28 Jun 2011

iLove Tuesday Tunes For Berry: Swan Lake

Hubby and I love music. Hubby plays the piano and guitar in his spare time. I wish I could play any instrument – well at school I played the recorder, and had some piano lessons. But what I wish I can play well is the guitar. I had tried to learn by myself but without success. I can play some tunes and that’s it.
We read somewhere that babies like music too
and we believe Berry already likes music, all kind of music. So far Berry and I have listened to indie, church songs, African, R&B and pop music. Hubby have played some Radiohead music for Berry as well.
Last Sunday at church I felt Berry moving as if on a rollercoaster when a tenor singer came to sing a solo. It was the funniest feeling in the stomach ever :).
Since then we’ve decided to make sure Berry listens to some classic music. Hubby wants to learn tunes to play for Berry, but when I am alone with Berry we will listen to some CDs, so yesterday we went to the library to pick up some.
To start off we are listening to Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky.
I like the ballet, hopefully one day we can all go watch it as a family.

I really hope that once Berry is born I can use all the repertoire of music we are listening to as lullaby.

Questions: Do you play any instrument? Which kind of music did you listen to while expecting? Does your baby still like the songs? Can you suggest any tune a baby might like listening to?



  1. haha...i played the recorder too...i sucked! glad that you and Hubby have decided to play some good music for Berry! classical is think is great. i always like gossip/christian music too..that's always soothing and relaxing for me!

  2. i played the recorder too ... that is as far as my musical talents went ... i love music so i know when i am preggo music will be a major part! i think you are playing all types of genres which is awesome! i am sure Berry appreciates it!

  3. Both of my kids reacted a lot to music when I was pregnant. Upbeat stuff they definitely moved more! :-)

  4. Yes! So glad your playing music for Berry classical music is great and even when she's born this will help her to fall asleep she'll be so use to it! Amazing she responded to someone singing at church

  5. I loved listening to Celine Dion's lullaby CD. I listened to it with Lily when she was just a new born. It was my favorite!!!


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