31 Mar 2011

Etsy Makes TC30s Dream Aloud

EtsyLogo Who doesn’t know etsy.com?

I didn’t until sometime in 2010, when I started to come across through some bloggers. Now, my dreams is buy many cute things for myself and my family. Why don’t you stop by TC30s to read more and get inspired.

While you are here please why don’t you join TC30s become we really want to make a community where women can share and get inspired together.


30 Mar 2011

How TOI Might Get Her Groove Back

Disclaimer: I don't know much about depression but I feel low sometimes and I know that feeling low is the worse thing any one can ever experience.

This feeling can come in many forms. The desire to stay in bed, hide yourself away from the rest of the world. This could be signs of depression, please if you are feeling any of these symptoms talk to a trusted friend and consult your GP.

Last week I started to feel low in spirit. Physically I felt great, but emotionally I was all over the place. At one stage I was full of joy and I wanted to jump up and sing. Maybe, I did that but I don’t remember. At another stage I was at the library and I felt these emotions coming over me. Making me feel vulnerable and teary. I didn’t know what was happening to me and I couldn’t express the feelings.

Maybe I am still a little bit over the place right now, but I will try my best to explain how I felt.

I was feeling low, the mood swings came and went. The mornings were the worse. As soon as I woke up it was difficult to get out of bed, maybe it is caused by the fact that we are sleeping on a futon? (Can’t wait for our real bed to come :)! On Monday, I was feeling nostalgic and I didn’t leave the house. I felt good acknowledging my nostalgia, but yesterday I went for a walk and listened to my IPOD. I went to the library and borrowed few books. Books that help my writing, although in my current state I don’t know how I can achieve my goal by this summer, mmmm.

Well, I realised that in the afternoons, after forcing myself to live life, I feel better. But, all in all it was difficult to live in this mood swinging state.

So today, I decided to do something different. I analysed how my exercising routine have changed since January. Maybe I decided to do this after reading Things I Can’t Say PYHO’s post, in which she wrote:

“…A big reason is because exercise does make me feel better. It's a huge stress relief and a confidence boost once I feel like I won't be out of breath walking to the mailbox am strong and in shape.”

I commented “OMG, I don't remember when was the last time I weighed myself... January 15th maybe?

Now I am dreading about putting too much weight on after baby, I should just think about the beautiful thing I will get after the journey to motherhood, still I have to work out so that I don't feel too bad about my body image.
Well done for taking the steps to a healthy you :)”

Even without standing on a scale, I know that I’ve put on weight since last summer, when I was working out and getting ready for motherhood. While living with my in-laws, eating peanut butter and freshly baked bread, I didn’t do any exercising, apart from… you know what ;). That kind of unhealthy living was the major killer to my fitness and health. I realised that, maybe, my mood swings are caused by my worries about becoming huge after baby. I am worried because I can’t fit some of my old clothes. Clothes that I could fit into in January and even February.

After that comment I took my Mari Winsor’s workout DVD out and shook my booty.winsor-pilates-basic-3-dvd-workout-set-20 After dancing and getting into the routine for about thirty minutes, I was feeling much better. However, I am feeling like my mood is affecting my appetite – mmm, I don’t know what is happening to me.

I got a little bit of my groove back and I am going to workout a little bit every day, until I can sign up at the gym. I miss swimming, yoga and pilates – those are the best exercises for my fragile and ever-changing mood. Well this is another boring post from me today.

I know my posts have being boring lately, I will get better. Now the weather is getting very nice and I am going for a walk and to absorb some vitamin D.

This post is about how I was feeling this morning, I am so optimistic about the future :).


29 Mar 2011

iLove Tueday Tunes: Don't Call This Love

I was missing iLove Tuesday Tuenes so I decided to re-start posting my favourite song on Tuesdays again.

The song for today is Don't Call This Love by Leon Jackson, click the video to listen.

I am sure you don't know this guy... well, not many people in Britain might remember him. I like what he did as soon as he won the British XFactor. Leon Jackson is a-not-so-famous British version of Michael Buble.

