20 Mar 2011

Sunday In Toronto

This weekend I am visiting family in Toroto. I took some pictures to share with you, my beloved ladies :).

This week I acted on your tips from last week SIMC post, no slideshow and I increased the size of the photos. But I think the quality is not great, because my camera doesn't have great lens (I am using Casio 10.1 mega pixels, not great camera for the beautiful scenery I will view in Canada and USA) - still, I hope you enjoy them :).


I L.O.V.E photographying, but I don't have the camera which can help my passion for photos to a different level. Many of you take pictures that look great and professional pictures. I truly envy those pictures. I believe that having a DSLR can make some difference and on my Canadian wishlist I had this camera in mind:I am looking so much forward to the day I can hold it in my hands. I think good photos can be achieved thanks to good photocameras and some creativity.

Which camera do you have? When and why did you decided to buy it?

Please, share with...

Unknown Mami


  1. Toi! You did the perfect thing! You put your dream out there! I hope you will get your new camera very soon. Until then keep shooting with whatever you have. Some of my favorites use point and shoots : ) It's all about heart. Not necessarily gear. Although of course gear doesn't hurt : )

  2. I've never been to Toranto- what a neat looking city!

    I have a poopy point&shoot as well. I have grand dreams of an uber fancy SLR camera. [sigh] Someday. I at least want it before a baby arrives bc. I really don't want to miss out on those moments. Only my blog suffers the consequences now. :)

  3. Toronto is such a great city. I used to go their annually for the Film Festival. You got some nice pics.
    Thanks, jj

  4. What a great taste of Toronto. Would love to visit one day!

  5. I've been told that Toronto is a great place!

    My camera sucks. It's a point & shoot Nikon. I am planning to get a new camera this summer! Can't wait :) I'm still narrowing down what I want but when I decide I'll let you know :)

  6. Beautiful - I especially like both of your "tall" shots.

  7. I just have a point and shoot. Someday I'll have a better camera. LOL

  8. Beautiful camera-you'll have fun with it!

  9. i absolutely love Toronto! gorgeous pictures!

  10. Welcome to Toronto lady. Looks wonderful. I've only been to Montreal in Canada so it's great to get a peak of your brand new city. We currently have a Canon DSLR and we are in need of a lens upgrade. I feel limited and can't wait to invest in a better lens after the wedding. Good luck camera searching. Taking a digital photography class or a Photoshop class helps too. I hope to take some classes like these in the future.

  11. Sometimes point and shoot cameras totally do the trick! I upgraded to the Canon Rebel about a year ago and have totally fallen in love with it. So now I'm working on upgrading to certain lenses that will help with taking better photos.

    It's definitely more work using a DSLR, but if you want to really play around with some fun photo tricks.. it can be really worth the investment! Send out good vibes as I am sure you can achieve your dream :)


  12. LOVE the photos! What a great looking city! d SLRs are AWESOME! Love mine and love the different lenses! You would have a ball :)

  13. I love your pics. I only have a cheap point and shoot, but I don't let that discourage me. Have you tried uploading your photos with LiveWriter instead of Blogger? I fond that when I use LiveWriter my pictures look better and sharper than just uploading directly into the post.

  14. Looks like it's spring already in Toronto. Been there once too many years ago... :)
    Sorry I'm late but I've been sick...


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