4 Jun 2011

155 beats and Healthy

Yesterday hubby and I went to my second prenatal appointment. I was excited and maybe he was little scared.

As soon as we got there I was weighed. I am growing healthily. Let’s say I haven’t put on weight that might sound alarming to my obstetrician. My blood pressure is quite normally even after cycling to the appointment. My blood tests are fine. But most importantly, Berry is healthy!

After the initial prompt measurements, the OB took long to come. I was getting distressed. But then she came to do a part of the test. To my mild disappointment she didn’t do a scan. She said that Berry will be formed properly by week 18, that means she will do the scan at the next visit :P!

I was emotional at this point but then she did something that took my mind off that disappointment. She made us hear Berry’s heartbeat.

She started off by letting us hear my own heartbeat a faint thub, thub sound. At this stage I started to wonder if Berry was going to be heard. I was still scared that Berry might just be my own illusion so I was thinking OMG, OMG is Berry really there? Oh God let Berry be there. After this prayer I heard something, but I was still in denial. Is this it? A strong frush, frush sound or something similar.

“This is the baby’s heartbeat! It is very strong, 155 beats per minutes.” the OB said as if she was reading my thoughts. I am sure she could read all my feelings on my blank face.

“Oh.” was all I could say. I was excited but also worried because I saw her putting away the Doppler. I felt like taking the instrument from her hand and placing it back on my lower stomach, far below the belly button. The beat was a beautiful sound and I wanted to heart it for at least twenty minutes more. I wanted to settle my heart that Berry is turning and twisting inside me as I imagine. It was lovely to hear the beat but it was too brief for my liking. I looked at hubby and wanted to tell him to record the sound, but I stopped myself. Instead I asked “Are we going to listen to the baby’s heart another time?”

“Oh yes, every visit we will hear the heartbeat.” That quenched my thirst to hear Berry’s heartbeat again. It was more than satisfying but I wish I recorded it for tonight. I am going to do that at next visit.

However, after the appointment I was emotional, because I felt like it is taking ages to have a glimpse of Berry. Hubby is adorable because he comforted me by saying “I know you want to see Berry right now, but it is not like buying something off the internet. It takes time for these things and you have to be patient. Berry is healthy and the heart was very strong.” But soon, as per his usual, he teased me by asking “Would you like to buy one of those instruments so we can hear the heartbeat again?”

“YES. Where can we find one?” I was serious about that. And if anyone knows how I can get a Doppler, please let me know.

“Of course I am teasing you.” he is just adorable because only him can still playing with a pregnant woman’s mood like the way he does. He makes me smile! I want Berry to have sweet and adorable character like daddy.

The 155 beats confirmed that Berry is really inside my belly. Once out of the building hubby said “Wow, I have a little bit of me in you.” That was so sweet to my ears. I hugged him. I felt like a little girl hearing something very naughty, but I was happy to hear hubby so enthusiastic. He is adorable and he is going to be a great daddy :). I am so emotional but that’s normal in pregnancy! I am so much in love and surrounded by love it feels good and scary!

May God guide to success what He has plan for us, because our little family is in His great hands!


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  1. It gets easier and easier to find that little heartbeat each time you see the doctor and it gets sweeter and sweeter to hear it, too! Seeing that little life inside of you is so worth the wait too...it's indescribable as you will soon find out. Soak up all the time you and your husband have as just 2 now, because there will be 3 soon enough! I can't wait to read all about your journey through the crazy and wonderful experience that is pregnancy!

  2. I remember when I heard my baby's heartbeat for the first time. It's such a wonderful experience! Now, I'm looking forward to holding her in my arms and gazing into her eyes in just about a week! It goes by so fast, so enjoy your pregnancy journey as much as you can between the sickness and uncomfortable times. It will be worth every minute! :)

  3. how exciting to hear the heartbeat! i have a feeling I will be just like you!!

    Soon you will get an ultrasound and all the doubts will flee! :)

  4. Hearing the heartbeat for the first time is so amazing. It's so hard to be patient waiting for the next big thing to happen, like getting to see the baby. Soo worth the wait when you get there though.

  5. Aww so cool you got to here Berry's heartbeat...the ultrasound will be an amazing experience. Glad you are well and enjoying these days!

  6. im sorry what country are you in? the United States sells fetal dopplers in just about every maternity store i know and you can order them over the internet too. but be cautious cause they arent as "sensitive" as the ones at the dr's office so you might have to be a little farther along to hear your babies heartbeat with a home one....its wonderful, i had one for my last baby, and although i couldnt hear it until after 4 months along, it was so reassuring every night to "check in" with my daughter! good luck, i love your blog!

  7. a baby's heartbeat is the sweetest sound on Earth! many blessing to your little family!

  8. Aww, how exciting! :)
    You can buy a Doppler online (in Canada) on e-Bay... At least that's where my husband's cousin just got hers from.

  9. I LIVED for those heartbeats between scans! I actually looked up those home heartbeat things, but they were expensive and apparently it's actually very difficult to pick your heartbeat from the baby's.

    But I know the feeling! Wait til it starts kicking, though! Little Berry will constantly remind you he/she's there.

  10. Hearing the heartbeat was always my favorite part. I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!

  11. You can buy dopplers on amazon! I'm getting one next time we get paid :)

  12. This is so cute! You are adorable! And YAY for healthy heartbeats!

  13. You definitely should buy a doppler! You can get one at almost any maternity store. Hearing the heartbeats are a very wonderful time during a pregnancy. I never got tired of hearing my little ones' heartbeats. :) Congrats again on your pregnancy and looking forward to hearing how the next appointment goes with the ultra sound!

  14. If we lived closer to each other I could scan your belly with an ultrasound to your hearts desire. I have fun practicing on my pregnant friends. Its a win win situation. I get better reading and performing ultrasounds and they get to see their little ones free of charge!

  15. I didn't read all the previous comments but I found this: http://www.heartbeatsathome.com
    when I was wanting to hear my baby's heartbeat at home. I never went through with ordering but its nice to know the option is there.


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