You might like him if you like what the Canadian singer does.


28 Mar 2011

I Am Nostalgic...

I am one of those people whom feel nostalgic so easily. Autumn is the period in which this feeling overtake me and I feel nostalgia towards many things. Autumn is the season for nostalgia... mmm, maybe this was indoctrinated in me by love for classic poetry and Romanticism art and literature.

Well, I am feeling nostalgic towards Europe and Africa today. Not just today but since last Wednesday I am feeling so nostalgic I can't help but write a post to acknowledge this feelings.

Friday will be the fourth Friday we are living in Canada.

And I am already nostalgic. Life here is fine, but I would be lying if I said I am not missing London or more in a general tone European life. AMI would be worried to know that I am nostalgic, but he shouldn't worry because I know this feeling will go away soon.

I miss Italy and spring time there, the smell of trees in blossom, the not-too-hot sun you find at this time of year. The time zone. I miss London for being London... Oh, I miss Istria, because it was so beautiful to be there.

I miss lying on the grass in a green park reading magazines or books...

I miss, I miss...

I miss the smell of freshly baked brioche/croissant and ACE juice. Oh, how I miss Europe... mahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!....

I miss British rain and Italian rain. I miss weather and the time zone. Right now is about 21:10 in UK. I miss Europe mainly because here the snow is melting now. I can't wait until the warm weather appeares, because everyone is saying I will love it here once the snow melts completely and the streets are clean. The real beauty of this town will be known.

However, I miss Africa... I miss the heat, and I am thing about what one of my friends told me "You were born in the heat just like me, what are you going far away from Africa for?"

I believe there is a purpose in my life experiencing all this diversity, one day the answer will be clear, but today I am nostalgic.

Sorry if this post is boring, but I needed to acknowledge my nostalgic mood...

Have you ever felt nostalgic towards something or a place?


27 Mar 2011

Sunday In My City: Busy One

Today was a busy Sunday. We had a lot on our plate.

The house we are renting is empty of furniture, so we decided to buy few things. We bought a second hand sofa -hide-in-bed- for $75, a bargain.
We then bought a second hand Legend Plasma TV for $ 125, super bargain. From the same owner of the TV we bought a TV table, a writing desk and a bookcase for which we paid $40, a great deal. I will not bore you will photos of the items... not because I don't want to, but because my camera fell and died on Wednesday 23-03-2011. I am sad about that, because I don't have a photo camera anynore ;(. I have to wait at least two months before I can buy my Canon Rebel Ti2 (I know, I am obsessed about it. Until then, I will learn the features of the camera :)However, before my point and shoot camera fell and died on me, I managed to take some pictures of my new red Hunter boots - they were on my Canada Wishlist.
I was too excited to model them... I had a cup of soup in one hand, my camera in the other... that's how it fell and died on me :(. I guess the camera read last Sunday post, about how I really want a Canon Ti2, LOL! I have to wait two months, but the wait will be worth it :)

We watched Mona Lisa's Smile on our new Plasma TV :). I was a little tired...

How was your Sunday/weekend?

Unknown Mami

25 Mar 2011

The Sugar Raspberry Coated Donut

The following post is a work of fiction, DO NOT ACT ON IT!

I stood in front of the bakery-bar and licked my dry lips. I wished I was one of the girls sitting in there, drinking their teas and biting those sugar glazed donuts. But, I was not one of them and they weren’t one of me. In part I was happy for that, because my willpower was stronger than theirs. I could control what was entering in my stomach... or to be correct, I could control what was not entering in my stomach.

I looked at the different taste of donuts displayed in the window. Something pushed me to enter. I went in and stood at the counter. The waitress whose cheeks betrayed her passion for glazed donuts asked me “How can I help you today?”

I looked at her friendly face and I forced something that looked like a smile back at her. I painfully fumbled some words out: “Ehm, nothing... I am just looking...” I pause to collect my thoughts, then I said “Sorry, I am still thinking about what to get...” getting those words out of my mouth was like catching a star from the sky.

