31 May 2011

Thinking About The Nursery

I love watching property development and home hunting shows. And since last week I’ve been catching up on the old shows from UK. This is making me dream about my future grand home design and property development. They are also making me think about Berry’s future nursery.

I know is too early for that but searching for the perfect crib seem so difficult that putting together my ideas together now will head me in the near future.

In my ideal world I wouldn’t look at the price tag, but we are not swimming in gold. So I would like to create something beautiful and creative with as little money as possible. Now, I don’t know the gender of Berry so until then I want to dream – in BIG! I know money can come in the way of a dream, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

CRIBS – I would like something practical yet stylish, comfortable, safe, edgy and durable. The following ones are out of my price range but hopefully I will find something similar but affordable.

Leander 4-in-1 Convertible Crib + dresser = $3.111.96

I like this one for its slickness, edginess, vintage with modern twist. It could be Berry’s baby crib but also toddler bed. On the other hand the dresser can be converted into a desk. But the price is a killer, even if I won the lottery I would think twice about buying something so expensive, but I might reconsider.lussocrib-tile

Young American Crib + dresser = $1.753.96

This one reminds me of a television. The colour is too dark for room I am considering as Berry’s nursery. I hope there are different colour option. Also I believe the price doesn’t match design, too simplistic.youngamerican crib

Marlow Sleigh Crib + dresser = $1.718.00

This is royal like. Classy, elegant and grand. I guess I am attracted by the colour because it might bring light into the room, but I am not convinced about practicality. It looks heavy and too pompous for my taste. I think is a kind of crib that I might get over after few months therefore it might not be durable. But for now it is on the iLike list.Crib-Furniture1

Sparrow Crib + dresser = $1.550.00

Maybe this is one is too simple and I think it doesn’t turn into toddler bed.


Luxo Crib + dresser = $1.980.00

Another great crib, because it’s practical and we can convert it into toddler bed. I believe I am pushed towards round cribs, I’ve always like rounded things because they seem to be timeless. This is so pretty, stylish it can be good for boy or girl, just like the Leander crib.


Louis Crib + dresser = $1.900.00

This is one reminds me of French style, something that I am quite into. It is maily the legs of both the crib and dresser that gives this effect therefore I strongly believe I can ask hubby to help me create something similar by adding the romantic legs to a cheap version, that we might be able to snatch from kijiji or craiglist.Louis crib

Thinking about baby cribs seem a hard work. To search for website dedicated to baby furniture I don’t know which keywords to use in google search engine. I would like to find beautiful and affordable baby furniture as I’ve seen on some blogs, how do I do that?

Which one of the crib would you choose? Which one do you have? Do you know any website where I can find nice and affordable baby cribs?


27 May 2011

Berry Growing in the Belly Pictures Debut

Finalmente – as you would say in Italian, LOL :)!

Yes, FINALLY I have managed to put together some pictures of our Berry growing in my belly! I must apologise for the bad lighting.


IMG_0067-horzSo,up to week seven I didn’t see any physical changes. I looked more like a bloated woman rather than pregnant woman. Hubby teased me every time I proudly asked him to caress my pregnant belly, he would say “You look like you’ve eaten too much, hahaha!” My husband is funny, isn’t he? I heart the guy :)!

I was looking forward so. much. to my first scan because I wanted to hear Berry’s heart beat and see a glimpse. I dreamed about that day as a kid wishing for the latest best dolly in the world. In m views, that scan was going to calm my unfound worries and confirm if I was really pregnant. Up to that time I was going by four $1 pregnancy tests and missed menstrual circles.

Yes, even after two months of not getting my period I still wondered if Berry was really inside my belly. I felt like living in a sweet dream and only the scan was going to make me see reality and understand what is really happening inside the protected belly.

However my gynaecologist thought it was too early to see anything, therefore the scan was scheduled for the following month. But get some confirmation of Berry growing inside I asked “I can’t feel anything. Is there a baby inside?”

“Oh yes, there is a baby inside. Don’t worry, baby is there.” she widened her eyes to be more dramatic. That was a relief but I was looking forward so much to my first proper scan. I was still disappointed for not seeing or hearing the heartbeat of Berry, but I was happy to go get my blood test done. It felt good because something related to my pregnancy was happening.

But not getting the picture and heartbeat of Berry was one of reasons I stopped doing the weekly update on the growth of Berry; the other was the fact that I was super busy putting things together to feel at home in our new house. I didn’t take pictures of week 8-11 and 13 – the belly was not very changed from the previous weeks.

It was only from week 12 that hubby started to say “Oh, is that pregnant belly? It seems like baby is growing now. That’s a pregnant belly.” He is in the same state of wonder and doubt like I am Our hearts are full of joy for the miracle happening in our lives, but a growing belly doesn’t say much. I don’t feel tired – well, lately I feel back pains, but I guess I need to start doing pilates and yoga! Neither I don’t vomit that much and just the two or three times I’ve vomited made history, LOL! 08052011843

We are really looking forward to the next scan, because we want to shout to whoever we want that my moody state is really caused by a baby growing inside my belly.

