2 May 2011

Eat Your Peas: for Mom

Few days from today will be Mother’s day and this year I’ve decide to be different.

I remember when I was a little girl attending elementary school, the teacher would help us prepare mother’s day gifts which I would never give to my mother because I always though she was not worth it. In my little girl’s eyes she showed more love to my younger brother and shouted at me more. Therefore I never felt like giving her whatever I prepared during art classes.

But this year I am truly considering giving her a gift. I just read Eat Your Peas for Mom by Cheryl Karpen and it would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. eat-your-peas-for-momThe book is full of inspiring affirmations which will help anyone tell her or his lucky mother how she or her feels about her.

The story behind the book is very emotional.

In 2001, Cheryl Karpen received a phone call from a friend whose 16-year-old daughter Maddy had just tried to end her life. Wanting to help, but being nearly 2,000 miles away, Karpen began sending daily notes to Maddy with sentiments like “You are special”, “I am here for you always” and “You are perfect just as you are.” Karpen bound these notes of encouragement into a keepsake book for Maddy, a present that sparked the idea for an entire series of gift books. Maddy’s book became Eat Your Peas Teens and inspired the Eat Your Peas series in which Karpen uses pea-sized affirmations to encourage and inspire. The series now has 21 titles, including three releasing this spring with Thomas Nelson: Eat Your Peas Daughters, Eat Your Peas Mothers and Eat Your Peas Faithfully (April 2011). Each Eat Your Peas instalment begins with a promise to be there for a loved one throughout life’s hilarities and heartaches.

I really like the but I am mentally debating if all the beautiful and deep affirmations are real to reflect my emotions for my mother.

I love my mom but our relationship has always been full of paradox from since I can remember. For instance I was so cross with her after my trip to Maryland that I felt like not giving her the gift. But yesterday she made me reconsider my decision. But still, though I wouldn’t mind reading to her an affirmation like

You have no idea how much you taught me

when I was trying so hard not to learn!

I don’t know if I would be fine to voice out an affirmation such as

I promise to stop what I’m doing

and remind you how much you mean to me.

There are other affirmations that seem truly written for her

I think of all the times you must have been exhausted

and ready to give up, but you didn’t.

May I be as strong of heart for those I love.

My mother inspires to me to be strong and never give up. She came all the way from Ghana to Italy and I still wonder how she managed at the beginning when she didn’t even know what ciao means in Italian. To how she managed to bring all of her five children up while working night shifts. This thought makes me realise how easy I found it. Also, this thought can be question by the affirmation

How did you become so wise?

(Why did it take me so long to notice?)

My mother means a lot to be but due to the pains she caused me in the past, I still find it is difficult to let my emotions show. Now that I am pregnant and I am preparing to become a mother, I promise to never cause my child pains which will force him or her to doubt, even for a moment, how much she or he means to me. Because I would like to receive a Mother’s Day gift which she or he never have to doubt it is worthy for me.

This makes me realise that being a woman and a mother is the hardest job one can wish for. And in my mothers case she is a mother five times. As a future mother I have to know that sometimes a mother will say something that she doesn’t mean it, sometimes she might show affection to one of your siblings and you might mistake it and conclude that she doesn’t love you the same. As a future mother, I realise that sometimes my mother didn’t get it right but she does love me and care for me. My mother is my mother and there are times in which her love is abundant. I guess it makes sense to conclude with affirmations such as

I am truly blessed because you are my mother.

Yes, all in all my mother is worthy to receive Eat Your Peas for Mom.

What are you going to buy for your mother this year? What would your children give you on this Mother’s day?


  1. I think that sometimes we don't realize the importance of our mothers; how much they've really sacraficed for us and what they've taught us until we're much older and more mature. We often look at what they haven't done for us as opposed to the many things that they have done for us. That ability to see the glass half full is sometimes lost on us until we've matured as women ourselves. I definitely appreciate my mother more than I did when I was younger and I'm sure that once I become a mother I'll have an even deeper understanding of how much it really takes to be a mom.

    Thanks so much for sharing this. It has really given me something to think about :)

  2. Your honesty is so refreshing. I'm glad you decided to give her the book after all. I do agree with Brandi that once we become moms we'll appreciate our moms more (even though they can be a pain in the butt sometimes). LOL. Actually if you ask my mom she would probably say the same about me. Hehe!


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