4 Apr 2011

4 Positives and I Told Him

Yes, I am PREGNANT! I announced it here, and some thought it was an April Fools joke, LOL :)!
Maybe some of you want to read how I found out and how I told AMI :).
Just read on.
The testing adventure began on 12-03-2011.
On that morning I didn’t have any intension to test, because I didn’t think I was pregnant and also I was scared to see my monthly blood – which has being causing disappointments since TTC began. They’ve been months in which I’ve thought my sore breasts were a sign of pregnancy. But whenever I tested the results were negative. Therefore, after wishing for something for so long, and seeing negative tests, I have started to lose vision of the day in which I will see a positive sign.
On that particular morning I didn’t want to test because I was not feeling any symptoms – no sore breasts or frequent need to pee. However, two nights in a roll I went to bed quite early, but I blamed my tiredness on yet lag and driving up and down the town looking for a place to live.
On the second night of my early bedtime, AMI came in the bedroom and asked me “Can I have your iPod?”, he looked at something then said “You are pregnant.”
“Why you say that?”
“I just looked at your circle calendar and you don’t have your period.”sc {via}
“It says my period is due tomorrow!”
I couldn’t imagine being pregnant; especially after the last hectic weeks before moving to Canada. Plus, I was not under any pressure of becoming pregnant. In fact I was looking forward to go and sign up to the gym. I wanted to tone up my recent floppy belly!
So, on that Saturday morning I went to pee. After that I looked at myself in the mirror and then voted against testing. I went back to bed. I was laying there thinking: “My period is not here yet… but it could come later on today. But normally it comes in the morning and not in the afternoon. I don’t feel any period symptoms or any other symptoms. I don’t go to pee as a pregnant woman is supposed to… but I don’t have that fastidious lower back pain I normally have during the first few days of my circle. Mmmm, although I’ve just being to the toilet… I will go and test.”
I had some pregnancy test stripes I bought from a 99pence shop in London in my bag. I took one out and when to the bathroom while thinking at the words a doctor told in July, when my period was late but not I was not pregnant, “If you are pregnant even a drop of pee will show positive…”
I managed to drop few pee in the plastic testing cup. I immersed the stripe in and surprise-surprise the second line appeared few seconds later.
I was shocked, because it has never happened. And I’ve always believed that those tests don’t work because they are cheap. Instead of jumping up high in happiness, I was scared because I thought “Could this be a false result caused by my pregnant obsessed mind.” then again my thoughts switched to “OMG, wait! This test could be too old. This might be a bad test. Wait, maybe my imminent period is causing the level of my HCG to show positive although I am not pregnant. Shall I test again? Maybe, I didn’t do this right.”
AMI was busy working on his laptop so he didn’t see my OMG smile when I went from the bathroom to the bedroom and then back to the bathroom.
I tested for the second time. It was positive again. A blink of hope appeared in my heart “omg, I am pregnant.” My heart jump of joy and I would have told AMI if it was not that I really felt like I was dreaming. I was so scared to find out later that I was not pregnant. So I waited to tell him.
That afternoon we went cross-country skiing. CIMG9255
I was euphoric, because I had a secret in me. But behind those happy thoughts, I was still scared it was an illusion. I skied and did not worry for some time. After two hours of skiing I felt tired and breathless.
When we got back to our friends’ house, I went to their bathroom to check if my happiness was destroyed by a red mark. But it wasn’t. I went back to have dinner and enjoy the rest of the evening.
After that Saturday I promised myself “I will believe I am pregnant only after Monday.”
Monday came and went without blood.
Tuesday I posted about how we were excited to have found the house. After that post, I went to the nearest Dollarama shop. I came back with various items and a $1.25 pregnancy test. I refused to use a digital pregnancy test, because I had one coming with our shipping stuff from UK. Plus, in September 2010, a digital test predicted I was pregnant. AMI told his parents straight away, sadly by 11am that morning my period was present as a soldier on duty. It was due to that episode that I was sceptical about the previous two positive tests and I was waiting to be 100% sure before telling AMI.

At 17:00 I go to the bathroom. I think “If this late afternoon tests are positive then I am finally going to believe I am pregnant.”

I pee in the plastic testing cup, I take few drops out and drizzle on the $1.25 pregnancy test. Then I immerse the stripe in the cup. Both tests warn read after 3mins, no more than 10mins.

At 17:01 I hear AMI entering the house. I get out of the bathroom. I kiss him and with a big smile on my face I say “Come up.”
He looks at me strange, but follows me up. We enter the bathroom and both tests are double lined. We look at each other and…
…we don’t scream. We hug and you could see happiness spreading all over our faces. AMI says “I knew all along that you are pregnant. Wow, how did that happened.”
“Maybe in Istria when our mind was perfectly in peace?”
“Maybe, but what a perfect timing. With this house and us settled here. WOW!”
We were both so happy and surprised.
I was speechless, because I could only believe I was pregnant after 4 positives – although this didn’t sink in until two weeks ago. I was speechless because planning about TTC was not something in my power and God proved that round and clear. And I was speechless because although I’ve written here “…when one is TTC, she listens to her body more than when she is not TTC?”
I can conclude say, no you can listen to their body 100% God works through us in mysterious ways. He masked my body in a way that my pregnancy came to me as complete surprise.
God is good all the time :)!
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  1. I totally figured it was an april fools joke since about 12 of my friends said they were when I knew they were not. so YAAAAY congrats!!

  2. i am so excited for you and AMI! Congrats again darling! so excited to follow your journey! :)

  3. Aww congrats again!
    On my first test, the second line was so faint that I didn't believe it. Two tests after that, I believed it.

  4. All the time god is good! I am so very happy for you and I am jumping with glee:)

  5. Oh yes, God works in miraculous ways! He may not come when we want Him, but He's an on time God!

  6. When I found out we were pregnant, Gadget Guy slapped me a high five. :o)

    It's great that you've recorded this event and that you get to blog through your pregnancy!

  7. Congratulations!! I'm a new reader (via the Lady Bloggers) but it seems you had quite a journey but now it's perfect :) congratulations!

  8. This is so exciting for you and AMI! When we put our faith and trust in God he never fails us!

  9. Such a fun and happy story. And thanks for the e-mail! I was so excited for you and didn't even think about the fact that is was April 1st. I'm lame and can never think of any good jokes. Can't wait to follow along as you grow a bump and have a baby! Woot!

  10. Thanks for sharing this story and also for personally letting me know. I'm really really happy for you. I'm so glad that it happened at the right time for you two! Congrats!

  11. I was just going to say PERFECT timing for you! That is so exciting!!! Congratulations!!!

  12. I love the suspense of your story! It reminds me of my own. After 6 months TTC I did not want to take another pregnancy test. I remember being soooo tired the day I was supposed to get my period, but that was the only symptom. I found out 12-19-08 that I was expecting.
    I guess that means you are having a Leo too..right?


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