16 Feb 2011

With A Little Prayer... What Doesn't Kill You Makes You {ONLY} Stronger!


Yes, I say with a little prayer... what doesn't kill you makes you ONLY stronger!

My heart is full...

Apart from waiting for parenthood to come our way. We are also waiting to receive our Canadian visa.

We didn't calculate our time in this way and the unscheduled delay is freaking maddening! The situation is distressing... I am not the best planner in the world, but waiting for this long to get a visa is going to our minds. WE CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER for this visa - but we have to wait this seems the case.

Oh, somebody help us! What if we don't get the %***& visa? WE HAVE TO GET IT, **full stop**, sigh! full stop!

In general I have optimistic disposition to life, but the wait is forcing me into a state of doubt. I am feeling SO, So, so down! MrBP says I shouldn't blame myself but how shouldn't I feel guilty! He is SO, SO sweet and LOVELY! But I feel bad because I encouraged him to take the Canadian position - he opted for that position because it's great for his career, but he also chose it because we both agreed on moving to Canada to discover that beautiful continent. You can read more here.

If we don't get if - WHICH IS NOT AN OPTION - all our plans will alter and we haven't planned anything else. MrBP says we can do anything we want if the visa falls through, and that we can decide to make a great unplanned adventure out of our situation. He is marvellous, understanding, caring and great heart! Oh, he is just WONDERFUL, my words can't express how much I L.O.V.E him! I thank God I met MrBP, he was born for only me!

WE WANT TO GO TO CANADA, because MrBP's job is important for the Canadian research institute and I hope the embassy doesn't make any stupid decision.

My lovely ladies please say a little pray for us - ask the Lord to send us strength and patience. Because if strength and patience doesn't kill us, they'll make us {only} stronger :)!


  1. sending tons of prayers your way! keep positive, you will have that visa before you know it!

  2. Same here! Loads of thoughts and prayers for you! Best of luck!!! Great job, MrBP!

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog : )

    I hope everything works out with the visa!! Your husband sounds so amazing with trying to show you the bright side of things. Whatever happens...you two will be together and will brave anything that comes your way! : )

  4. I'm sending many many many prayers your way!

  5. Thanks so much ladies, your prayers are very appreciated :).

  6. I hope everything works out! Chin up :) so many people are thinking about you and praying for you guys!

  7. God really does take us through valleys and storms to help us with our testimonies! And he always gives us the tools and the people in our lives to help us through the valleys and storms! Thinking of you and MrBP!

  8. Saying a prayer... after years of life (ok, only 34 years) I've realized waiting is likely my biggest challenge...

  9. Definitely sending prayers your way! Stay positive! :)

  10. Thanks so much ladies for the prayers :).


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