13 Apr 2011

The Secret Department

DISCLAIMER: I hope this post will not scare you or make you think I am crazy to voice it out in the open like this. Instead, I hope you will share your experience with me – I appreciate it.


I am freaking out about it right now, but I don’t know where I can turn to if not on my blog. Over the years I’ve thought about it many times. Is one of the things that scares me to voice out because I am shy about it. I know when the time comes for me to let the doctors and nurses do their business in that department, I will not have a choice but bare myself to them.

You’ve might guessed where I am leading. I want to talk about the secret department of the female, especially the hair.

Over the past weeks, a day hasn’t pass without me thinking about it. For years I’ve taken care of my personal ‘department’ by using shaving creams or sensitive skin hair removal. It was not always the best choice but it has done the work.

However, not that I am pregnant and I am also trying to stay away from chemicals, using hair removal creams is against my ethics. I also know that after the fourth month I might not be able to see anything over my big belly. So, I am considering going to the beautician for a professional, everlasting trim that does not involve chemicals.

It is easy said than done.

The idea that someone else might see me down there send me into panic. You never know what this person might think of you – I know it is silly from my part, but... Although my heart is pounding and I feel a little embarrassed writing about it, I know the time has come for me to be a grown and take this delicate and private matter into my hands. I would LOVE to go for my first waxing in the near future, but I feel as if my feet have turned into stones and I can’t go ask more information at the beauty centre.

If I went, I would ask how long should my hair be before the aesthetician is allowed to wax it? Would it harm my baby? Other than shaving, is there any non-chemical way available for trimming the secret ‘department’?

So  my lovely ladies, I would like to know your personal experience:

Have you ever waxed before? ______Did anyone freak out before going for their first secret department waxing? ______Do you ever feel embarrassed about going for one? ______How can I overcome this fear? _____Is it painful – you know, that pain that makes your white hair whiter? _____Shall I do it?

OMG, I really don’t know what to do!

Please share with me :).



  1. Ahh.. interesting topic.

    Have you ever waxed before? Yes

    Did anyone freak out before going for their first secret department waxing? I felt weird, but oddly enough didn't get too worked up about it.

    Do you ever feel embarrassed about going for one? A little, but I only went once

    How can I overcome this fear? Just do it. After you do it once it seems less awkward and unknown. I imagine if you got it done a couple of times you wouldn't care anymore.

    Is it painful – you know, that pain that makes your white hair whiter? It's not really any more painful than getting my upper lip waxed, if you've ever gotten that done. It's similar to waxing anything - It stings for a few seconds until the shock dies down, but it is very tender for the next few days. You'll be putting clothes on a little more gently.

    Shall I do it? Go for it!

    When I got it done, I had a coupon that got me my underarms and legs too. Overall, the legs hurt the most, and the underarms sucked because I am ticklish. Once you get past the awkward factor of someone poking around that area with hot wax, it's not so bad.

  2. Thank you girl :). The fear is decreasing a little. If the legs are more painful than that area then I will go and try... !~)

  3. GIRL Once you get waxed you never go back. I've turned 3-4 friends into waxing- and all of our consent is It's not nearly as bad as you think it's going to be.

    Before baby I was terrified to go in for a wax- but after labor and having 5 plus people coming in to check my vajajay I never thought twice about it.

    I got every 6 weeks or so, and don't think it hurts really. There is one part that usually hurts- but that's only if you go brazilian, and it's only for 2 seconds tops.

    The way I looked at it is that they see dozens of hooha's in a week, I'm not vain enough to think mine is any different looking than the rest of them.

    Oh and the lady that does mine is pregnant and she still gets them done regularly, so I don't think it's harmful to the babe at all- but it Might hurt a little more I've heard. But trust me- SOO much better than shaving and you don't have to mess with it more than once a month at the least!!

  4. It's not too painful (like others said, only if you go for the full Brazilian and then it's not bad).

    They look at hooha's every day - some look different than others, but as long as you are clean, they aren't going to be talking about you after you leave. Lol! If you go in there and haven't bathed or used soap in weeks, then yep, expect a few weird looks and whispers. ::snort::

    Seriously, it's not any worse than having your gyno do your checks. And the pain involved is minimal.

    Good luck!

