13 Jul 2011

Thoughtful Wednesday: Mindful Pregnancy

On February 9, 2010 I wrote a post in which I explained the reasons I wanted to prepare my self towards motherhood. Before that time and, especially, from that moment I dedicated myself to be prepared physically and emotionally towards pregnancy and then motherhood.

So far, I seem to be enjoying that preparation. I know that is thanks to my good star if I have a healthy pregnancy, but I would also like to think that my preparation is paying off. Working on my fitness and improving my eating habit was not always easy, but I did few changes which has stayed.

I went to the gym twice a week and did yoga/Pilates once a week. I choose these two disciplines because I was studying and needed to de-stress. Initially, yoga was very difficult and it made me sweat like nothing before. Later I began to enjoy it and see the benefit, it boosted my concentration. On the other hand Pilates was love at first sight. It was through Pilates that I learned how to focus on my breathing properly. After four weeks of classes I could tell the muscles in my stomach were strong and lean. I achieved a stomach that made me proud.

beforeafterworkout-horzbefore I had to stretch my body to look good, after I could relax and still look cool

By now, you might know that I L.O.V.E my new belly and I am not scared to show it off…













That said, I would like to get my figure back once Berry is in my arms. I worked hard to be fit before pregnancy, therefore during this beautiful period I am trying to be mindful. This means, I still take care of my wellbeing, body and soul. I meditate, sometimes. Eat the food I like, I treat myself with chocolates and peanut butter; however I try to stay away from fast food.

I keep active, but I don’t go lifting heavy weight either. I am not trying to lose weight but I exercise to a moderation. I can do it because I am one of the lucky women who doesn’t have a high risk pregnancy. I do mild aerobics once a week, walk when I can and do Pilates once a week. This exercise is very important because incorporates pelvic floor exercises which are essential during pregnancy. Added to that, by doing Pilates I am working to improve my posture, circulation, strengthening the core muscles and building up my strength. Because I read that these exercises can be useful during labor.

I believe I am happy most days due to my endorphins flowing well. I really wish all this mindfulness will pay off beyond pregnancy.

Questions: Have you ever tried yoga/pilates? (If you haven’t you should try it NOW:). What is your favourite way to keep fit? Would you/did you workout throughout your pregnancy? Did you see the benefits after baby was born?

Please share with me.


  1. I tried yoga but all the bending down and what not did not sit well with my nausea. So, I walked and stayed active around the house.s

  2. Pilates is my favorite. I did some while pregnant too. Then when I was 6 months and on all I did was walking. I think exercise helped. I still gained 45lbs but it helped with labor and delivery.

  3. Hey, new follower here :) I am about 10 weeks ahead of you and for the first 27 weeks I danced to help stay fit. This was really easy because I've been a dancer for almost 20 years- so I just kept going. Since the season ended in June I have doen nothing except daily walks at work... not that I'm proud of that. This post has inspired me to get active again for the reminder of my pregnacy.

  4. I've only done pilates once but my friend did it 3 days a week before and while she was pregnant she was able to bounce back quickly but the only reason she was allowed to do it for the entire pregnancy was because she did it for many years prior. I think I will run as long as i can and do yoga

  5. I didn't really exercise much with my first pregnancy, and I think that it did have a negative impact in the sense that my labor lasted longer and had to be artificially induced. This time around with baby #2, my life is in general more active. I have a toddler, walk regularly, and do yoga, dance, aerobics. It's amazing how much we can do as pregnant women if we put our minds to it. I love it! I can't say how labor will be, but I can say that I feel a lot better, more energized this pregnancy (which is essential with a toddler).

  6. What a beautiful baby bump!! I worked out during both pregnancies and felt great! I actually taught pilates up until 35 weeks pregnant with my first son! Keep up the good work and enjoy that baby growing and sharing life with you :)


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