The jeans I am wearing in week 14 are the same I wore in week 4. Can you see any difference? I look like I’ve just drunk a gallon of water, LOL!2405201190424052011917-horz

But I also look like I’ve just ate lot of burgers, yummy barbequed beef, pickled olives, onions and papers, tortillas and salsa! Ham, bread and cheesecakes.

Or maybe, should I just believe that Berry is really there and start thinking about baby clothing, diapers, furniture and all that I can’t think about right now?

Well, my next scan is next Friday and I can’t wait until then :D!

P.S: Ladies, thank you so much for your words on my last post. I really appreciate all you said. I see I was overreacting – my mother was overjoyed to hear about Berry and she couldn’t contain her happiness. I should have calmly talked to her instead of talking with my boiling chest.

After reading your comments, I phoned her to say sorry, I wanted to talk like an adult but she is offended. I am very sorry about that but what else can I do, she won’t even listen to my apology! She put the phone down on me after she said “Let’s drop it.” :(.

Hey all is fine, hopefully this will be a lesson for both – I will always look at the bright side of life.


24 May 2011

How Would It Feel – to hear the joyful news from a broadcaster

I just had a go at my mum.

She decided to be a broadcaster. She’s telling the whole world about my pregnancy! I don’t know since when but, she is telling everyone that I am pregnant even before I’ve done my proper scan. I told her to wait, but she couldn’t.

That p*** me off!

We want to let everyone know about Berry, but we are waiting for the next scan to be sure everything is going on smoothly.

I minded when she didn’t wait for me to break the good news to my younger brother, but that was fine even when my younger brother phoned me one day and said “I am always the last to know about everything.”


“You are pregnant and you haven’t told me.”

“I just found out and I’ve only told two people, mum and N. Of course I was going to tell you. Plus, I am still in denial.” That was beginning of April. Although it was fine in the end, it pained me to hear him say that, because he felt left out. I was annoyed with my mother, because I don’t want people to feel bad and left out like I did when I came to know about the pregnancies of my two sisters-in-law from a third party.

After the conversation with my brother, I was quick enough to let one of my sisters-in-law and my elder brother know about my pregnancy before it was spoilt by my mother.

Then, yesterday my ‘supposedly’ best friend asked me “How about the belly?”

I was surprised because I haven’t told her yet. She came to know something about my belly from another girl – my mother’s best friend’s daughter. That’s mean, because I would have LOVED to let my friend hear the joyful news from myself when the time was right for me to let her know.

But the shock came today when I was told me that half of the Ghanaian community in Italy know about my pregnancy!

Now, I regret telling my mother about my pregnancy as early as I did, but for respect I did. I regret telling her because she doesn’t seem to be respecting my decision to wait before telling people who are not my close family, but her extended friends!

I want people to know that I am pregnant from myself and not from a third party. I know how people are, many will hold grudges against because I didn’t tell them in person. I am annoyed at my mother because she doesn’t have the right to go telling people what is my right to do!

I’ve decided to let her in the dark from now on. Off course I will tell her I am doing fine but I will not tell her if I am having a boy or girl. She can wait to hear it from other people.

Let’s see how it feels to hear the good news from a broadcaster!

  • Do you think I am overreacting?
  • Would you mind if your parents went about telling everyone a good news you would like to announce yourself?

23 May 2011

A Little Bit of This

I know, I am so sorry I was gone for too long :(.

I was away in Banff and Canmore for two weeks. HURRAY!!!

Hubby was doing a conference and I was there chilling culturing myself about the place. That’s life!

The place is beau.ti.ful! I was kicking myself for not having my dream camera, but I can’t have it for another month and it sucks!

Well, I still managed to snap some pictures with good old 3.2megapixels Nokia.

From the picturesque open sky Prairies10052011848 to the snow coated hilly Rocky Mountains1105201185211052011855 and then off to Lake Louise and the Glacier.12052011866 12052011867 12052011868 12052011869 12052011871 12052011872 12052011874 12052011876 12052011878 Lake Louise was covered in ice but when is not it has a beautiful light blue/green colour. I saw avalanche falling down as if waterfalls. 12052011882I can’t wait to go there again.  14052011892 The Glacier is superb. It was warm sitting in the ice due to reflection of the sun on the crystal ice. I felt fortunate to be there, the experience was breath taking.

There is so much I wish I could write here but i lost my words, because it was a perfect getaway. Though I was emotional wreck, but I believe that was related to pregnancy hormones.

Life is getting hectic and my belly seems to be growing – I know I still have to show some pictures, but they will come soon. Since we came back we’ve been busy working on our garden and visiting the city.

Now, I am enjoying life here in the Prairies :)!

10 May 2011

iLove Tuesday Tune: Fallin’

Even after ten years of listening to this song, the sensations are the same as then. Alicia Keys is truly a great songwriter.

Which tune do you like on Tuesday?

Please share with me :)!

8 May 2011

Making This House Feel Like Home

I’ve been a bad blogger. How can I write just a post for the whole week? Isn’t it a disgrace? Especially I felt bad not stopping by my favourite and loyal bloggers to say hello. Mia colpa, mia grandissima colpa!I I was finding it difficult to balance my blog writing with trying to make this house feel like home away from home.

