12 Jun 2011

From Delicious Food to Dangerous Bicycle Rides

I can’t believe June is already 12.

The weeks are starting to blur into each other. Perhaps it is because my days are filling up with activities. Since June 1st I’ve been going to yoga classes for pregnant women. Most of these women are seventeen weeks and above.

Then Saturday and Sunday, June 4th and 5th, we had a guest from London. For this reason we didn’t go to church. Oh yes, we found a church where we feel at home. Although we didn’t go to church, it was nice to show our guest around. It felt good to host somebody, because it made us feel like we know the place a little bit.

I found a bakery which bakes nice bread like the ones you might find in Italy. Tuesday, June 7th, I went to buy Mediterranean focaccia bread. The focaccia had Asiago cheese, black olives, red pepper and rosemary. As soon as I step out of the bakery shop, I started to eat the bread. One piece followed another one and then another and then another. I couldn’t stop myself.

Once at home I opened the paper bag to cut a piece of the focaccia to eat. At each piece I said to myself I am going to eat this last piece and then no more. Well by the time I went to paper bag again the big focaccia I bought from the bakery was gone. I was so full I couldn’t move from the sofa so I just carried on watching house developments TV shows. I guess good food makes one feel at home.

In the evening, together with some of the ladies from hubby’s work, I went to a garden centre, where I arranged a beautiful potting – putting succulent plants into a pot. Up to that afternoon I though potting was about making pots, LOL!

Wednesday, June 8th, I started my day off by doing meditation. After that I went into my studio and wrote scenes for a story. I was sitting there thinking about how Push can be classified as young adult novels. I opened the book to read through the first pages to make my mind up. I was just curious. I didn’t expect anything, but from page one I was sucked into the journey of Precious. I couldn’t put the book down, I kept turning page upon page until I finished the whole boom in five hours.

Although the story is disturbing, Push is the kind of story that stays with and you cannot stop walking side by side with the characters through their struggle from the moment you venture into their worlds. I haven’t seen the film which was inspired by the book but I don’t think I am going to watch it in the near future.

Friday our neighbour organised a get together with some other neighbours across the street. We all had to prepare a dish to share. I cooked jollof rice, a West African dish – generally you can find it in the kitchen in a Ghanaian and Nigerian household, but I am sure the surrounding countries in West Africa have their own version of the dish.

Yesterday was manic, and I am feeling the consequence even today. It all because of a bicycle. From the end of May I have an old bicycle one of our friends’ lent me. Hubby is a great cyclist and he cycles to everywhere. Yesterday morning I went to do box-excise with one of my neighbours. Once back home we cycled to lunch with some of hubby’s work colleagues. We had delicious dim sum. After lunch we cycled to Future Store to buy our DSLR!

On our way back home hubby decided to make a four month pregnant woman do an off road cycling with a city bicycle. I was scared, crossed and annoyed at the same time. First thing, the chain of the bicycle falls off easily and it could block the wheel at any time. Second thing, the track was muddy and close to a cliff. I wish someone would have taken a picture of me on the track. Hubby realised how silly the trip back was after he saw me struggling to cycle back home with no smile. I was so tired I couldn’t even enjoy our new camera until today.

Today, apart from my back pains and muscle pains, I had a great day. We went to church and then we had a barbeque in our forest-garden. I ate two and half burgers. That’s not healthy but thinking about yesterday, I deserved it. After the meal we played chess. It was another perfect day :)!

I am getting used to some beautiful shaded streets where I walk when I am going to the centre. Walking under green trees and near green grass make me enjoy the city even more. I am happy, settled into a routine, hubby loves his work, we love our rented house and enjoying our new life. We are making new friends. We love each other’s company and Berry is doing well.

I don’t know if you remember when I wrote about how I was missing Europe and all the other places I’ve been to before. Since the weather turned around into this beautiful sunny days I feel so much at home here, I don’t think about Europe anymore – well, I daydream about when we will to go Europe and Africa with Berry.

I am listening to my body to hear if I can sense Berry moving inside. Nothing has happened yet, but stay tuned :)!



  1. i give you much kudos for cycling!! how awesome are you! i think you def. deserved the 2 and a half burgers!!! :)

    i love the update and love that you are feeling settled in your new home ... sometimes it takes a little time but once you get to that point the feeling is incredible!!

    can't wait to hear when you feel Berry moving inside!

  2. Sounds like a fun filled week minus the cycle incident! Love how you say cycle...so British! Glad you are enjoying your new surroundings, that's fantastic! Cant wait to hear an update about Berry moving about! He or she sounds like a "cool calm and collected baby", as my husband would say "chilling!"


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