Since my illness began, it has become difficult for me to speak to strangers. I was always self conscious about how I looked. This affected my speech. I thought people saw me as the fat girl in town. I hated my hair, my fat face, my fat thighs... I simply looked awkward in everything I did, all because he said those words to me...

“This one is very delicious...” the waitress brought me back to reality. I looked at her confused.


“This donut here, the sugar raspberry coated donut is very delicious. It is our speciality.” She smiled again, but I could tell she was annoyed with me.

“Okay..., I would like two of them.” I was surprised at my own words. I was also very crossed with myself. The voice started to insult me but, instead of giving in, I paid and got out of the bakery.

A cold wind blow on my face, I looked around me to see if I was the only one feeling this chill. I saw people wearing short sleeves. It was May and I was still cold under the Verona sun. My mind went back to the last time I ate my favourite sweets, sugar raspberry coated donut. I couldn’t tell if it was the cold or the excitement to finally eat a donut again that made me feel flashes of cold. I pulled my jumper tightly around my neck. My eyes were watering and I felt light.

I walked past the newsagent, the one near the Arena. I went to sit in the small park. I took my donut out of its wrapping paper. I looked at it, smelled the sugar on it and fought back the saliva in my throat. The dough was so soft. I squeezed the first one and felt a sense of freedom. I closed my eyes and felt like a light bird in the sky. I thought about his words and whispered

“Can you see me now? I don’t even want to eat this delicious donut... this sugar raspberry coated donut that I adore.”

I started to cry, tears like rain on window screen dribbled down my cheeks. I hated him so much. I hated him for causing this illness. I hated him for messing up my mental health. I took the second donut out of the paper wrapping... I was about to bite a piece, but the voice told me something different. I cut it into pieces and threw it in the air, to the pigeons in the park. I felt stronger and stronger, but I also knew that the person who refused to bite a piece of her favourite sugar rasberry coated donut was not me, but ED.

I repeat, this post is a work of fiction. It was inspired by


24 Mar 2011

i heart sponsors: RaeGun

Hello my lovely ladies :)!

Today I want to present you Marissa Fischer, the owner of the etsy shop RaeGun. Her shop is dedicated to handmade baby and toddler clothing and accessories. Marissa is a wife, an auntie, crafter, philosopher (she just got a degree), sinner saved by grace, lover of food, and lots more. She blogs at Rae Gun Ramblings, sharing the things that make her smile, her going-ons, and her little Etsy shop.

I came upon her shop last year and since then I am daydreaming about the day I will dress our mini-mes in some of her fun items.

As usual I was curious to learn a little bit more about the woman behind Rae Gun Ramblings, so without further ado I will let her talk.I started my blog Rae Gun Ramblings in May of 2007, right around when I opened my etsy shop.

People often ask me what inspired me to open RaeGun. Basically when my sister found out that she was pregnant with a little girl, I started to sew things for the new baby. After a couple of friends and family members encouraged me to try selling some of my creations I opened up an Etsy shop. Etsy is so inexpensive and easy to start so I figured there really wasn't anything to lose.

Now I sell a variety of baby and toddler items in my shop and have just started adding hair accessories for both the little ones and adults. My most popular items are my vintage inspired jumpers and ruffled diaper covers but I also sell onesie sets, dresses and more.

It's fun to think that the little baby who got me started in all of this just turned 4 earlier this week.

My products are retro inspired with modern flair. They are things that are cute enough to put on your little ones to take them to lunch with the aunties, but are still durable and comfortable enough for a day in the park. I also welcome custom orders (or as TOI taught me is the British word -bespoke).
To be cheeky I asked her the following question.

Although you are not a mother yet, what would motherhood mean to you?

Oh motherhood! What a huge of a question... (after thinking for few seconds she says)

...to me motherhood is the privileged of being able to love and invest in a little being to help him or her become a healthy and happy person ready to thrive in and contribute to our world.

