20 Jul 2011

Thoughtful Wednesday: Desperate Housewives?

I still question the title for the show Desperate Housewives, why desperate. I don’t think they are so desperate, maybe… okay, okay in their little they are all desperate. Especially Susan in her latest career choice.
I love the show and keep thinking about it since our move to Canada. Now that I am a stay-at-home-something – I write something because the term housewife freaks me out. I know, I know, I should just accept it but based on my upbringing in which women always, ALWAYS worked even when there were looking after their children at home, I can’t just accept the title housewife. Also in my mind I think people judge my new status – probably this is just my old workaholic mind speaking to my new way of life.
However, as the days roll into weeks and the weeks into months, I am starting to enjoy my new status. Yet, I prefer to be known as a wife who stays at home while her husband is at work and her first baby is growing in her belly, and who is ‘desperately’ writing (when laziness and blogging allow) towards her dream career: a writer. Sometimes I even think about looking into free article writing services  for my blog so that I can spend more time on my novel writing.
I am an aspiring writer, I write at home but not having an agent or a publishing house I find it difficult to call myself writer. So, I daydream to become an reincarnation of a desperate housewife. To be exact Bree.desperate-housewives-cast I am talking about her cooking skills, her ability to be a great host and manage to write cooking books – my will be fiction. But I would also like to have Susan’s motherly nature and good wife – not doing any bad career choices, even if we became desperate for money. I am working on my cooking skills, and trying to be a good wife. Once Berry is here I hope to become a good mother too.
These days I try to cook some elaborated recipes. I know hubby likes my Ghanaian stews so when I feel like I have time, I cook some delicious stews. So far, he seems to enjoy my cooking and he makes me happy when he says “I am getting used to the fact that you are at home.”
However, the other day I put on my desperate housewife hat.  I cooked jollof – rice in a tomato based stew – while we were eating he said “Jollof needs more stew, you don’t have to stretch it like you did this time.” How funny.
I stretched it because I put more rice into the stew to get more meals out of it. I also used some of the stew for a tuna sauce which I was going to serve few days later.
I had to do that because my days are getting hectic, I mean with writing. When I sit in front of the computer and my characters start to work through me I find it difficult to break the chain of thoughts to go cook the evening meals. Time flies but I am taking it easy. I’ve designated some days in which I write and days I cook meals worth for two nights or more. Hubby is very helpful and cooks some weekends. We share chores and that’s how I find balance.
I am not a superwoman, but when one is trying to become one, one have to use extreme measures. I guess this is exactly what most of the women in Desperate Housewives do, they take extreme measures to find balance in their lives, thus they become desperate in achieving balance.
How do you tackle your role as a wife, career woman and mother? Do you ever find yourself stretch to find balance?

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  1. hubby loves, loves, love jollof!!! he would eat it everyday if he could, hehe.

    i don't really feel too stretched now because i have a routine now. my days basically is the same.

    i enjoy cooking and trying different meals, almost a hobby, so that is always fun for me and good for hubby because he loves to eat!

  2. I love that John does most of the cooking, and we're both so busy we don't sit down for big elaborate meals very often.

    I cannot WAIT for the days of being a stay at home wife and mom. Don't worry how people view/judge housewives. Embrace the term!

    I do feel sometimes that I have to be a superwoman with work, school, taking care of the apt, and being "wifely" but I don't strive for perfection like Bree Van De Camp :)

  3. I know I'm desperate for something way too often. Not always sure what though?? I try to stay happy in the moment, live in the now, and not be jealous of others, but...
    Anyhoo, wanted to say thanks for following me from my SITS day!
    Good luck with yor writing career and that new little bundle you are growing :)

  4. Thank you ladies, so nice of you to share with me :).

  5. Ive been able to find some balance by cooking larger meals during the weekend so that all I have to do is warm stuff up. I think you have to do what works for you and your family and no worry about what else happens outside of your home!!


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