17 Mar 2011

Hello, I Was Magazinolic

You say what? You never heard of this word? Well, there is a first time for everything. So next time you hear the word magazin-olic remember you first heard it on Life of TOI :)!


Yes, I was Magazin-olic, I had a thing for magazines.

I love clothes, shoes, beauty products, bags and books and... also internet, but that was not too strong when it came to my obsession with mmmagazines - now things are changing.

I used to buy magazines or pick old magazines people leave behind at the airport, on the plane or on the buses. Apart from that, the worse thing was, I couldn't throw them away. I have magazines backdating 1999... Some of which are totally unread! I bought magazines just for the smell; mmmm, nothing is more exciting than the smell of a new magazine. Other times I bought them for the celebrity on the cover or for the free gift in the magazine.

But, as much as I enjoyed buying magazines, it was very expensive hobby in the long run :(!

This was the reason I decided to affront my demons when we started to pack for Canada.

AMI had few books to pack, when it came to my turn I had to pack three big boxes. At this point if I was an expect of magazinolism, I would have said: the girl is magazinolic - that's what I did!

I know, this is a serious problem - don't laugh if you are :(!

But that demon was going to be hard to defeat. Few months later I drew a plan for our move to Canada.

It was in December, on our way back from Calgary, that I told AMI "I want to take most of my old magazines to Canada."
"Why?" he asked surprised
"Because, in this way I won't buy any more magazines." That was a big promise, so like all addicts, I decided to buy my last magazine: the January issue of the Oprah Magazine.

To this promise AMI said "Don't be silly. That shouldn't be the last magazine you purchase. You can take to Canada many of your old magazines but you can buy more when you want..."

I didn't want to hear that because I knew I was chronic magazinolic.

"No, I really have to stop buying magazines. I am not going to buy any more." I said convinced.

But... that promise lasted until the beginning of the year.

However, now I am pleased to announce that I am coming out of that addiction. The last magazine two magazines I bought were the January/February issues of Psychologies and Health. I bought the first one because I like to read about human behaviour, on the other hand I bought the second one because the super-yummy-mummy-model Gisele was on the cover.

I felt very bad at the time but not too much because the Health magazine is dedicated to healthy living - I will share what Gisele had to say in a different post :)! Another great thing was a voucher which saved me money on folic acid and zinc vitamins - all for the good cause of the journey to parenthood, right ;)?

However, I have to reveal that I am struggling on the promise but I am keeping up like a true fighter! To succeed I signed up to my local library where they offer magazines to take home. I love this library!

In Britain I couldn't do that. If you are looking for me stop by my local library in the magazine area - kidding! You can find me at the family planning and writing area too :)!

I really hope this is the year I spend less money on magazines and more on baby diapers ;)!

Do you have any unusual obsessions? Are you into magazine like me?

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  1. I adore the smell of magazines too. However, I really only read them when I'm traveling (especially by air). I'm more of a book reader. Which, is also a problem when it comes to moving time :)

  2. I love magazines too. However, what I'm addicted to is knitting and knitting books. I have so many projects going on now that I would need a year without any time off to finish them. And yet, I still buy more yarn.

  3. I'm Stephanie and I am totally a magazinolic. Hiiiiii, Stephanie.

    I end up buying subscriptions to any that I read more than twice a year because it's cheaper. I recycle two ways: 1) I give the cooking ones to my friends and my dad and 2) I make them recyle when they're done and I recycle when I am done.

  4. omg, i am one too! hahaha, it drives Sean nuts! he has thrown out some magazines that i hadn't yet read and he learned the hard way! haha ... i've gotten a lot better and stop a lot of subscriptions because it got a little crazy BUT I love my magazines, lol.

  5. I love magazines but I only have them as a treat while traveling. I purchase them before a long road trip or at the airport. I mostly read magazines at the nail salon or my sister gives me her old ones. It is addictive I have to say. I like Psychologies too! Have wonderful weekend lady.

  6. I used to collect magazines, but the hubby says we don't have enough space for me to collect both magazines and books. LOL. So, I usually keep two - three back issues of each only and recycle them when the pile gets too big.

  7. You girls are very inspirational :)!

  8. Following you from Friendly Friday! :)
    Would love for you to check out www.aubutfamily.com too! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Hahaha! That's so funny! I love magazines too but I don't collect them. I mostly get them in the mail then fail to read them until one day I get bored enough or need something to do in the bathroom cause I forgot my iPhone in the livingroom when my daughter happens to be sleeping. haha.

    Now I definitely collect more diapers, lol... And baby clothes! I'm OBSESSED!

  10. I was that way with books. I would buy a new book once a week and it got out of hand. Now I try to go to the library or listen to audio books to fill my time.

  11. I love magazines too. So many fun things inside.

  12. Hello Toi. Just stopping by to say thanks for visiting me on my SITS day! Have a lovely weekend with or without your magazines!

  13. hi! i found your page today, toi! i found it on SITS! and i wish i was a magazinolic (i hope i even spelled that right!) im a freak about style and hair pictures! i absolutely love hair magazines but they get soo stinkin' expensive! i hope that you have a great day :)

    come and visit me at

  14. This makes two of us with this addiction. ;) well at least you're recovering! I cannot imagine ending all my subscriptions. From parenting magazines to interior design-I love them all!

    I think a magazine subscription doesn't hurt anyone. You can donate them after. So maybe you can still subscribe to your fave.. Or two. =]


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