  5. Yes, I've had it done once and that was enough. I hate pain and it was extremely painful for me. I took Ibuprofen before and that didn't help. I was embarrassed at first about the idea. That same day I had my legs and arms done so by the time she got to that "very private" area it was ok. Anyway, it was so painful that I couldn't complete the whole process. As I said, I'm a completely chicken when it comes to pain. With that being said, I'm glad I tried it. I think you should go for it. It may not be as painful for you as it was for me. Best of luck :)

  6. Okay, first! I have never gotten a wax though I am oh so curious! Second, kudos to you for talking about this because it isn't something I have ever really delved into before even though, now that I am BIG and and pregnant, it's a big freakin' deal!
    Right around 6 months was when I couldn't see my, erm, lady parts anymore. For about a month and a half, I didn't even think about it! Outta sight, outta mind! Then one day I caught myself in the mirror and holy shit, was I put off. I instantly felt self conscious...even around my husband.
    Shaving was not an option, as I definitely couldn't see anything at that point. Hair removers, though effective, always gave me an allergic reaction of sorts and though, like I said, I am curious about waxing, it just wasn't in the budget AND I felt embarrassed about it.
    I worked up the courage to ask my husband to help me trim the old fashioned way...with a pair of scissors. But, I got scared at the idea of someone else around my lady parts with a pair of scissors.
    All hope was lost and I felt sooo incredibly gross about the situation.
    Then one day I was cruising through the aisles at Target and saw one of those nifty lady razors with the electric (and waterproof!) trimmer attached. I didn't even know those existed!!
    Of course I bought it! It comes with a thingy (I don't know what to call it!) that allows you to put a setting on the electric part for how much you want to trim off. I used it in the shower without even having to see what i was doing and the results are a-maz-ing! I instantly felt better...and cleaner. I use it every couple of weeks to "maintain" things down there.

    So my advice is to forgo the painful and sometimes expensive waxing, and buy yourself one of these $8 bikini trimmers. Get to it girl!

  7. You're not silly! If you haven't waxed before be warned that the pain is worse when you are pregnant because you are extra sensitive down there. Me...I just used scissors to trim while I was pregnant because even shaving made me feel raw down there. I got assistance from hubs when I couldn't see over my belly anymore.
    Good luck trimming the hedges :)

  8. Good topic! I have done a self-wax before that went OK. I would do it again, but it took so much time and the pain was unbearable.

    When I was pregnant with my daughter, I wanted to get waxed professionally before the "big day" (i.e., labor and delivery) but didn't have time. Instead, I just shaved very cleanly, so cleanly that my mom commented on my hairless department while I was pushing out my daughter. I know. It was crazy.

    This pregnancy, I think I'll give waxing a try, maybe by my sixth month. I wish you luck on whatever decision you make!

  9. I never waxed, just shaved and trimmed weekly. When your baby bump starts to grow, you cannot see down there at all. That is where my hubby came in. Believe it or not, he would help me. He will tell me the truth if things are not looking right.

    Waxing sounds like it would take care of everything quickly! Go for it if you need something quick and maintenance free for a couple of weeks.

  10. I've done it all, haha. I finally resorted to laser hair removal and it has been the BEST thing ever. Unfortunately you can't do it while you're pregnant though :)
    I rarely have to shave now so the laser has been so awesome.
    Yes, I was SO embarrassed my first couple of times, I still get a little embarrassed, but it's so worth the humiliation :) Good luck!

  11. I have never been waxed or lasered so I can only comment from a shaving perspective. I shaved throughout my entire pregnancies and never had any issues. Even when I couldn't see the area very well, a mirror always does the trick.

    And as far as embarrassments go, I still get embarrassed when I get my annuals each year. BUT I have to remember that the doctor isn't seeing anything new and he/she is a professional and it's no big deal. Besides, rather be the one probed or in this case, shaved, than be the one doing the probing/shaving in my opinion. LOL!

  12. If you are curious, do it. Yours will not be the first or last naughty bit that they deal with. I totally get the shyness surrounding it though. I feel the same way.

  13. I've not waxed before because I'm afraid of anyone else seeing that area. I do take a pair of scissors and trim it myself using a small hand mirorr. That kept it pretty tame during those months that I had to have people in that area.

  14. I get waxes every month. It hurts alot but I like the way it looks and feels. I think you should research laser methods for people of color. There aren't many laser techs that can remove hair from dark skin people. The think about the laser is that since your skin is dark and your hair is dark it's hard for the laser to read the hair. I suggest you do some research. In NYC there's only one person who can do it for dark skinned people. Also research any side effects. I'd like to laser as well but I will do it after I have children. Good luck let us know what you decide. Don't worry about what anyone will think either. They see so many different ones everyday. No one is the "right" way. Good luck


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