6 Jul 2011

Thoughtful Wednesday: Mother to a Future Mother

“I love you.” she said to close our conversation.

“I love you too.” I said heartfelt to my mother.

Our last conversation was peaceful. We talked from the heart. We talked about cloth napkin diapers, which in her mind was translated old school cloth diapers.

“What’s that idea now.” yes, she is thinking I am her usual eccentric daughter.

“Oh, I want to be ecological.” I laugh.

We talk more about cloth diapers, I then ask her to guess Berry’s gender because I am keeping it a secret. Initially she complains “Oh don’t do that, why are you always doing that?”

“But I am not telling anyone.” she can read my joking tone so she goes along with it.

“Okay, I think is a girl.”

“AMI’s mum thinks is a girl too.” I say to make her feel better.

“Oh, so is a girl.” she smiles

“I am not going to teeell.” I tease her further.

“Oh well, we want a girl. Plus, I will dream about it.” I am her daughter and I believe that dreams can be premonitions. That’s so true because the dream before my scan felt so real.

We both laugh. I ask her about when she was expecting me “Was I kicking you very much?”

“Oh yes, you did. You were very active.” well, I am still very active when I have to be. I turn and twist so much in bed I wonder, how come I can still sleep six to eight hours straight without Berry poking me to say I am squashing.

“Berry is very good… plus I don’t understand what people mean by kicks the feeling I feel inside are so sweet.”

“Yeah, but I think the kicks will be stronger from eight months on. Sometimes you will be sitting there and you will feel a nudge from the baby.”

“In the scan Berry was sleeping will the hand tucked under the chin.”

“I guess you are keeping active so the baby is strong and calm.”

“You are right, I am keeping very active.”

I was happy talking to her like that because I love my mother. Today was nice because it felt like we can understand each other even better. We talked with clarity and honesty. And we finally talked like two adults about the fact that she revealed to her friends that I am pregnant before I was ready.

“Finally I put one pregnant picture on facebook and all my friends are commenting surprised.” I know, but I told some of them few months ago.

She said “You put a picture of you pregnant on facebook and you were cross when I told my friends you are pregnant.”

“Is just one picture.” I thanked Lord she doesn’t know about my pictures on my blog, LOL.

“Okay, but I was just happy when I told my friends that you are expecting, nothing else.”

“I know, but at the time it was too soon for me and I was not ready to let your friends know. But now the scan as confirmed that the baby is healthy and strong.”

“Of course the baby is healthy, is God’s doing so everything will be fine.”

“I know, but it is my first pregnancy and I just wanted to be extra sure.”

“Okay then, you should take that picture off facebook.” a mother will always be a mother.

“Naa, is just one.”

“Okay, don’t put anymore pictures of you pregnant on facebook. One is enough.”

“Okay.” a daughter is always a daughter.

“Don’t put any picture of Berry on facebook.”

“I will never do that. Hubby will not like that at all. We have to protect our baby.”

“Okay.” I take a look at the first picture of Berry and while smiling say “Berry has a pointy sweet nose.”

“Is your baby beautiful.”

“Oh yes, Berry is so very cute.” I was happy talking to her like that and I didn’t want to finish the conversation. She could tell so she was polite when she said “I must go now, I love you.”

“I love you too.” that was the salute from mother to a future mother. A caring mother to her first daughter to be pregnant.

I talked with her with calm, like the baby I am carrying inside. I believe seeing Berry through the ultrasound has quenched any worries I might have unconsciously had. The scan picture of Berry sends me into a sublime state of mind. Happy tears keep falling every time I see the nose and cute mouth and the profile of the round cheeks. And I can feel Berry is going to be a cute fusion of Hubby and I.

I believe as much as a mother and her child might argue the bond and love is always strong. And it is true that when you are expecting in return this bond gets stronger. I hope Berry will love me and daddy very much. I also hope the bond between Berry and the extended family with be strong too.

Questions: How is the relationship between you and your parents? Did the bond between you and your mother strengthened when you were expecting?



  1. that was so sweet to read! i am very close to my parents so i have a feeling that the bond is only going to get stronger when i have children. it is another exciting thing we get to look forward to! :)

  2. I love the bond between my mom and I. While she wasn't too thrilled when she found out I was pregnant the first time around, she did get into it. She helped decorate the nursery and she got to be in the delivery room.

    When I had JJ she was more supportive this time around because she knew I was prepared and that this was something I could handle. I love comparing stories from how I was when I was a kid and how my kids are and seeing what they inherited from me.

  3. Unfortunately when I was pregnant with my 1st my mom and I argued the most. Even when I was pregnant with my second she got into a fight with me. I think it's jealousy on her part. Note to self stay away from my mom while pregnant.


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