Beautiful definition of motherhood. Would you list five things that are important to you... !
Family. Good Food. Living a life that represents who you want to be. Taking time to enjoy people you love and Harry Potter

Great list! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to me. I really hope your fun quirky products will dress our mini mes very soon! They are going to look so sweet on my future baby or babies :) .


What do you think my lovely ladies. Aren't her products super cute? It is difficult to pick one as my favourite, so I've started my list now :).
Marissa is such fun. It was nice talking to her and bringing you her fabulous products.

Plus, she is doing a giveaway, stop by Rae Gun Ramblings to learn more. Good luck.

Oh, check her etsy shop too: RaeGun!


If you would like to sponsor Life of TOI, and showcase your Etsy shop or a business, please contact me at msbabyplan @ gmail.com

22 Mar 2011

Family and Adoption

I returned from Toronto just couple of hours ago ;).

I was browsing the blogsphere when I came across the Ground Swell's blog. This lovely family is in the process of adopting a child from Ghana, my home country :). They want to build up their family by helping another child that needs parental love. I am so happy for the little boy who will come to join them when the time is right. You can watch a video of their adoption journey here. To raise funds they are selling these lovely kids' t-shits.
AMI and I have talked about adopting or fostering a child one day - this is in our family. However, we know that adopting is a long and ardous process. But one day we will try. For now, what I can do is to help those who want to do it. So, I donated something to help towards the funds.

It is also sweet to know that the parents are teaching their kids the lesson of helping others. Because being able to help is the greatest fulfullment. I hope one day my kids will learn this precious lesson.

Hope you can stop by and share some love :).

Sharing love,

I Am Grateful For...

I write about the little things that make me happy. I write about our life in Canada and the bright future I believe Lord has in store for us. I know I am a precious little lady thanks to my Great Almighty. I know how precious I am every moment I wake up and kneel down to thank my Lord.

So, today I want to share with you, my lovely ladies, just few things that fills me with gratitude. There are many more but I am so grateful...

...for every waking morning...
...for each second I take another breath and I feel alive thanks to You, Lord.
...for the ongoing health You, Lord, grant our families.
...for the love You conditionally give to us.
...for the love I feel inside right now, right here and forever!
...for preciously creating me and making me a woman!
...for ensuring that AMI and I met on that day.
...for protecting us against every evil.
...for making sure AMI and I share this strong LOVE!
...for filling me with lovely emotions and strength.
...for each day that I walk this earth and look up into the sky which your passionately created.
... for my family and my friends (new and old)!
...for feeling You deep in me.
...for protecting those affected by natural disaster. May they still trust in You!
...for being there when I needed you most.
...for showing us the way.
...for being YOU, Lord!

I love you and it fills me with pure love to love you! Amen!

What are you grateful for?
Please share with

20 Mar 2011

Sunday In Toronto

This weekend I am visiting family in Toroto. I took some pictures to share with you, my beloved ladies :).

This week I acted on your tips from last week SIMC post, no slideshow and I increased the size of the photos. But I think the quality is not great, because my camera doesn't have great lens (I am using Casio 10.1 mega pixels, not great camera for the beautiful scenery I will view in Canada and USA) - still, I hope you enjoy them :).


I L.O.V.E photographying, but I don't have the camera which can help my passion for photos to a different level. Many of you take pictures that look great and professional pictures. I truly envy those pictures. I believe that having a DSLR can make some difference and on my Canadian wishlist I had this camera in mind:I am looking so much forward to the day I can hold it in my hands. I think good photos can be achieved thanks to good photocameras and some creativity.

Which camera do you have? When and why did you decided to buy it?

Please, share with...

Unknown Mami

17 Mar 2011

Hello, I Was Magazinolic

You say what? You never heard of this word? Well, there is a first time for everything. So next time you hear the word magazin-olic remember you first heard it on Life of TOI :)!


Yes, I was Magazin-olic, I had a thing for magazines.

