27 Jul 2011

Thoughtful Wednesday: Being Lazy

First thing first: THANK YOU SITS! Yesterday was a blast and I am still recuperating from it.


So, today I am being thoughtful to myself and decided to be lazy. Yes, sometimes to be thoughtful to oneself, one have to be lazy. So, I am watching movies (Indian and Italian), So You Think You Can Dance old episodes and catching up blogging. Oh, and I posted about my wedding dress on TC30s.

What do you do when you want to chill?


  1. I do absolutely nothing! And I love to indulge with different desserts, when I want to be lazy. You deserve that now and then:)

  2. i love lazy days!! :)

    i seriously sit on the couch, eat and watch movies all day on my chill out days! my favorite days!

  3. Depend how much of nothing I want to do :) If I want to have fun/do nothing, I do crafts! If I am just needing to recharge and reflect I sit outside and just take it all in!

  4. Sounds like an adventure with SITS! You deserve to be lazy lady!!! Hope you enjoyed your lazy day off:-)

  5. Lazy days are THE BEST sometimes! Just sit home and watch some old movies! Love that :)

  6. Watching movies or Desperate Housewives in streaming is my fav!

  7. If I REALLY had my way, I would take a nap on the couch, wake for a little bit of cake, then sleep some more. Now THAT would be my ideal way of being lazy! LOL! However, with my son, lazy really means someone else can cook dinner and wash dishes!

    Hope you enjoyed your lazy day!


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