10 Mar 2011

Why Life of TOI?

"I like to plan but I am not a great planner. I am a try hard planner who is loose with her plans. And here I am trying to blog about planning my journey towards motherhood. I am doing it SO bad!

"For instance, taking a folic acid pill, seems like going on the moon and back. I suck at it. I never write about the issues concerning planning babies. I am all over the place.

"On my blog I write about my travels, about how I try to be healthy, about how hard is to TTC and my opinion on motherhood. I've also written about how painful it was to wait for our Canadian visa (which, thank God, we have, because OMG, we’re really going to Canada!) The baby plan is nowhere to be read. In fact I am glad I wrote Pregnancy?... No pressure, because I am in no rush to get pregnant right now. No, the content of my blog doesn't suit the title."

Those were my thoughts as we were on the bus towards the airport and the plane that would have brought us here, in Canada.

I was overjoyed to be going to Canada. And with this, the thought of God giving us a new blank page on which we could rewrite our life story reappeared. This was a sign because I thought

"My blog can be that page." I didn't want to open this new page under The Baby Plan, because I realised that writing about my life under that title was a distraction. It was not right title choice for myself. Also I wanted the new page to be full of joy, light and happy thoughts. I thought about starting a new blog all together, but decided that The Baby Plan was my old chapter and I can simply change the title to make room for the new chapter.

This new chapter is always about my life and what come along that: loving my husband (he will be known by his initials, AMI), travelling, writing and my future babies. Thus, Life of TOI (life is more than The Baby Plan) became my new blog title :).

TOI is simply my initials. T is my European name, O is my African name and I is my husband's surname. TOI reflects my evolution in life. From girl, to working wife to housewife to future mummy and all that come inbetween.

I personally adapted the old header into the one above. I wanted my blog title to be energetic and fun. I hope the combination of my initials have helped achieve this. The colour choice was important too. I opted for yellow because I believe is a colour for energy. The subtitle is in gray because The Baby Plan is still a chapter in my life. I really liked my previous design but I wanted to try something different, so I took off all the extra icons.

This blog is about my journey in life. Not only toward motherhood but a journey to the woman I was born to be. I once wrote that I am complex and one word cannot define me, thus this blog may evolve with time but that's who I am. I will always try to plan and be prepared for our future baby in my own way. However, my blog is all about the Life of TOI as it may come.

Hope you like it too, because apart from making myself happy I want you to be happy too ;)!

What is the story behind your blog title?

Do you ever feel like changing your blog title to reflect your mood?

Do you think your blog will ever evolve as you evolve in life?

Would you like a new blog look?


P.S: Yesterday we found a house we would like to rent, but the landlord is on holiday until Monday. Fingers cross the place will ours. At the moment we are staying with a friend and the place is very nice. I will post pictures in another post :).


  1. What a beautiful and deep post. So nice to know where your blog name comes from!!

  2. I need to start taking folic acid too. Along with other vitamins. Glad your settling in okay. I chose my blog title because it embodies who I am not and who I plan to be. Bit by bit...tipa tipa so it's a work in progress. You are lovely lady. Looks like the future is looking really bright for you!

  3. My blog title is a little outdated...I probably should re-examine it. I named it that because when I blogged on MySpace, I was nicknamed the Carrie Bradshaw of MySpace. I'm married now...no longer blogging about being single. I'm going to have to sit down and come up with a new title.

  4. Nice that you are honest about your journey and want your blog to reflect that. I have still yet to focus my content on what I really want my blog to be about- it's kind of like sometimes I want to hold back from writing everything I feel, everything I'm going through- so I have to stop being afraid of staying in that box (my new post reflects that). I love the new look and look forward to reading more!

  5. I love your new blog name & look! And I love that you've broadened the content and topics to include more than just trying for baby. Because- you are sharing your entire life with us, not just one part. I like that.

    I'm not sure if I have a story behind my blog title. It just sort of... came to me. It's all about me and my life (and everything that involves) so 'The Tami-licious Life' just made sense :) I've not been blogging for too long, so I still like it- no plans to change anytime soon. I also feel like it can follow me no matter where I am in my life. If/when we have a baby- my header might need to change. I would love to do a spin off of it with his/her feet along with ours & the pooches. Now wouldn't that be precious? :)

  6. I really like this. I think obessing about babies makes the whole process so much more difficult! And also? We're more than our marriage, and children, and house. We're diverse women.

    I'm struggling with my blog. I don't know what I want it to be. I didn't want to be a mommyblogger, but my baby is important. And my life is more than my neighborhood. So I am just...I'm not sure what I want to be yet.

  7. I think the change is great! I don't always write about losing weight... I actually don't talk much about it at all! I think Baby Plan of life of TOI is what you make of it, and doesn't have to follow one theme.

  8. I like the change! As your life situation changes I think its perfectly acceptable for your blog to grow and change with you! I love the new header and feel that it encompasses the stage you are right now in life. Fingers crossed you get the house :-)

  9. The story behind YUMMommy is that it actually stands for Young Urban Modern Mommy. At this point in my life I think that title defines me well. I do try to change something about my blog to suit my moods. While I've never thought about changing the title, I'm always interested in giving it a new look.

  10. I love the new title and focus.


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