31 May 2011

Thinking About The Nursery

I love watching property development and home hunting shows. And since last week I’ve been catching up on the old shows from UK. This is making me dream about my future grand home design and property development. They are also making me think about Berry’s future nursery.

I know is too early for that but searching for the perfect crib seem so difficult that putting together my ideas together now will head me in the near future.

In my ideal world I wouldn’t look at the price tag, but we are not swimming in gold. So I would like to create something beautiful and creative with as little money as possible. Now, I don’t know the gender of Berry so until then I want to dream – in BIG! I know money can come in the way of a dream, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

CRIBS – I would like something practical yet stylish, comfortable, safe, edgy and durable. The following ones are out of my price range but hopefully I will find something similar but affordable.

Leander 4-in-1 Convertible Crib + dresser = $3.111.96

I like this one for its slickness, edginess, vintage with modern twist. It could be Berry’s baby crib but also toddler bed. On the other hand the dresser can be converted into a desk. But the price is a killer, even if I won the lottery I would think twice about buying something so expensive, but I might reconsider.lussocrib-tile

Young American Crib + dresser = $1.753.96

This one reminds me of a television. The colour is too dark for room I am considering as Berry’s nursery. I hope there are different colour option. Also I believe the price doesn’t match design, too simplistic.youngamerican crib

Marlow Sleigh Crib + dresser = $1.718.00

This is royal like. Classy, elegant and grand. I guess I am attracted by the colour because it might bring light into the room, but I am not convinced about practicality. It looks heavy and too pompous for my taste. I think is a kind of crib that I might get over after few months therefore it might not be durable. But for now it is on the iLike list.Crib-Furniture1

Sparrow Crib + dresser = $1.550.00

Maybe this is one is too simple and I think it doesn’t turn into toddler bed.


Luxo Crib + dresser = $1.980.00

Another great crib, because it’s practical and we can convert it into toddler bed. I believe I am pushed towards round cribs, I’ve always like rounded things because they seem to be timeless. This is so pretty, stylish it can be good for boy or girl, just like the Leander crib.


Louis Crib + dresser = $1.900.00

This is one reminds me of French style, something that I am quite into. It is maily the legs of both the crib and dresser that gives this effect therefore I strongly believe I can ask hubby to help me create something similar by adding the romantic legs to a cheap version, that we might be able to snatch from kijiji or craiglist.Louis crib

Thinking about baby cribs seem a hard work. To search for website dedicated to baby furniture I don’t know which keywords to use in google search engine. I would like to find beautiful and affordable baby furniture as I’ve seen on some blogs, how do I do that?

Which one of the crib would you choose? Which one do you have? Do you know any website where I can find nice and affordable baby cribs?



  1. We were lucky and our family bought The Boy's crib and changing table for us. We went with a convertable crib that turns into a toddler bed, day bed, and then full size bed. We didn't do anything modern, but I like those choices you have posted. I think the Marlow is my favorite though.

  2. The sparrow and marlow are my favorites. I love anything that turns into a crib and the brightness of the pieces will keep the baby's room fun.

  3. The sparrow crib and dresser is to die for! That part of having a baby sounds so much fun! Happy baby furniture/clothes shopping!

  4. i really like that Louis Crib for some reason ... didn't think i would like something like that but i do!

    can't wait to see pictures of your nursery and the crib you end up getting for your little one! :)


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