11 Jul 2011

Thinking About Diapers

I believe that becoming a mother is like going back to school. And like during my school days I want to think far ahead to be able to be organised emotionally when Berry is here. For this reason I reckon the time is right to start thinking about baby items. I am still thinking hard about the theme for Berry’s nursery {I will come to this in another post} but what keeps popping into my mind is which type of diapers to use when Berry is safe in my arms.

I read a dossier about baby/woman diapering and the article reports that the world is collapsing also thanks to the disposable diapers which became IT of the nineties. They were convenient but not eco-friendly and they are still convenient but not eco-friendly.diapers

When I started my journey towards motherhood I came to know that there many women out there who want to do their part to preserve the world for their children’s future. They do this by starting from how they dispose of the baby’s poo. This is what I would like to do.

We recycle at home and in my new journey, as a future mother, I want to continue doing my part to make the world green by using cloth diapers. At first thought cloth diapers seem too expensive: the laundry washing liquid, gallon of water and the amount of time your hands have to be in the water (if you are picky and you want to wash your babies clothes by hands).

In fact when I told my mother, who used cloth diapers for her children, that I want to use cloth diapers she thought about eighties napkins and pins. cloth-diapers

So she commented: “In this age?”

“Yes, I don’t want baby to get rashes.”

“Which rashes, baby will be fine. Cloth diapers are hard work, you have to wash them every time. It is quite expensive.”

“But they are cheaper in the long run, plus I want to save the environment.”

“Come on.”

“No, no really, there are some cloth diapers that look like normal diapers that’s what I will use. Also we are thinking about using a company which will wash and give us new set of cloth diapers ever other week.”

“Oh, oh…” she might think in this modern age I should use disposable diapers but the more I think about it the more I am convinced about cloth diapers. Hubby too. Plus they are so cute, colourful and fun.


Our hearts are set on cloth diapers, however the search for the best diaper brand and type is daunting. I have to thinking about which ones will be economical, which ones will be the most hygienic and ecological. I know there is a debate about the ecological side of cloth diapers but I really believe they are more environmental friendly than disposable diapers.

I need help from my blogger friends! Many of you are great in using Etsy and the web to search for deals, this is the reason I would like to ask you a big favour. If you ever come across any cloth diapers offers, please let me know.

Questions: What do you think about cloth vs disposable diapers? Did you use cloth diapers, which brand? Do you know anyone using cloth diapers? Would you use cloth diapers for your future babies?


  1. There is a videographer I follow on youtube named EDHill 1988. She has been using cloth diapers with her little boy. She also has a public facebook page called edhill 1988. She would be a great resource for you. Also, the owner of the blog Baby Making Machine also uses cloth diapers. She also has a public facebook page titled: Baby Making Machine.

    Personally, I've used both. There are pros and cons for both. What is best is what is best for you.

    Good Luck.

  2. I read a lot on Baby Making Machine about cloth diapers. I am going to stop by Edhill 1988.

    Thanks for telling me about her.

  3. i think i would be using disposable diapers in the future, just for the convenience but since i am not pregnant right now, who knows how long that thought would last.

    if i come across any cloth diapers that i think would interest you i would let you know ... but if i do come across cloth diapers you might want to ask me, why in the world did i? haha.

  4. i will definitely use cloth diapers. i'm so glad you'll be using cloth diapers. i got my friend some for her baby shower from amazon. not sure which is the best brand though. good luck in your search!

  5. I like the idea of using disposable diapers too because they look a lot nicer these days and as you said are much better for the environment. I'm not exactly sure that I will when my times comes or not though, guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it! I'm learning a lot about pregnancy through you so when my time comes I'll be contacting you for tips!

  6. I use cloth diapers and love them! I do use the "old fashioned" diapers (Green Mountain Diaper prefolds), but I use a Snappi instead of pins, so it is super easy. The covers I use are cute velcro ones, called Thirsties. Good luck with your journey into CD'ing!

  7. Hooray for reusable diapers! We have been using cloth diapers since day one. Love them. would never change. Pocket diapers or all- in-ones are more expensive. I used Happy Heinys Huggers with a cover. Maria at http://change-diapers.com/ hosts great giveaways, gives advice, and announces deals.
    Diaper Pin has a great web site too

  8. Oh my gosh. Those adorable little cloth diapers make me want a child! haha!

    I don't have much advice for ya, but good luck, my friend!!

  9. I am so going to disappoint you - I was disposable all the way. One was allergic to Pampers, though - so we switched to Huggies.

    I love cloth diapers - for burping pads! So soft and absorbant!!!!

    Congrats and best of luck as you prepare. It is such an awesome time!


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