1 Apr 2011

i heart sponsors: alycia belle creations

Hello my lovely ladies, today I am so pleased to introduce you to another sponsor: alycia belle creations. Her creation are fashionable, girly and full of radiance. aquaheadband2

Well hello Toi readers! I am excited to be guest blogging over here today and introduce myself and my etsy shop alycia belle creations.

alycia belle creations

Toi sent me some questions to get the ball rolling, so here we go…

I know you are married and like yellow :), but it would be nice to learn how you were inspired to start the business.

This made me laugh, yes I am married, and yes, I love the colour yellow. In fact yellow was all over my wedding :)

It is interesting how I started my etsy shop. When I got engaged I took to the internet to get ideas for my wedding. This is where I was introduced to the beautiful blog world. I had no idea this other world existed of creativity and the sharing of life and stories. I started my own blog. It is hard to be in the blog world and not also be introduced to Etsy shops. aquaheadbandI was enamored with these beautiful handmade creations people were producing. I have always considered myself someone who likes to be creative, and I have always enjoyed making things. I realized how much I missed this part of my personality, and was lacking it in my life being swamped with school and work. This is why I started making cute fun headbands for me to wear, then I realized most of the supplies I was getting came with multiples, so I decided to open my own shop and sell them! This is how alyciabellecreations started. 














The happiest moment of your life and why :).

Although I am sure my happiest moment will someday be having my own children, right now, it is the day I got married. It sounds cliché, I know, but really, it was a magical day where I was swept up in love and on cloud nine. I felt like me and Trevor were the only two people in the whole world, like time stopped just for us. Everyone should feel like that on their wedding day.

What is nice about marriage and what is not?

Being married is amazing, but it doesn't come without its challenges. Just like anything worth having in life, marriage takes hard work. Living with someone and realizing you have to put that other person first all the time, can be a big adjustment. The beauty of marriage is, that these types of challenges make you a better person, as well as strengthening your relationship. I love being married to my best friend, having that constant companionship, and of course... a snuggle buddy for the rest of my life!

The five things that make you smile.

My beautiful little nieces and nephews.

When I see small acts of kindness between people, and especially strangers.

My husband when he is caught up in playing guitar.

Looking through old photos and remembering the beautiful memories I have created with people.

When I have taught something to a student, when I see that "light" click on for them, that is the best feeling in the world.

When and how many babies would you like to have? - cheeky me;)!

I would like to be done with school and work for a bit before I have kids. I want four, two girls and two boys, but I will take whatever God gives me :) Trevor wants us to have all boys, and for me to have them all at once! Can you believe that? Coming from someone who doesn't have to give birth, right?! haha

Thanks for letting me stop by! :)


Thank you so much Alycia for taking the time to answer my inquisitive questions :)

Apart from being pretty as a Disney princess, Alycia is very talented, she had a shiny smile, a good heart and very wise!

Getting to know her through this interview makes everything so special. I hope you enjoyed reading her words.

You can find here:

blog: Crowley Party ___ twitter: @alyciagrayce ___ etsy: alycia belle creations

Please show some love ;)!


I am accepting few sponsors, so if you would like to sponsor Life of TOI, and showcase your Etsy shop or a small business, please contact me at msbabyplan @ gmail.com :)

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  1. Great interview! And I love these headbands! I have to be sure to check out this etsy shop! Very cute!


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