27 Mar 2011

Sunday In My City: Busy One

Today was a busy Sunday. We had a lot on our plate.

The house we are renting is empty of furniture, so we decided to buy few things. We bought a second hand sofa -hide-in-bed- for $75, a bargain.
We then bought a second hand Legend Plasma TV for $ 125, super bargain. From the same owner of the TV we bought a TV table, a writing desk and a bookcase for which we paid $40, a great deal. I will not bore you will photos of the items... not because I don't want to, but because my camera fell and died on Wednesday 23-03-2011. I am sad about that, because I don't have a photo camera anynore ;(. I have to wait at least two months before I can buy my Canon Rebel Ti2 (I know, I am obsessed about it. Until then, I will learn the features of the camera :)However, before my point and shoot camera fell and died on me, I managed to take some pictures of my new red Hunter boots - they were on my Canada Wishlist.
I was too excited to model them... I had a cup of soup in one hand, my camera in the other... that's how it fell and died on me :(. I guess the camera read last Sunday post, about how I really want a Canon Ti2, LOL! I have to wait two months, but the wait will be worth it :)

We watched Mona Lisa's Smile on our new Plasma TV :). I was a little tired...

How was your Sunday/weekend?

Unknown Mami


  1. Your camera died & my laptop crashed. Ughh...technology! Anyways, totally loving the boots. Red is my power color.

  2. So sorry about your camera but the wait for your new one will be well worth it.

    And thouse boots... are fabulous!

  3. such a sad day when a camera dies. it's like losing a bit of yourself.. or at least for me. I think I even cried once. Don't judge too harshly.

    Love the red boots though! I could definitely use some of those in this crazy LA rain we're getting!


  4. Eeek! Sorry your point and shoot died, but I'm sure when you get your fancy camera it will be worth the wait! I want a fancy camera too! I'm going to research the Canon Rebel Ti2 you speak so highly of and maybe add it to my Christmas wish list ;-)

  5. You scored some great deals. I love the boots!


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