26 Jul 2011

Hello Ladies!!!!!

July is truly an important month in my life.

Many things happen to me in July but this year’s July is super-super dupa. I am loving it and I am over the moon that I got featured on SITS today. How to BlogGOSH, gosh, gosh I thought I was never going to be lucky enough to get featured on one of the most important and inspiring social media websites on the blog-sphere. Imagine my excitement when I opened my email and read that my SITS day is TODAY!

If you are waiting for your turn don’t give up hope.

I am sure most of you have found amazing bloggers to follow and support thanks to SITs, if you haven’t you must join the community.

I am rambling too much, right?

My heart is pounding as I write… okay, let’s me compose myself. Deep BREATH!


Let’s listen to one of my favourite songs.

My wedding first dance song. Getting married to my true love was like heaven, and Bryan Adams sung how I felt so well. This week I will feel like in heaven because my big wedding anniversary is coming up {the small one is celebrated in April} :)!

But before the music stops, few facts about my life:

  1. April 2001 – I meet a gorgeous, funny and warm hearted British guy in my small town just few hours from Verona and Padova, north-east of Italy. {One Night AT The Pub}. It was a long distance love.
  2. 2003 – he proposed to me, and we set the wedding date for July 26, 2003. I chickened out, awww.
  3. 25 December 2004 – he proposed again {Merry Christmas and the engagement ring}.
  4. 2 April 2005 – we tied the knot in a small civil wedding.
  5. 30 July 2005 – we tied the knot in a big church wedding in the castle of my town. We danced to Bryan Adams and some cool party eighties tunes. We left the ceremony just as the blessing of rain was descending from the sky. He is my true love, because he gives me patience, respect and love in abundance.
  6. 01 August 2005 – I moved from Italy to live married life with hubby in London, UK.
  7. February 2006 – I started university reading English Lit. and History.
  8. March 2006 – we bought our first place, a 1930’s flat.
  9. 25 December 2009 – I started this blog to document my journey towards motherhood.
  10. April 2010 – began TTC (trying to conceive)
  11. December 2010 – BA graduations 2:1.
  12. March 2011 – we moved to Canada, and we found out I am expecting.
  13. 26 July 2011 – I am featured on SITS.
  14. November 2011 – our first baby is due. week19love

What a great decade I’ve lived since I met my true love, eh? And the adventure continues__________All thanks to the Almighty. I believe that His blessing is eternal!


That’s me life in 200+ words.

So welcome, my new friends, I hope you’ll stick around. And I hope you’ll stay a while. As Bryan sings “…love is all I need…” and I find it in my hubby’s arms and your comments :).

I hope my ramblings don’t scare you off. Instead, stand by me in this journey ;)!

Now, feel free to look around my humble blog-home!



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  1. Just connected through SITS and happy to have found you. There's happiness pouring out of your blog and it's infectious. I'm glad we connected!

  2. Happy Sits Day, Toi! Beautiful Blog. Beautiful stories. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great site...it smiles at you! The family picture is so sweet to see when upon arrival. Congratulations on your SITS feature! Have a wonderful pregnancy. -118 days left. Just around the corner. ;)


  4. Happy happy SITS day and congrats on your pregnancy! I live in Italy, we have something in common! :-)

  5. Happy SITS day! I do love it when I see people I know featured!! :o)

  6. Happy SITS day sister! Glad to see you featured!!

  7. I'm visiting from SITS as well :) Your blog seems very inspirational & I will definitely check back to see how things go for you! I am now following :)

  8. How exciting for you! I remember the excitement of my first baby...who is now in college! YIKES. That went by fast. I am here from SITS. I am sure everything will be ok, and you two will be great parents!
    I hope you come visit my blog
    Our adventures in big ole texas at www.nuestrasaventurasentexas.com
    I blog about life, crafting, parenting, every thing about life.
    Good luck!
    Oh and how do you pronounce your name? TOY or TWA? Very pretty name.

  9. Love your site, Toi! And a very happy SITS Day to you!

  10. aw....so sweet. Congratulations to the two of you! Congratulations on your finally marrying your love....your new home, and your pregnancy.
    And...congratulations on your day in the SITS sun too!
    I'm so happy for you and (I don't even know you but) wish you and yours all the best.
    I also wish you a most beautiful day today.

  11. Awww ... love how you featured the love of your life. =) and congrats on expecting. Your journey is beautiful. Happy SITS Day!!

  12. Happy SITS day! Congratulations on becoming a mommy. There's nothing in the world as difficult or as wonderful and I hope you continue to have an amazing journey and continue to share it with all of us.

  13. I love the photo of your husband singing and playing to your baby. He or she will be deeply treasured

  14. What a lovely story. It all started with a dream people once say... This marks an anniversary for you two for when he first proposed! Congrats on the baby and being featured! I definitely want to participate in your journey.

  15. Great blog, thanks for sharing today! By the way, that picture of your hubs playing the guitar to baby is SO precious. Love it!

  16. congrats on both your SITS day, and your little blessing arriving this November....my baby is due in November too, baby #3, 3 babies in 3 years...it's a full plate these days! But praise God as the baby grows, so does the grace...looking forward to reading more, and feel free to visit me any time at mangiabella - have a glorious day sweet bella

  17. Congrats on the baby! Very exciting-- you two make a cute couple! Happy SITS Day!

  18. So excited for your baby's arrival. I hopped over from SITS and have been so blessed by your bloggy home here. Blessings friend.

  19. Congratulations on your SITS day and your pregnancy :)

    Italy, London, Canada... I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures :)

  20. congrats girly! im sure you deserve all the good stuff that is coming your way! can't wait to the next ten years of life's moments!

  21. CONGRATS! I really am so happy for you. I hope all continues to go well with your pregnancy and your life :) and Happy SITS day to you, Toi. :)

  22. Congratulations and Happy SITS Day! :)

  23. Congratulations on your SITS day and your little one :)

  24. Happy SITS day Toi! You have a beautiful blog and an obviously beautiful spirit. Good things come to those who deserve them. (I tweaked that a bit!)

  25. Happy SITS Day!!! Congrats on your pregnancy!

  26. Happy SITS day, congratulations on expecting that great! I love the background of the blog. That yellow is fabulous.

  27. Happy SITS day! Had fun stopping by.

  28. Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy! It is definitely a wonderful experience! :)

  29. I love your blog and your personal story! I did find out about your blog from SITS and I am proud to share such a wonderful community with you. I am a wife and mom of 3 (2 girls and 1 boy) so hit me up if you need any advice!

  30. Happy SITS Day!!! Congrats on your pregnancy....what a true blessing:-) Love that you lived in Italy. My husband and I traveled there last year for our 15year anniversary and it was so much fun and so amazing. I hope to go back some day.

    You have many blessings ahead with a new baby coming your way. They are a true blessing and so much fun. Good luck to you and hope to keep up with your blog.

  31. Happy SITS Day my dear!! What a lovely blog you have going here!

  32. Congrats on your SITS Day!

    Thank you for a warm welcome and for sharing your wonderful stories....you have a very lovely blog.

  33. I am so happy for you Toi! Your baby is going to be the best thing ever : ) I have always loved your blog. Congratulations on your SITS day. Much love! Becky

  34. Happy SITS Day!! And congrat on the pregnancy!!

  35. Congratulations!!! What a blessing! You will make a wonderful momma, you already are. Best wishes and Happy SITS Day!

  36. Congrats on your SITS day! :) YAY for Featured Bloggers!

  37. Good luck madam, I will vote for you and off to check out your feature!


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