29 Mar 2011

iLove Tueday Tunes: Don't Call This Love

I was missing iLove Tuesday Tuenes so I decided to re-start posting my favourite song on Tuesdays again.

The song for today is Don't Call This Love by Leon Jackson, click the video to listen.

I am sure you don't know this guy... well, not many people in Britain might remember him. I like what he did as soon as he won the British XFactor. Leon Jackson is a-not-so-famous British version of Michael Buble.

You might like him if you like what the Canadian singer does.



  1. I have not heard of this song. Thanks for sharing. That noir video is pretty cool.

  2. I've never heard this song, but always cool to see and hear something new.

  3. Wow, he has a great voice!


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