15 Apr 2011

Week 8 – Pregnancy Update

First thing: THANKS to everyone who commented on The Secret Department post. Reading your comments reassured me that I am not alone in the fear of waxing and showing my lady bits to another person.

I read each tip and took note. I am not tormented by someone seeing me down there anymore, but I want to wait a little bit longer before waxing. Maybe when the weather is boiling, and I feel more sexy with a proper pregnant belly – because a pregnant woman is allowed anything, right :)?

I will opt to go to a beautician when I can’t see over my belly because when I said I wanted to wax, AMI “Are you sure? You shouldn’t worry about the hair.” Mmmm, my man, eh? For this reason, I know he will say everything is fine down there, if that will absolve him from working his barber hands there (I will ask him and report what he says, LOL :D).

For now, because my belly is not intruding the vision, I’ve decided to use old school style and shave – really, it is all because I am still nervous about the pain. But your comments gave me the courage to google about my nearest beautician, and I even phoned two centres to ask more information – just to break the ice :). In response to my question “I am two months pregnant and I’ve never done waxing before, but I would like to. What would you suggest?” One said “Wait until you are, maybe, in your fourth month and try.” The other said “You can wax at any stage of your pregnancy, but maybe try bikini before going for a full Brazilian.” I think I will combine the two and wait until later stage of my pregnancy and go try for bikini and full legs.


Now, unto the belly update. I am eight weeks. WOW, two months since my last circle. God bless!

Baby: is the size of green olive (2.54cm long), that’s what I read on my Apps. green_olives Well, well, Berry you are the size of green olives. Is a great honour because you are entering another stage of your formation, you’ve graduated from embryonic into the fetal period. Congratulations! Your head has straightened out and is more fully developed, the ears are more prominent and more organs (the liver, spleen and gallbladder) are forming. You are making spontaneous movements with your legs and arms and small muscles are developing – how sweet :).week8

I read that your heart beat can be heard through a Doppler, because it has developed and grown large enough.

I can also feel that is very strong, because I believe I can hear it even without a Doppler. For instance, this morning while in bed I could hear my heart drumming very fast against my chest and I thought Maybe I am hearing you instead! You see, I can feel you, not in kicking or anything like that but more to do with something moving within me. You are making wonders and miracle through my body each day and I can feel that. I feel blessed to have you in my womb.

Body: my jeans can still fit, apart from those I couldn’t fit into while living with my in-laws and I was eating too much bread and peanut butter. Now body can tell I am pregnant. My belly doesn’t look pregnant yet, but it is bigger from how it would have been if Berry wasn’t there.

I don’t feel tired in the normal sense of fatigue. My tiredness is more a desire to chill and read my fav books. Also, I don’t feel like sleeping all the time, instead I like to lose myself in a good novel – I’ve selected a great list :). However, I feel stiffness in my lower back because I need yoga and pilates in my life. I’ve signed up to the gym, and I hope swimming, doing light work outs, yoga and pilates will strengthen my core muscles, especially the pelvis floor.

I don’t go to the toilet 100 times a day. I wake up around five am for my first night pee and then I have to remember to go pee again during the morning. My pregnancy is not making me run to the toilet to pee every minute as I read should be the norm.

During my last conversation with my mum when she asked me “How is the belly?”

I said “The belly is fine. I don’t even go to the toilet every often.” you see Berry is growing in me and I am living my life outside. God bless, my baby is a very good baby. Berry doesn’t make me go pee all the time, or feel nauseous or fatigue.

“Well, you have to go to the toilet. Force yourself to drink water. When you are sitting there and don’t feel thirsty go and drink water.”

“Okay.” So, now I have a bottle of water next to me while I write or watch some documentary on youtube – I’ve set myself a task, I am doing a research.

Appetite and food: I don’t have great appetite, but I am enjoying eating food. So far I’ve cooked spinach stew, baked jerk chicken served with rice or couscous. Spaghetti and pesto, boiled potatoes served with tuna, sweet corn mixed in mayonnaise – it was yummy, both AMI and I loved it :). I would have liked to go for second serving but I couldn’t because after every first potion I feel very full.

I am into spicy food more than ever. Berry is leaning to eat spicy food at early age. I am careful not to exaggerate. But I believe Berry is going to loved every food from the world, because I am eating variety of world cuisine.

I am not obsessed about cooking clips on youtube. I just get on with life and try to not let my little lack of appetite over take my mind.

Personal note: I am not writing very much in the small journal I bought when I found out I am pregnant with Berry. I am so absorbed in writing my book, reading other books and watching movies, for this reason I don’t go on about Berry all the time as I did in the first few weeks. I want to do well for myself as well as for my young family. So, I guess, while I don’t feel too tired to write and read, I will write and read as much as I can. Berry doesn’t bother me so I’ve decided to let Berry grow peacefully in the belly, while I do the things I enjoy doing :).

On a general note: You see, this week I am not sitting around doing nothing –I’ve ever done that before – what I mean is, I am doing a lot. On Monday I finished reading Half of Yellow Sun. Tuesday and Wednesday I went to inquire about doing my masters next year – I guess this is how my pregnancy is working me. I’ve signed up to the gym, I plan to go tomorrow to swim. I am not obsessed about food, I just cook and eat. In the early morning I let my lazy self lie in bed till nine o’clock and read without feeling guilty. Yesterday I felt dizzy after I walked to the library and back, but by the evening I was feeling alright again. Today I was up around four am and couldn’t sleep so I did a quick research for my book. Now I am chilling :).

Maybe I better go shave my legs and bikini sides for tomorrow swimming.


Belly pictures will start coming soon, be patient with me :)!

Have a great weekend.


  1. So glad to hear you are enjoying yourself and not consumed with baby. I'm still over here wishing for one myself though :(

  2. Honestly, if you're using an electric razor it's not that hard to shave once your belly gets out there. The key then is to have a full length mirror and some great lighting. I'm eight months with a huge belly and I still shave because I refuse to endure any more pain than I have to. LOL.

  3. i can't wait for the belly pictures! :)

  4. I'm your newest follower. Lead here by one of my own readers. Congrats on your pregnancy and enjoy the journey! I will definitely be following along!

  5. OH, I love coming over and reading about the journey. I want to hear more! :)

  6. I loved loved loved spicy foods while pregnant. I ate lots of Indian and Mexican food!

  7. Congrats on your pregnancy! I hear the time passes by pretty quickly (well, at least until about 35 weeks anyway) but I know you'll savor the journey! Oh, and keep us posted on how the waxing goes (unless it's TMI) -- I'm trying to get over my anxiety about that and give it a try. My qualms are two-fold: 1) having a stranger get up close and personal like that and 2) the PAIN (although I hear that's like plucking your eyebrows -- after a few times, you barely notice).


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