1 Mar 2011

Love Story: Then My Heart Jumped For Him

Happy March, I hope this month brings happiness, love, health and peace of mind :)!


In the previous Love Story, I left you at how water helped me meet my true love again. I wrote that we started to go out in group. Then I mentioned that something forced my heart to jump for him. Before you read this part you might like to read Love Story: One Night At The Pub and Love Story: Water, The Accomplice :)!

This time I need to present you the cast :~)
A= my female friend
W= Italian male friend
S= Italian male friend
J= the other English guy
AM= the guy I like
T= me
The last Saturday night of April 2001, A and I decided to go out with W, S, J and AM. This had become our weekend routine. S came to pick us in his red Peugeot, because we lived close by. Meanwhile W went to pick J and AM in his blue Peugeot. We went to the well known pub I mentioned in the first love story post.
Together with the other guys, we had a drink or two. Then S, A and I decided to drive to another location. Because S came to pick us up we decided to go with him in his car. W waited a little bit before driving to the other bar we opted to go to. S, A and I were there before them.
We waited a little bit longer before ordering our drinks. About twenty minutes later S said "Ordiniamo pure, conoscendo W, saranno in ritardo. (Let' order, knowing W, they will be late)."
We were about to order when S' mobile phone rung. It was W, he said something to S. Both A and I were searching on his face what was happening but he didn't let anything out until he put the phone down.
"It was W." S said worried "He said they've had an accident..."
"What...?" I said then my heart jumped... for him... for AM.
Car Jewelryphoto © 2009 Alien Bea | more info (via: Wylio)

As soon as we heard the news from S, I couldn't take his face from my eyes. I was worried sick for him. In that moment I couldn't think about anything else apart from AM. I fell silent. Inside I felt strange and numbed. A noticed my state, so she said "T, don't worry... I am sure everything is fine."
"Oh,... I am fine really." I said confused. My mind was jumping from one thought to the other, worrying about the worse.
"Lucky... we can go to them now." S said to break the spell. He drove as quickly as he could and we were there in less than ten minutes.
When we got there I saw W, J and AM standing outside the damaged blue Peugeot. The car was damaged on the side that scratched a wall, because drunken W was too high to notice that the car was close to the corner.
I felt a deep relief descending over me. AM was safe - thank God.
"Are you okay?" I asked in a general voice as possible.
"Yeah,... I just drove too close to the wall." W answered, laughing a drunken laugh. Inside I said I meant AM, really!
I don't know if the others could tell, but my eyes were only for him. My mind started to race with million questions, most of which I've forgotten. But I am sure I mentally asked If something happened to him, how could we have told his family? I don't know his family, where would we have turn to? His mother would be so worried and no-one of his family would have known what has happened to him. OMG, OMG...
By this time we've decided to leave the car there because it was too late to do anything. W couldn't drive, J and AM, being strict about drink driving decided not to take the risk. S drove us all in his car. AM sat in the front passenger and in the back seat were W, J, A and I.
I made sure I was sitting right behind AM, for the rest of the journey I was massaging his neck and running my fingers in his hair. OMG, my heart was playing that trick on me. I let it be and I was happy he was safe. That was the night I realised I really like AM. When S dropped A and I in our area I said goodbye to the guys like Italians do - three cheek to cheek kisses - but for AM I dedicated an extra kiss with my rare lip to cheek kiss!
Before sleeping that night I thanked God for taking care of our lives. I thanked him for protecting W, J and AM in the car accident. I thanked him for clearing the street so that there was no other car involved. Then I reserved a little precious prayer for AM.
From that night onward he became part of my daily life. The next Monday, I subconsciously started to go to his flat every day after work, I wanted to be his friend. And I really, really liked him. I would go there, he would put a music channel on and I would automatically jump up and dance to my favourite musics, such as Outcast or Destiny's Child. I never asked myself if AM minded me going to his flat and just dance or listen to music channels with him or not. But then I thought if he doesn't want me to be here, I am sure he would do something to let me know that.
It was not too long from there that...
... that can be another post!
I am enjoying the love story posts. They bring back wonderful-precious sensations. They are helping me to relax about the path towards parenthood! I hope you enjoy reading them. Just let me know, because a love story never dies and there is more to come my lovelies ;)!
Thank you very much for staying tuned.
P.S: OMG, The Real Housewives of OC is on UK tvs!, OMG, don't tell MrBP, I am hooked!


  1. What a scary experience. But at the same time, it's part of a great love story. Love reliving this with you.

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