30 Jul 2011

Our Summer Wedding: Six Years Ago

The love story is long. We dated for four years and before the big summer white wedding, we tied the knot in a small civil wedding. But… the one we love to celebrate with a bang is the summer one, which is today!____________________theringIt was a hot summer day, just like today, around this time of day, in a little town, located in the north-east of Italy, Europe. After an hectic morning of preparation, lack of appetite, a cry in the car because she didn’t want to be late for the ceremony, a shout at one of her caring brothers who wanted to comfort her, but all she wanted was to get into that church ASAP… to which her mother, in a later date, commented “Why? Did you think AMI was not going to wait for you?” She was a silly girl :)!P7272672After the chief bridesmaid came to retouch her light make up, the lovely flower girls, a shy (but not-so-shy) pageboy  and sexy bridesmaids (and I wish I had a photographer who cared to picture them properly) walked on the carpet first…P7272671 then, finally, as if all that drama never happened, a smiling-happy to be on time (for the first time) young woman, accompanied by her elder brother… P7272673 walked down the aisle…P7272668 to marry a smiling-happy young man. The young woman’s heart settled where it was supposed to. They exchanged rings…P7272664 P7272665They kissed! Her wedding kiss was too passionate for a church. But she couldn’t stop giving him the bacio, bacio, bacio (kiss, kiss, kiss)… so they carried on outside…P7272662 They posed for Bollywood inspired photo shoot… thelovetree thecourt They arrived at the castle for the dinner and more pictures…thearrival brightfutureThere was so much to take in but her eyes were for her husband, the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. The man she wanted to have her children with. From the moment her heart settled in her bosom, people could see her body but her soul was on cloud nine, floating with happiness. The audience was around them but not visible to her. Thus, she forgot to notice some details such as the flower arrangement…P7272666flower1 flower2but there is a video and more pictures to help her remember. BUT, who cares about those little things, if in the end the most important thing to remember is how the eyes of your beloved one are shining as if the sun and stars are alternatively twinkling in them?
The wedding was hectic, fun, happy and memorable!
If she could go back in time… she would do everything the same apart from… the photographer. She would like an expensive photographer with a digital camera to capture the castle, the church, the family, the friends, those who were not looking and those who were looking. Our LOVE!
After six years of marriage, lots of experiences and a baby in the way. I am so happy to wish my amore happy-HAPPY 6th anniversary of marriage. I want to shout to the world that I love him and through my blog I can :D!
I am happy to share the fragments of memories with you ladies :).
A big hug!
LADIES, thank you for your support! We are picking up on the DECENT POSITION, keep clicking one a day :D!

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  1. Happy 6th anniversary!!! Hope you both have an amazing time celebrating your love!! Glad that you are getting to a good position! :)

  2. P.S. i've been trying to figure out how to vote ... and i didn't want to seem like a dumb rock so i have been trying to figure it out ... but the days are passing and i am not figuring it out ... can you tell me the number you are that way i can just easily vote? i tried searching on the site but it isn't taking me to your section to vote. thanks!

  3. how awesome that you are celebrating six years! You and hubby looked amazing. what a gorgeous wedding! looks like a royal wedding:-) Happy Anniversary!

  4. Thank you ladies, so kind of you all :).


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