28 Mar 2011

I Am Nostalgic...

I am one of those people whom feel nostalgic so easily. Autumn is the period in which this feeling overtake me and I feel nostalgia towards many things. Autumn is the season for nostalgia... mmm, maybe this was indoctrinated in me by love for classic poetry and Romanticism art and literature.

Well, I am feeling nostalgic towards Europe and Africa today. Not just today but since last Wednesday I am feeling so nostalgic I can't help but write a post to acknowledge this feelings.

Friday will be the fourth Friday we are living in Canada.

And I am already nostalgic. Life here is fine, but I would be lying if I said I am not missing London or more in a general tone European life. AMI would be worried to know that I am nostalgic, but he shouldn't worry because I know this feeling will go away soon.

I miss Italy and spring time there, the smell of trees in blossom, the not-too-hot sun you find at this time of year. The time zone. I miss London for being London... Oh, I miss Istria, because it was so beautiful to be there.

I miss lying on the grass in a green park reading magazines or books...

I miss, I miss...

I miss the smell of freshly baked brioche/croissant and ACE juice. Oh, how I miss Europe... mahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!....

I miss British rain and Italian rain. I miss weather and the time zone. Right now is about 21:10 in UK. I miss Europe mainly because here the snow is melting now. I can't wait until the warm weather appeares, because everyone is saying I will love it here once the snow melts completely and the streets are clean. The real beauty of this town will be known.

However, I miss Africa... I miss the heat, and I am thing about what one of my friends told me "You were born in the heat just like me, what are you going far away from Africa for?"

I believe there is a purpose in my life experiencing all this diversity, one day the answer will be clear, but today I am nostalgic.

Sorry if this post is boring, but I needed to acknowledge my nostalgic mood...

Have you ever felt nostalgic towards something or a place?



  1. I've moved far from home many times. 6 times in 15 years to be exact. It's hard. But allow yourself to miss things. Just don't forget to enjoy the new things too. It's critical, in my opinion, to do both.

    I've found that it takes a full 6 months to 1 year before a new place really starts to feel like 'home'. Learning where the best grocery store is, finding hidden gems, making new friends, getting in a new routine all takes time. You can't force the process to move faster than it does on it's own.

  2. Love the pix of the man reading! Lovely!

  3. Thanks ladies for the comment.

    @Tami, thanks for your comforting words. I will try to miss Europe but yet enjoy our new place. I will give time to time and remember that it doesn't take two hours to settle in into a new place, and especially in a new continent.

    @Miss Pancakes, the man reading is my lovely husband. I L.O.V.E loads :).

    Thank you again I am feeling better.

  4. I agree with Tami, just give yourself some time. It's rough because it's still cold but once summer rolls around the city will truly come alive. Just you wait. I moved to my current flat in the winter (December) and I know that feeling of feeling displaced but with some sun, favorite restaurants, markets and new friends you will feel more at home. Good Luck!

  5. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. It allows you to re-experience some of the most wonderful times in your life. One day a long long time from now you will be nostalgic about the good times you will soon be having in good old Canada. Moving away to a new place can be hard, but once you get settled in you will feel like Canada is your home away from home ;-)

  6. i agree with Amy! it is always that way when you leave the familiar into an unfamiliar place. you will always miss what you have known for so long. soon Canada will have all the fond memories you have for Italy and Africa and who knows .. one day you may write this type of post for Canada! :)

  7. I need to visit Europe and Italy is at the top of the list. :)

  8. @ Faith you are so sweet... I know one day I will be nostalgic of Canada :)

    @ Mrs K, you would love Italy and the little towns of Europe :).

    Today I am feeling SO much better.

  9. You are a very well-traveled woman! **jealous** I usually get nostalgic randomly and out of the blue, though certain actions can trigger certain memories. Example: putting on mascara while standing in front of a sink and mirror make me remember a certain friend of mine and the good times I had staying over at her house. I have no idea why. My most recent bout of nostalgia was for my childhood and I was out in the garden at the time. See? Random.

  10. I definitely miss certain places, too!


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