26 Jun 2011

First Kicks…

heart on a rollercoaster,

going thumf into the belly,

like butterflies diving and swimming,


like the gaze of the one you love

and your heart going tum, tum,


like a great poem different to all women,

romantic, peaceful, pure,

unforgettable, mind blowing, heart warming

and you can’t seem to get enough of it!



  1. Congrats on feeling the first kicks! What an incredible feeling that must be. I am so incredibly happy and excited for you!

  2. ooh...this is exciting! congrats Berry's MaMa!

  3. It's truly an incredible and beautiful moment for you and baby. At the moment I felt my baby first kick, I felt a bit odd, utterly complete and strangely beautiful. It's a moment I couldn't describe, but you so eloquentely did.

    Those kicks from here on out will be your babys " I love you" from here until the day he/she arrives. Baby love taps!

    Your words are lovely and they will vividly remind you years from now of this joyeous moment.

  4. That's the best feeling!
    I can't believe you are halfway to meeting Berry!

  5. Such an exciting feeling! :)


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