I love clothes, shoes, beauty products, bags and books and... also internet, but that was not too strong when it came to my obsession with mmmagazines - now things are changing.

I used to buy magazines or pick old magazines people leave behind at the airport, on the plane or on the buses. Apart from that, the worse thing was, I couldn't throw them away. I have magazines backdating 1999... Some of which are totally unread! I bought magazines just for the smell; mmmm, nothing is more exciting than the smell of a new magazine. Other times I bought them for the celebrity on the cover or for the free gift in the magazine.

But, as much as I enjoyed buying magazines, it was very expensive hobby in the long run :(!

This was the reason I decided to affront my demons when we started to pack for Canada.

AMI had few books to pack, when it came to my turn I had to pack three big boxes. At this point if I was an expect of magazinolism, I would have said: the girl is magazinolic - that's what I did!

I know, this is a serious problem - don't laugh if you are :(!

But that demon was going to be hard to defeat. Few months later I drew a plan for our move to Canada.

It was in December, on our way back from Calgary, that I told AMI "I want to take most of my old magazines to Canada."
"Why?" he asked surprised
"Because, in this way I won't buy any more magazines." That was a big promise, so like all addicts, I decided to buy my last magazine: the January issue of the Oprah Magazine.

To this promise AMI said "Don't be silly. That shouldn't be the last magazine you purchase. You can take to Canada many of your old magazines but you can buy more when you want..."

I didn't want to hear that because I knew I was chronic magazinolic.

"No, I really have to stop buying magazines. I am not going to buy any more." I said convinced.

But... that promise lasted until the beginning of the year.

However, now I am pleased to announce that I am coming out of that addiction. The last magazine two magazines I bought were the January/February issues of Psychologies and Health. I bought the first one because I like to read about human behaviour, on the other hand I bought the second one because the super-yummy-mummy-model Gisele was on the cover.

I felt very bad at the time but not too much because the Health magazine is dedicated to healthy living - I will share what Gisele had to say in a different post :)! Another great thing was a voucher which saved me money on folic acid and zinc vitamins - all for the good cause of the journey to parenthood, right ;)?

However, I have to reveal that I am struggling on the promise but I am keeping up like a true fighter! To succeed I signed up to my local library where they offer magazines to take home. I love this library!

In Britain I couldn't do that. If you are looking for me stop by my local library in the magazine area - kidding! You can find me at the family planning and writing area too :)!

I really hope this is the year I spend less money on magazines and more on baby diapers ;)!

Do you have any unusual obsessions? Are you into magazine like me?

Share with...

15 Mar 2011

The HOUSE is Ours

Yes, the HOUSE I mentioned here, is ours. We are the proud owners of a house. This is our first house. Aesthetically it's nothing compared to the flat we stayed in before, however there are some features that made us want to rent it.

In London, we were living in a flat therefore moving to Canada one of our wishes was to be able to live in a house. We want space, because I have too many shoes, clothes, magazines and books. AMI wanted us to be able to hide some of those items and having a house is best for that. Plus, we want to be able to have rooms available for when our families come to visit. Also, we want our future children to have their own room. Our London flat is just one bedroom, now we have three bedrooms.
We really wanted a garden, because AMI would like to grow his own veggies. Plus, we would like our future children to be able to run wild and free, instead of being forced to watch four walls and television all the time. We remember climbing trees when we were little and we would L.O.V.E to see our children enjoy the freedom only nature can bring to your life. Apart from the features above, we have a big garage, a basement and front garden. We have so much space... we will make sure to fill it up with many children - just kidding, LOL! Two will do :)!
The house is rented but we would love to stay here a little bit longer, maybe long enough to welcome our future first baby here :)! If we like living life in the province of Saskatchewan we will definitely but a house will similar features here.

Is your place a flat or a house? Which benefits does the place have? Do you rent your place? How long did wait before buying your first house?

P.S: we are still waiting for our internet connection, so I am blogging from a bar, LOL!
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