1 Jul 2011

Week 19 and a question

Dear Berry,

This week your rapid development begins to slow down. Right now you are circa 18cm from crown to bottom and your legs are in proportion to your body. You can hear noises from outside the womb, for this reason we started to let you listen to classic music. You seem to like it :).


This week I started to to feel your moments – it happened on Sunday. The sensation inside my belly inspired me to write a poem for you. I needed inspiration to write poems again and you gave me one. Thank you sweet Berry. P6280999It feels good to feel the sweet little drums in my belly. I believe you are starting to let yourself be heard loud and clear. The movements are so sensational I just want to hear it all the time. Maybe sometimes I wake you while you are asleep because I can’t stop stroking my belly when I am writing. Some other times you let yourself be heard. I believe that a way to tell me you love me too.

I am always thinking about you. You are the first I think about when I wake up and the last before I go to sleep again. Obviously I think about your father too, but right now you and I are two dancers united in soul by the umbilical cord. We can’t live without each other.

This morning your daddy pointed out that when you come out my belly you might feel lost because you will not be anymore in the belly. He said “Berry might like to be cuddled all the time.”P6301157No worries because I love CUDDLES and cuddling you is my only dream. Daddy will be jealous once you are here because he thinks I want to cuddle him too much. Once you are here I might not cuddle him anymore… kidding! I will like to cuddle you and him all the time.P6301188I once wrote that my heart is so full of love and I was ready to love unconditionally. I gave some to your father and instead of stopping there my love multiplied and we wanted to give some to our children. You are our first and I am already loving you so much. At the same time I love your daddy. You are a creation of pure love. I love you, love you so much.

Exciting news, Tuesday we have the first ultrasound which can possibly reveal your gender – based on your position in the belly. We are excited but we are still debating if we want to know which gender you are or let it be a surprise.

Do you want us to know your gender? Please, let me know through a dream Berry mio!

Loads of Love,

your mummy.

Question: Did you want to know the gender of your baby? Or you didn’t until birth? Would you do differently?


  1. Now is when pregnancy starts to get fun! People notice you are actually pregnant and not just getting fat, and the movements...oh, they are wonderful. Soon daddy will be able to feel them too! Enjoy, because this is when it starts to go fast!

  2. I loved baby movements with The Boy. Amazing!

    I actually didn't want to know, but Gadget Guy did. When I agreed to find out I wanted to keep it between us, but Gadget Guy was so thrilled with having a son he couldn't keep it from people. I wanted to keep his name a secret once we settled on one, but ended up blabbing at 33 weeks by accident at my shower and then it was leaked out by a gossipy aunt.

  3. Berry is going to be a very musical baby! You look adorable!

  4. We found out with our first and I LOVED knowing. I couldn't not know. I am such an impatient person that it was far too long to wait until he was born. I felt that it made the remaining 20 weeks go a lot faster... and it made them more fun because we were able to focus on the nursery and buying boy clothes and choosing his name (instead of buying neutral clothes and picking names for both genders).... knowing what he would be called and knowing I was getting a boy made labour and birth easier for me in that I KNEW who I was going to meet.

    First time birth is enough of a surprise, that it was nice to have something certain :)

    I'll definitely be finding out this time too!

  5. i am just loving these posts! i feel i get to know just a little more about you and it make me smile! i love the picture of you and your husband ... pure love! Berry is blessed already to have you both as his/her parents! very excited to follow you during this journey!

  6. We wanted to know both times. I think for the third I don't want to know, but my husband says he still wants to know. I guess we will just have to see.

  7. That last photo of you two is the sweetest...LOVE it!
    I wanted to know my baby's sex. I had a feeling it was a she and I was right. I wouldn't do it different. I might stay in the dark for #2.

  8. Thank you so muvh ladies, you comments helps a lot.

  9. I am such a planner I would have to know. My DH on the other hand doesn't want to know!

  10. I found out the sex of my baby as soon as I could! :) I'm just too nosy to wait.

  11. Well, we didn't know what Moo was going to be because every time we went for an ultrasound her legs were always oddly placed or closed. We knew that JJ was going to be a boy. We checked and double checked.


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