Yes, I’ve been very busy because last Tuesday we received our stuff from the UK. As soon as the delivery guys brought into the house all our boxes, I forgot about writing and busied myself unpacking 40 pieces of boxes full of books/CDs/DVDs, shoes, clothes, paintings, beddings, decorative items and kitchen items.

I lost myself in reorganised the house in a way that it feels more comfortable and homey. AMI and I re-arranged the position of our sofa and TV. Now what was just a big empty room, which made me feel far away from home, looks welcoming divided into small sections of precious areas each one dedicated to a purpose. We are happy of the outcome and every time I come out from the bedroom to the living area I feel a sense of peace and joy.

We still don’t have a proper camera but I really want to show you the new look, I am not picky so I used an old Nokia phone camera to document the changes happening in this household. You can see pictures of how the place looked like before the new arrangement here. 08052011815

“small library area” – I have my own studio, I will show you that in another post.

0805201182708052011826  “entertainment area (TV and movies)” – little bit dark in this picture. I like the throws on the sofa because the cream celtic designed one is a gift from my mother-in-law. On the other hand the big dark blue and red throw was a souvenir from my sister-in-law M, when she went to Peru.

08052011822“music area” – the dining area is under the window.

I was settling in alright, but I saw a drastic mood improvement from the moment I received our boxes of books, clothes, shoes and the little items tat made my flat in London felt like home.

Truly, little things are really what make a person feel at home.

Until the next post, a BIG HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL MOTHERS! Lots of love!

Please stay tuned I will bring information on my pregnancy very soon :).

2 May 2011

Eat Your Peas: for Mom

Few days from today will be Mother’s day and this year I’ve decide to be different.

I remember when I was a little girl attending elementary school, the teacher would help us prepare mother’s day gifts which I would never give to my mother because I always though she was not worth it. In my little girl’s eyes she showed more love to my younger brother and shouted at me more. Therefore I never felt like giving her whatever I prepared during art classes.

But this year I am truly considering giving her a gift. I just read Eat Your Peas for Mom by Cheryl Karpen and it would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. eat-your-peas-for-momThe book is full of inspiring affirmations which will help anyone tell her or his lucky mother how she or her feels about her.

The story behind the book is very emotional.

In 2001, Cheryl Karpen received a phone call from a friend whose 16-year-old daughter Maddy had just tried to end her life. Wanting to help, but being nearly 2,000 miles away, Karpen began sending daily notes to Maddy with sentiments like “You are special”, “I am here for you always” and “You are perfect just as you are.” Karpen bound these notes of encouragement into a keepsake book for Maddy, a present that sparked the idea for an entire series of gift books. Maddy’s book became Eat Your Peas Teens and inspired the Eat Your Peas series in which Karpen uses pea-sized affirmations to encourage and inspire. The series now has 21 titles, including three releasing this spring with Thomas Nelson: Eat Your Peas Daughters, Eat Your Peas Mothers and Eat Your Peas Faithfully (April 2011). Each Eat Your Peas instalment begins with a promise to be there for a loved one throughout life’s hilarities and heartaches.

I really like the but I am mentally debating if all the beautiful and deep affirmations are real to reflect my emotions for my mother.

I love my mom but our relationship has always been full of paradox from since I can remember. For instance I was so cross with her after my trip to Maryland that I felt like not giving her the gift. But yesterday she made me reconsider my decision. But still, though I wouldn’t mind reading to her an affirmation like

You have no idea how much you taught me

when I was trying so hard not to learn!

I don’t know if I would be fine to voice out an affirmation such as

I promise to stop what I’m doing

and remind you how much you mean to me.

There are other affirmations that seem truly written for her

I think of all the times you must have been exhausted

and ready to give up, but you didn’t.

May I be as strong of heart for those I love.

My mother inspires to me to be strong and never give up. She came all the way from Ghana to Italy and I still wonder how she managed at the beginning when she didn’t even know what ciao means in Italian. To how she managed to bring all of her five children up while working night shifts. This thought makes me realise how easy I found it. Also, this thought can be question by the affirmation

How did you become so wise?

(Why did it take me so long to notice?)

My mother means a lot to be but due to the pains she caused me in the past, I still find it is difficult to let my emotions show. Now that I am pregnant and I am preparing to become a mother, I promise to never cause my child pains which will force him or her to doubt, even for a moment, how much she or he means to me. Because I would like to receive a Mother’s Day gift which she or he never have to doubt it is worthy for me.

This makes me realise that being a woman and a mother is the hardest job one can wish for. And in my mothers case she is a mother five times. As a future mother I have to know that sometimes a mother will say something that she doesn’t mean it, sometimes she might show affection to one of your siblings and you might mistake it and conclude that she doesn’t love you the same. As a future mother, I realise that sometimes my mother didn’t get it right but she does love me and care for me. My mother is my mother and there are times in which her love is abundant. I guess it makes sense to conclude with affirmations such as

I am truly blessed because you are my mother.

Yes, all in all my mother is worthy to receive Eat Your Peas for Mom.

What are you going to buy for your mother this year? What would your children give you on this Mother’s day?

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