28 Feb 2011

The Next Generation of Movie Stars

Well, well, the end of February eheei?

In part this month has been hard to survive due to waiting for something that we don't have any control over: motherhood and Canadian visa. This wait has filled me with nostalgia, it has made me read alot through my diaries. I've written about my 1995 diary entry about my love for Leonardo DiCaprio. I've started writing the love story between MrBP and I. About how we fell in love, it's a great sensation to relive.

I know in January I wrote that I will live in the present but right now, the present is static and the future seems uncertain. However, I found that watching movies and daydreaming about who is going to be the future movie stars is soothing. I love films and when I was young I wanted to become an actress - I thought that if I became model I could then become musician, actress and write my books because I would be like all the talented famous people, eheheh :)!

I believe that an actor can make a film or break it. The plot matters but one always tell the potential of an actor from one film. When I first saw Leonardo DiCaprio acting I knew the guy had got talent. I loved Leonardo from the early days. And up to date he acts like no-one else does- but then again maybe I am biased.

However, I've recently noticed some actors whom I can sense their potential in the future film industry. Although they are many great upcoming actors, I want to list just few actors who I believe are getting stronger and stronger each year.

In no particular order the next best actors are:

Name: Eddie Redmayne

DoB: 06-01-1982

Film I first saw him/her in: Tess of the d'Urbervilles, tv adaption of Thomas Hardy's novel

Personal Notes on him/her:
Isn't he a cutie? Those lips. I once saw him walking the streets of Kings Road - Chelsea, London. He is adorable... romantic actor from Britain (wealthy background, he went to the same college as Prince William and his brother Harry).

Films: My Weekend With Marilyn (2011).

Name: Carey Mulligan


Film I first saw him/her in:
An Education

Personal Notes on him/her:
First an foremost, her dimples and smile wins the heart of the audience. Although people compares her to Audrey Hepburn, she reminds me more of another great actress, Cate Blantchett. I believe Mulligan's films will all be timeless like Hepburn and Blantchett films. She a class A actress. The way she acts is just stunning, stunning. Most of her films are nominated because she is good at her work. I like her vintage style.

Never Let Me Go (2010). Drive (2011). Shame (2011). My Fair Lady (2012). The Great Gatsby (2012).

Now I need to say two things about these last two films. I already love the previous adaption of My Fair Lady especially because Audrey Hepburn performed as Eliza Doolittle - I love Hepburn films. The second is that The Great Gatsby with Mia Farrow and Robert Redford is on my list of fav films. But most IMPORTANTLY in this new adaptation no one but LEONARDO DICAPRIO is the new Jay Gatsby! OMG I can't contain myself for this duo. You all know that I H.E.A.R.T Leonardo DiCaprio, right? Read the declaration post here :)! I might go to the premiere when it comes out, the combo plus one is just perfect. Plus, I can tell is going to win some awards ;).

Name: Aaron Johnson

: 13-06-1990

Film I first saw him/her in: Nowhere Boy (2009)

Personal Notes on him/her: Look at those lips and curly hair? Those lips... (MrBP, you have those lips too :). I first saw him acting in Nowhere Boy and my, my, he made young John Lennon look cool! Wow... well, I believe is going to be the next Colin Firth, you know the actor who won the Oscars best actor yesterday? Johnson, is such a cutie and has proved that age doesn't concern him because he is engaged to Sam Taylor-Wood (the director of Nowhere Boy) who is 23 years his senior. The two have a baby girl born on 07-07-2010. Taylor-Wood has two girls 13 and 5 years old from her previous marriage.

Films: Chatroom (2010) and Albert Nobbs (2011).


Name: Gemma Arterton

DoB: 12-01-1986

Film I first saw him/her in: Tess of the d'Urbervilles (2008), tv adaption of Thomas Hardy's novel.

Personal Notes on him/her: She is the new English rose. Born from working class family, she has become one great actress. Since her big break, she's been working with well known actors and actresses. I like her next door beauty. She seems one of those girl I can easily become good friends with. She can act effortlessly, she can be a romantic girl, an action girl and the girl next door girl. She has done some epic movies as well, with one of my fav actors Jake Gyllenhaal. She doesn't look like she is shy to have the bootylicious body :).

Films: Men In Black III (2012). I've never watched the previous Men In Black saga, I may watch the the third movie.


Name: Anton Yelchin

DoB: 11-03-1989

Film I first saw him/her in: Alpha Dog (2006).

Personal Notes on him/her: I never watch the above movie until this month. Yelchin is so cute and sweet in the film.

(sidenote: Justin Timberlake is a good musician turn actor)

The film is based on a true story. Yelchin's acting made me hate the guys who killed the real-life guy due to a dispute over drugs with his half brother. Yelchin last speech before the massacre was touching and I wish the guys were not so mean to have killed him. I was happy to read at the end that the mastermind behind the killing was found out and he is still in prison. Prediction are that Yelchin is going to be busy in the coming years.

Films: Memoirs Of A Teenage Amnesiac (2010). You and I (2010). Like Crazy (2011). The Beaver (2011). The Smurfs (2011) - wow, who hasn't watched this cartoon before? It is going to be nice to watch it in a movie. It will be break or make. The Winter Queen (2011). Fright Night (2011), something to do with vampires - we are going to love to watch it girls; and Colin Farrell is in the cast. Odd Thomas (2012).


Name: Andrew Garfield

DoB: 20-08-1983

Film I first saw him/her in: Boy A (2007).

Personal Notes on him/her: Now with this guy is not about looks, but more about sweetness and first class acting. I watched his interpretation of Eduardo Saverin, in The Social Network, with trepidation. He made the Eduardo look quite innocent and charming. Garfield seems very shy and down to earth. Oh, he is going to be a great movie star, like Goerge Clooney? Even better I hope ;).

Films: Never Let Me Go (2010). The Social Network (2010). I'm Here (2010). The Amazing Spider-Man (2012).


I am sure they are more future actors out there but living in Europe I don't know them all. Have you seen any potential movie star out there? Share with me.


  1. Aaron Johnson is hot (I always feel slightly shady fancying someone so much younger. But hotness is hotness). I loved him in Kick Ass.

  2. I know how you feel BaboutT, it's quite scary because some children are coming of age and they are hot actors, that's why I still look at Leonardo DiCaprio because that's my teenage fancy :)

    Talking about Aaron johnson, I don't know how his girlfriend might have felt at the beginning of their relationship, she is 43 and he is 20 - when I first saw their picture holding hands I thought what is he holding his mother's hand for? Then I read they are dating, I felt sorry, because I didn't mean to be nasty :(, but that's the shady part for me.


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