17 Jun 2011

Berry in the Belly – Week 17

Berry amore,

do you like the title? I like the way it runs on the tongue and WOW, you are 17 weeks!week17I read that this week you are circa five and a half inches long, you have mastered the art of yawn. You can hear noises so I listen to music and today I am listening to a compilation The Very Best of North Africa. I hope you can hear it too, the sound is sweet to the ears. Let's me dedicate a song I love to the one I LOVE!

Sometimes I believe you are moving inside because I have the sensation of gas in my belly. I am listening to my body more and I hope by next week I can confirm that is you who is moving and not my mind moving you around. For that reason, today I started to use fortified soy milk – with vitamin D and calcium – with my cereal. I want you strong so I can feel your kicks when the time comes for me to feel them. I want you to surprise daddy one evening with your kick, that will be funny. Imagine he puts his ear on the belly like he likes to do and you kick on that spot. I think he will like that.

I am also eating blueberries in my cereal, that’s yummy. I hope you like what I eat because my appetite is good. I am not too much into sweet things, but yesterday I ate one bar of kit kat. Because I am not too much into sweets makes me believe that you are a boy, because one of your uncles is not too much of a sweet fan. I believe you will be calm, cool and gentle like daddy and this uncle of yours.

One morning I woke up and felt something hard in my stomach. I pressed a little I think I heard your heart beat against my finger. As you grow so my heart is getting bigger and bigger for you. I am so much in love with you and daddy. I look at him and I am glad a little bit of him is growing inside of me. He is happy to see my belly growing, and keeps telling me I look healthy – I am HAPPY!

This week has been exciting because mummy is writing again, not just trying to write but literally sit down and write. I have found a routine which drives me and inspires me. I am reading novels in the same genre of what I am trying to accomplish. I feel happy and alive. So much in love with you, daddy and my characters. OH, I am just happy I don’t know what to write. I feel like floating through the clouds and I never want to come down. Maybe it is also because I can photograph my changing body.

Yes, I did a photo shoot of you growing in my belly. I smile every time I look at the pictures, but for today I will share just these three (on Sunday I will put the weekly photos on the blog).week17collageIt is mind blowing how you are taking space in my stomach, my belly looks like I’ve drunk loads of water and it has shifted forward putting pressure on my lower back. It pains a little, I have to do some exercise to prevent too much pain in later stage. Well, first I have to draw another routine which will allow me to do those workouts. But, the curves are pretty to see, and I like to see my belly growing because that means you are growing well and healthy, and mummy is doing something right. I believe the belly button will pop out very soon. That will be exciting to watch. Ahhh :)!

I can still sleep alright, but I have to put a firm pillow between my knees, because I believe the weight put too much pressure on them. It is not comfortable sleep on my back because my belly pulls me when I wake up from that position. Sometimes I lie on my stomach and I am scared to squash you. You will let me know if I do that, won’t you? So far, I like to sleep on the left side, it seems comfortable.

Oh, another thing yesterday daddy and I started to go through the alphabet with possible names we like. This morning he said “We need to start thinking about names seriously.

Yes, I agree.” you see Berry, names are very important and we have to choose a name that suit you from baby to adulthood. A name that has a strong meaning and will positively influence your life. I hope you like the name that we will give you once you are born, because we will choose it with all heart.

I dedicate these lines from Aicha to you

“J'irai a ton souffle nous mene
Dans les pays d'ivoire et d'ebene
J'effacerai tes larmes, tes peines
Rien n'est trop beau pour une si belle […]

Je dirai les mots des poemes
Je jouerai les musiques du ciel
Je prendrai les rayons du soleil
Pour eclairer tes yeux de reine […]”

I hope you will learn French so you can teach me some words, we are thinking about sending you to a French merging school. I will speak to you in Twi and Italian at home and daddy with speak to you in English. We hope you learn four languages. But REALLY, one language will do :D!

Je t’aime moi Berry!


  1. 17 weeks!! My, how the time has flown. You are nearly halfway complete with your pregnancy. Berry will be ready to meet you in just a few short weeks. Enjoy your time with Berry in your belly as much as you can. It passes quickly, and soon will only be a memory (a very fond one, at that). I can't wait to see the weekly belly pictures! Best wishes to you!

  2. Such a beautiful mama already! :-) So happy for you!

    That song is beautiful!

  3. so touching! congrats again! you will make a great mother.

  4. the time is flying so quickly!!! wow, 17 weeks!!! and you are getting that cute baby bump!!

    love that you will speak Twi to Berry!! :)

  5. I'm so happy for you and your beautiful family. You are in a good place.


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