10 Jul 2011

Sunday Sausages and Potatoes Roast

Since I am a SAHW I cook most of the days of the week. At weekends hubby likes to help me in the house chores, but this weekend he decided to let me stay away from the kitchen to show how he loves and appreciates me. He likes cooking and I like his food so it was a win-win situation; so today after church he cooked us something delicious: sausage and potatoes roast English style. In his honour I want to post the pictures of his meal.


He won’t let me go near the oven but I can reveal the ingredients and how he achieve this delicious meal.


2 medium size tomatoes, 5 pieces of medium size potatoes, 2 sweet corns,

1 small onion, 8 small sausages, 2 tablespoons of oil, water for the sweet corns

PREPARATION time (circa 15 minutes)

Peal the potatoes and cut them in half. Peal the onion and cut then as you like. Cut the tomatoes as you like.

COOKING time (circa 50 minutes)

I believe this is what he did.

I put the 2 tablespoons of oil in a roasting pan and then let it warm in the oven until very hot. Once hot put the pealed and cut potatoes in the pan. Roast for about fifteen minutes, turning them over every now and then. In the same time put to boil the sweet corns. After half an hour or more put the chopped tomatoes and onion together with the sausages in a different baking tray and cook for twenty minutes turning now and then. Once is baked thoroughly, check that the potatoes is well cooked and the corns are soft.

Once you feel everything is as you like them to taste serve with a smile :).P7101789You can add ketchup, mustard or relish as you wish. To mine I added homemade chilly sauce (tomatoes, onion and chilly)P7101797Have a glass of chilled water, then a peach for dessert.P7101795

Hope your Sunday is fun.


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  1. Gotta love a man who is good in the kitchen!!

  2. yum, looks delish! how sweet of hubby! :)

  3. looks delicious...corn is in season and i'm loving it!

  4. That looks delish!! Next time i would like an invite please:-)

  5. What a sweetheart! Looks yummy!


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