2 Feb 2011

Pour Your Heart Out: She is ANNOYING!

Diclaimer: I wrote this post last night after a stressful day with a woman I really like but whose acts sometimes I find OTT! I want to post it because I need to get all the thoughts in me out there. But I am feeling better today!



She is getting on my nerrrrrves!

Now, I do understand how come her daughter treats her like a carpet. It's not nice of her daughter to do that, but maybe she really deserves that treatment!

This woman in question can be nice as much as you like it, but recently I've started to believe that maybe she is just two face nice. And she can be S.U.P.E.R annoying!

Don't get me wrong, I really like her but I think I might go crazy if I live with her longer than a month. I will definitely drive myself insane!

I don't know how her husband stands her! She talks and complains all the time. I asked MrBP if I am like that and fortunately he said I am not close to that state of annoyance, LOL!

This woman is always asking opinions and speaking to me in the third person. When I try to help her clean the house she thinks I am implying "Your house is dirty!" - but all I really want, is to be helpful! I don't have bad thoughts towards other people, and she makes me feel bad when she makes comments like "I know you think my house is dirty."

I take that very bad, because inside I thing poor woman, you are always working, I want to be helpful!

Some other times she can say "Would you like some cake?"

"No, thanks. I am full."

"Are you sure? Don't you want a piece of lemon cake?"

"No, I am really full!" I just finished eating a big piece of bread and a bowl of carrot-tomato soup! I am full and I don't want to eat any CAKE!

To this last confirmation she says "I know I am fat, but I have to have the cake if not my husband will refuse to eat the cake. I want to be nice by eating the cake."

Ppffffff, how annoying is this?

Also she can be spiteful. Once she said "Among all of you I am the most literate here, but I am not writing." All because your loved ones are trying to make their dreams come true by trying to become writers? When she says something like that I always point out her mean comments.

Maybe she might thinks I am mean, and all I want to be is to let her know that she can believe in herself a little bit more, so that she can be let spiteful.

Well, if you are insecure of your abilities that doesn't mean you have to be mean to those who try to do something about their 'illiterate' passion for writing.

Plus, she tells everyone the business of everyone else. She is always the victim in any given situation, but then she feels guilty for complaining!

She is insecure and that causes all her little meany-beany comments - some might say she doesn't mean any harm, but I know she is a canny-sarcastic woman who knows how to be nastily-nice!

Who said social networking is negative?!

Ah, she did!

She doesn't like facebook or blogging for that matter, because she thinks is just an indulgence. In the meanwhile she represses her frustrations within herself then she sprays the poison on innocent people around her.


I am so glad I can pour my heart out today because she is ANNOYING!

At least I have a lovely sunny blog on which I can de-stress! Hurray :)!

Blogging is good - in your face woman!

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  1. I don't think I could tolerate her comments!

  2. You stay strong...happy thoughts...go to your happy place. 1995 leonardo dicaprio!!!!!

  3. Your are right Miss Pancakes :)!

  4. I think we all know someone like this! Hope you feel better that you got it out.

  5. sometimes letting it out makes it all the better. seriously, when i stand in one place and scream at the top of my lungs when i am frustrated ... a sense of calm comes over me!

    glad you are better today! :)

  6. I've known people like her that I've had a love/hate relationship. There are some things about them that I really like, but they are also toxic and I don't want to absorb their toxicity.

  7. Ha! Ha! Love the in your face part!


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