24 Mar 2011

i heart sponsors: RaeGun

Hello my lovely ladies :)!

Today I want to present you Marissa Fischer, the owner of the etsy shop RaeGun. Her shop is dedicated to handmade baby and toddler clothing and accessories. Marissa is a wife, an auntie, crafter, philosopher (she just got a degree), sinner saved by grace, lover of food, and lots more. She blogs at Rae Gun Ramblings, sharing the things that make her smile, her going-ons, and her little Etsy shop.

I came upon her shop last year and since then I am daydreaming about the day I will dress our mini-mes in some of her fun items.

As usual I was curious to learn a little bit more about the woman behind Rae Gun Ramblings, so without further ado I will let her talk.I started my blog Rae Gun Ramblings in May of 2007, right around when I opened my etsy shop.

People often ask me what inspired me to open RaeGun. Basically when my sister found out that she was pregnant with a little girl, I started to sew things for the new baby. After a couple of friends and family members encouraged me to try selling some of my creations I opened up an Etsy shop. Etsy is so inexpensive and easy to start so I figured there really wasn't anything to lose.

Now I sell a variety of baby and toddler items in my shop and have just started adding hair accessories for both the little ones and adults. My most popular items are my vintage inspired jumpers and ruffled diaper covers but I also sell onesie sets, dresses and more.

It's fun to think that the little baby who got me started in all of this just turned 4 earlier this week.

My products are retro inspired with modern flair. They are things that are cute enough to put on your little ones to take them to lunch with the aunties, but are still durable and comfortable enough for a day in the park. I also welcome custom orders (or as TOI taught me is the British word -bespoke).
To be cheeky I asked her the following question.

Although you are not a mother yet, what would motherhood mean to you?

Oh motherhood! What a huge of a question... (after thinking for few seconds she says)

...to me motherhood is the privileged of being able to love and invest in a little being to help him or her become a healthy and happy person ready to thrive in and contribute to our world.

Beautiful definition of motherhood. Would you list five things that are important to you... !
Family. Good Food. Living a life that represents who you want to be. Taking time to enjoy people you love and Harry Potter

Great list! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to me. I really hope your fun quirky products will dress our mini mes very soon! They are going to look so sweet on my future baby or babies :) .


What do you think my lovely ladies. Aren't her products super cute? It is difficult to pick one as my favourite, so I've started my list now :).
Marissa is such fun. It was nice talking to her and bringing you her fabulous products.

Plus, she is doing a giveaway, stop by Rae Gun Ramblings to learn more. Good luck.

Oh, check her etsy shop too: RaeGun!


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  1. How cute!!! These items are adorable! Whenever I have a child I HAVE TO buy something from RaeGun! Love it :)

  2. cute...wish my sis would have loads of babies so i can buy her some stuff:-)


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