked out but Sean has picked out our sons name already. Elijah Peter! :)

  14. I came over from SITS Sharefest.
    Picking baby names is fun, but challenging. I agree to stay away from trends and go with something that has meaning for the both of you. I am also a believer that what you name your child will shape who they become

  15. I have thought about it yet but I always liked Chelsea for a girl and mr pancakes is a second so we might name our son a third...his granddaddy's name! Classic names are so much better!

  16. I love classic names or biblical names. Right now I'm loving Ava Christine or Audrey Marie for a girl. Christine was my grandmothers name and Marie was the hubby's grandmothers name. For a boy I love Jacob Levi or Jeremiah Levi. My hubbys initials are JLM and his middle name is Levi so I want to incorporate that for a boy ;-)

  17. Hey i like the names from your dairy,
    they are unique and interesting, i liked the names Monique,Zahirah.
    they sound good...
    Thanks for sharing it..

    Baby Names

  18. Thanks ladies for sharing with me :).

    @Amy, Audrey is a beautiful name and one of my nieces have that name!

  19. Nice babies names!


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