18 Apr 2011

Daddy, Mummy and Berry go to Maryland

Yes, we are in Maryland because AMI has a conference here. I decided to come with him therefore Berry came along too. Paternal grandmother was worried thinking that it was dangerous to fly while pregnant, but Berry and I are fine. This is the second flight for Berry, the first one was the trip to Toronto.

This trip is making me miss so many things.

The first time I came here was summer 2002, we stayed in Baltimore. 9 years ago I didn’t have anyone of my family living here. This time I will see my mum, some of my brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews and brothers in law. This work trip came at a perfect time for both AMI and I because I haven’t seen some of family members since 1990s, wow! Plus, living away from Europe has made me realise how much I miss them and Love them. OMG, I am so happy to be here right now.

Berry’s paternal grandparents told me that today the weather is sunny and beautiful in Devon – I can nearly smell the sea and taste the sea salt on my lips. That revelation and this place are making me miss SPRING. Compared to where we live in Canada, the trees are in blossom and the weather is warm here. The roads are clean and dust free. Even when is not sunny, you can smell Spring in the air. I felt good as soon as we came out of the plane and the warm air kissed my face.

While driving our rented car from the airport, I saw a big round moon leading us to the centre. I also saw houses surrounded by million trees in blossom or bright green leafy trees. Being here makes me crave for warm sunny weather. Spring smell in the air, green grass on which I could lie and daydream. We are steadily approach the end of April but in Sask I can still see snow falling. I love living there, but Maryland makes me underline that in 5 years time I want to live somewhere that is warm by Spring time, because warmth makes me feel alive.

However, the beauty around me makes me miss my camera so so BAD. I really want to replace the broken one. I hope I can buy a new camera this week, because this place deserve some snaps. But until then I will enjoy the weather and mind picture around me.

Have you ever being to Maryland? Where do you suggest I visit?



  1. OMG I live in Maryland! What part of Maryland are you in? Awww, I wish I would have known that you were coming earlier! We could have met up!!!

  2. So, glad that you are getting to see your family. Maybe, now that you stay in Canada you'll get to see them more often. And flying while pregnant is perfectly safe up until those few months and as long as your doctor hasn't restricted your travel.

    Yes, I've been to Maryland. My family is from there too. My favorite places to go are the malls and finding locally owned shops.

  3. you've encouraged me that spring will come for us too!

  4. I've visited Maryland once but don't know too much about what to do there. I hope you, Berry and hubby have an awesome time. And I totally love the feeling of the warm sun kissing my face too.

  5. The inner harbor in Baltimore is a nice place to visit, they have a nice aquarium there. I always heard Ocean City, Maryland has nice beaches.

  6. i've never been so i can't recommend any fun places but i just wanted to say that i hope you have an amazing time!

  7. Glad you will be able to reunite with family! Enjoy your trip! If your close to DC perhaps you can check out the Cherry Blossoms

  8. I've never spent any time in Maryland, but I hope you have a wonderful time!! :)

    And I think it's so cute that you call the baby "Berry..." AWWW!!! :)

  9. I've never been there, but I hope your trip is amazing and safe, and that you're able to absorb all that spring beauty and carry it home with you :)

  10. Never been but always wanted to - so obviously I can't wait to hear about the trip!

  11. I've never been to Maryland, but I hope some other people can suggest fun things to do. :)

  12. Sounds beautiful!!! I'm craving spring like crazy too. Utah has been so cold lately. I've been to Maryland once. My sister lives there. It is so pretty there.


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