13 Jun 2011

Welcome Oly


I am so happy to have our DSLR finally at home with us. It is not a Canon but Olympus E-PL1 which was one of the cameras on my photo-camera list. It is so pretty because it looks like an old camera yet it has all the modern functions. It is perfect for us at the moment because we wanted a step up from the normal point-and-shoot without spending too much. It is not heavy like some other DSLR camera therefore easy to take around with us. The down side to this new purchase is the lens, it is expensive to replace it.

Both hubby and I are still learning to use it so we don’t need to get a new lens. Hopefully I will manage to capture some exciting and interesting pictures with our new Olympus. And maybe one day threat ourselves with different type of lenses.

Do you like our new camera? Which camera do you use?


1 comment:

  1. Congrats on the new camera! I'm hoping to get a new one myself sometime next month.


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