27 Apr 2011

Dolce Candy and Languages

Hello everyone, how I missed you all.

I just re-settled into my old routine again. It is so difficult to get over jetlags. I know I am getting tired slowly and I can’t even realise it.

Maryland was lovely, we were busy going up and down the town. I met family members and as always, when it comes to family, we had our bad and good times. Well, I will come to that in another post.

Right now I am immersed in a fantastic world of Japanese cartoon. Oh, I can’t have enough of Candy Dolce Candy. dolce candy I love old time Japanese cartoons. I am not a Disney girl, apart from maybe four or five Disney cartoons, my heart is for Japanese cartoons. They are for older children, maybe from 9 years up. They are the best, but Candy brings lots of wonderful memories. Its takes me back to my childhood… well, also back to my teen-hood, yes, I was sad as that ;P!

I recently decided to watch them again and thank God youtube exist. Among all the awesome guys in the cartoon, I was in love with Terence – I can’t speak. Oh, Terence! I am not going to go into dept because I am so lost in Candy’s world, I am speechless. In fact this is another reason I have been away from blogging, but it’s nearly over. Yet, I’ve decided to watch all my favourite 1990s Japanese cartoons. I have a big list, Sailor Moon, E’ Quasi Magia Johnny, Magica Magica Emy, Occhi Di Gatto... and the list goes. Though this will not stop me from blogging, so don’t worry.

I would love it if Berry would like to watch some of my favourite cartoons when she or he is old enough to be able to watch those cartons and able to understand Italian. I hope in this way Berry will learn the language. Also, I would like Berry to learn Twi (one of the Ghanaian languages), I would like to speak to Berry in Twi when is possible. I will try my best to find the balance.

Do you have a childhood cartoon that you still love watching? Do you speak more than one language? How do you teach your children or how would you teach your little one a different language?


  1. Wow, I definitely need to check out these Japanese cartoons you mentioned. I'm only familiar with the Miyizaki. I speak Haitian Creole. I think my children will learn from my parents more so than they'd learn from me. I learned from my grandmother baby sat me when I was young. Good luck teaching your baby Twi and Italian kids are such sponges and its well worth the effort. Are you going to find out if it's a boy or girl or do you want to be surprised?

  2. Unfortunately I did not learn my parents native language. I definitely want my parents to teach my future kids our native language because it's a great way to enhance linguistic ability and connect to your ancestry. Your berry will definitely appreciate you for teaching him/her Twi!


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