3 Mar 2011

My Excitement About Canada Can Be Read In This Post

As you can understand from the title, the following post is a re-post.
Thursday, 21-10-2010, Hubby and I had a fantastic day!
We went to the Ski and Snowboard show - which is in London Olympia until Sunday.

We went there in honour of Canada (I know, I know I am obsessed about Canada, I can't wait to be there :)! We thought it was great idea to go to the show because we want to ski and snowboard when in Canada. We are both novice in these sports and going to the show was a great way to get our heads around Canada, snow and winter sports.

I am fascinated by snowboarding but Hubby prefers skiing.
I think we can try both sports, however costs is the down side.
Let's me break it down.
Clothing price range between £800 to £1000 per person. Then boots are half that. Then the ski and snowboard equipments are over £1000 per person. This sport is expensive but seems lots of fun. Plus, I hear most Canadians invest in ice skates, ski or snowboard equipments - Hubby and I are convincing ourselves with that notion :P

Then, the other problem is cold...

I am sensitive to cold, especially my hands and feet - due to bad circulation - this means I have to buy the right boots, underwear and socks for everyday life and for when we go on the slopes. Hubby teases me saying that I can't be fashionable once in Canada because it will be so, SOOOOO cold - like under 20 degrees? - this will force me to wear clothes like an Eskimo.

I don't want to do that! I mean, I want to be fashionable and be able to wear my quirky items. That is why I will buy hunter boots with fleece welly socks to wear outdoors - maybe over size so I can fill them with more thick socks.
But once indoors I will wear my normal-quirky shoes or trainers. I am still waiting for the sale to purchase the items I posted about here. In the meantime I purchased these red Perry trainers. Cool right?! Image how many tears if I can't wear them :(! I needed to replace these ones: I bought them in 2004 and love them dearly but they are not comfortable to wear any longer.

Well, back to my snow life in Canada. I am dreading because I am going to be expensive wife and the BABY is not even here.
I better win the lottery or find a job that pays really well, because Hubby did a test drive on the new engine of Land Rover Freelander and I want that car! It has a good grip on wet and snow surface, so this is the car I NEED. Hubby is worried about the environment? I am too but come on, we live once and many people are already using cars like these one even worse for the environment. Another one won't kill a soul.

But I can settle for a red version of either:

To complete the list we've decided to buy a Canon D550 We will capture great pictures and videos in Quebec, Nova Scotia, Vancouver and all the best places around Canada :), OMG, omg... I can't. contain. myself!

QUESTIONS: Do you do any winter sport? Do you live in a cold city? If yes, how much do you spend on clothing and where do you shop? When it is the right time to buy winter clothing? Can you still be fashionable in the snow? Do you think about the environment more than your comfort
and safety when buying your car?

Please share with me :)!

I kept the post unaltered, because I wanted you to read the excitement I had inside at that moment. After reading all your encouraging comments, I remembered the post and wanted to share it with you, because I remember I felt good and ready for this big adventure ahead of us. I want to be fashionable, sporty and embrace Canada with all my heart and soul.

We are flying tomorrow. I might find it difficult to blog for some days but once I settle into our new life, I will share it with you all.

Thank you again!

Please stay tuned! Because I can feel NEW CHANGEs are about to happen on The Baby Plan :)!


  1. Wishing you guys a safe flight and hoping that you get settled in with no problems!

  2. Yes, safe travels for you both! I read the weather was in the minus region right now! (Hopefully it will warm up while you're there)

    I have a few friends that live in Canada and say it's a wonderful place. I would love to visit one day but will live vicariously through your photos and excitement for it for now :)

    Congrats again and have fun! - like I need to tell you that! ;)

  3. I remember that post. I like that Land Rover too. Red is not my favorite color but that Land Rover looks great in red. Travel safely

  4. Finally the day has come! Have a safe flight and enjoy your first few days settling in. Looking forward to hearing about Canada once you're ready.

  5. I live in Ohio and it is cold here from November until sometimes March. I purchase lots of my winter clothing in at the end of the last winter season. I think that retailers jack up the prices when the new winter season starts because they know people need to stay warm.
    I love the red tennis shoes. They are really cute.
    I am not sure if you want to call this a sport but my hubby and I like to go sledding in the winter.

  6. Sounds wonderful. I remember my first trip to Canada, with my dad when I was 16, and I was SO excited.

    Hope you have a great time, both getting there and being there!


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