8 Mar 2011

A Big Hello From A Town In Canada

Hello You Lovelies! I missed you all and I hope you missed me too.

Love the new blog-face-lift? I will explain everything to you in a different post :).

This post is a quick one to let you all that we are safely in Canada. Thank you all for stopping by.

The journey was uneventful - apart from trying to solve a rubix cube, watching Megamind, Love & Other Drugs, Black Swan, Burlesque and reading old magazines. I was pretty much as boring as usual, so I won't bore you with any detail :).

Being sound and safe in this new small town (in Canadian standards) makes me wanna jump up and down on a sofa at an interview with Oprah. I feel like Charlie winning the ticket to go the chocolate factory. I feel like what words can't describe and I want this feeling to last forever.

This is just a short update. A post to thank Lord for His great love and blessing to me and my family. To thank everyone who have taken the time to comment. I really appreciate it.

I also wanted to wish everyone HAPPY WOMAN'S DAY. You can read more here.

2011 is the year of happy rewards! And I extend that to everyone!


  1. Glad you arrived safely! :) Like the new look.. Looking forward to you explaining what TOI means, haha.

  2. Oh I'm really happy that you made it to Canada!!

  3. I was away on business so couldn't post- but have been thinking about you and hoping your travels were safe. Big hugs.

  4. So glad you made it okay and are settling in. You did in deed win the golden ticket. Basque in the joy of this time.

  5. I'm glad you are in your new home and safe and sound!

  6. So glad you arrived safe & sound! And super happy!!!!

    I'm intrigued, toi-French or stands for something??!!? Can't wait to hear about it!

    Take time to settle down and enjoy your new home. =]

  7. SO glad that you are safe and Tom Cruise ecstatic about it!

  8. Glad you made it there safely.
    I love the new blog.

  9. The new blog look is fantastic girl! Nice job! Glad you made it safely to Canada. :)

  10. Hooray for you. Can't wait to hear more about the reason for the change and the name. I like the look a lot by the way. You sound so happy and I am happy for you :)


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