27 May 2011

Berry Growing in the Belly Pictures Debut

Finalmente – as you would say in Italian, LOL :)!

Yes, FINALLY I have managed to put together some pictures of our Berry growing in my belly! I must apologise for the bad lighting.


IMG_0067-horzSo,up to week seven I didn’t see any physical changes. I looked more like a bloated woman rather than pregnant woman. Hubby teased me every time I proudly asked him to caress my pregnant belly, he would say “You look like you’ve eaten too much, hahaha!” My husband is funny, isn’t he? I heart the guy :)!

I was looking forward so. much. to my first scan because I wanted to hear Berry’s heart beat and see a glimpse. I dreamed about that day as a kid wishing for the latest best dolly in the world. In m views, that scan was going to calm my unfound worries and confirm if I was really pregnant. Up to that time I was going by four $1 pregnancy tests and missed menstrual circles.

Yes, even after two months of not getting my period I still wondered if Berry was really inside my belly. I felt like living in a sweet dream and only the scan was going to make me see reality and understand what is really happening inside the protected belly.

However my gynaecologist thought it was too early to see anything, therefore the scan was scheduled for the following month. But get some confirmation of Berry growing inside I asked “I can’t feel anything. Is there a baby inside?”

“Oh yes, there is a baby inside. Don’t worry, baby is there.” she widened her eyes to be more dramatic. That was a relief but I was looking forward so much to my first proper scan. I was still disappointed for not seeing or hearing the heartbeat of Berry, but I was happy to go get my blood test done. It felt good because something related to my pregnancy was happening.

But not getting the picture and heartbeat of Berry was one of reasons I stopped doing the weekly update on the growth of Berry; the other was the fact that I was super busy putting things together to feel at home in our new house. I didn’t take pictures of week 8-11 and 13 – the belly was not very changed from the previous weeks.

It was only from week 12 that hubby started to say “Oh, is that pregnant belly? It seems like baby is growing now. That’s a pregnant belly.” He is in the same state of wonder and doubt like I am Our hearts are full of joy for the miracle happening in our lives, but a growing belly doesn’t say much. I don’t feel tired – well, lately I feel back pains, but I guess I need to start doing pilates and yoga! Neither I don’t vomit that much and just the two or three times I’ve vomited made history, LOL! 08052011843

We are really looking forward to the next scan, because we want to shout to whoever we want that my moody state is really caused by a baby growing inside my belly.

The jeans I am wearing in week 14 are the same I wore in week 4. Can you see any difference? I look like I’ve just drunk a gallon of water, LOL!2405201190424052011917-horz

But I also look like I’ve just ate lot of burgers, yummy barbequed beef, pickled olives, onions and papers, tortillas and salsa! Ham, bread and cheesecakes.

Or maybe, should I just believe that Berry is really there and start thinking about baby clothing, diapers, furniture and all that I can’t think about right now?

Well, my next scan is next Friday and I can’t wait until then :D!

P.S: Ladies, thank you so much for your words on my last post. I really appreciate all you said. I see I was overreacting – my mother was overjoyed to hear about Berry and she couldn’t contain her happiness. I should have calmly talked to her instead of talking with my boiling chest.

After reading your comments, I phoned her to say sorry, I wanted to talk like an adult but she is offended. I am very sorry about that but what else can I do, she won’t even listen to my apology! She put the phone down on me after she said “Let’s drop it.” :(.

Hey all is fine, hopefully this will be a lesson for both – I will always look at the bright side of life.



  1. LOL! Ok you had NO belly before and Im striving to get back there!! :)

    I know how you feel tho. However, your belly will grow so fast... trust me. And before you know it too! Enjoy every single moment!! Especially the ones where you can still fit your clothes. LOL :)

    Congrats again love!!!

  2. i agree! you had NO belly so it is going to take just a lil longer to see a lil baby bump! you'll have one soon! can't wait to see that too! :)

    as for your mommy, she will get around to it and the two of you will be talking happily as if nothing ever happened! promise!

  3. I can't wait to see Berry grow. Congrats again on this exciting new adventure in your life. Keep the belly pics coming. Glad you and your mom resolved things...

  4. Baby bump pictures are so fun! :)

  5. Congrats, the bump shows up more after the third month I hear.

  6. Awww your so cute. Don't worry you'll be bigger in a couple more weeks. Then when you are full term you'll be ready to get that baby outta there, lol.

  7. I do see the change from week 4 to 14. You have a cute little baby bump. I can't wait for future pix. I'm so excited for you :)

  8. You look GREAT! I didn't start showing until almost 7 months! I mean, I could tell, but I really just look bloated. I never got that big and Wee 'Burb was only 6 lbs, so I never had the cute bump, really.

    The scan is so huge. We got ours at 10 weeks only b/c I was only off the pill a month and my cycles were messed up so they had to use a scan to guess the due date.

  9. You are looking wonderful my friend!!

  10. Love the pictures. Pretty soon you'll have a REAL prominent baby bump unless you're long waisted like me where the baby can hide (I didn't typically start to show until 7 months).

    Once it's "obvious" under clothes that you're pregnant (and not just bloated - LOL) people will start to treat you differently. All I can say is ENJOY IT. Opening doors, allowing you to sit and walk ahead of them... strangers love a pregnant woman. Bask in the attention because it'll end soon enough. ;)

  11. It's so cute to see your growing belly! I know that this is an exciting time for you and now that you're seeing the physical evidence I know that you must be even more excited!! YAY!! :)


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