7 Jul 2011

Week 20 - First Glimpse

You are nothing like this baby in the illustration. Your pose in the womb is majestic.



I wake up from a vivid dream on Tuesday morning.

I have just been to do the ultrasound and Berry has told me the date due date and the gender. The nurse winked at me and said “The date is included with all the possible delays.” I looked at her as if to say “Real? Since when everything is calculated with eventual delays?”

I wake up and I believe in this dream so much. It felt real, nothing like the previous dreams I had. In this dream you, yourself, were showing me your gender on the scan monitor clearly. In the previous dreams I just saw children in arms of other people or doing their own things. I told your daddy about the dream and I wrote it in your journal.

We get to the appointment and everything seem to be going very quick. After ten minute of waiting the nurse call us to go see the ultrasonographer. Once in his testing room I lay on the bed and he puts warm gel on my belly. We wait for some seconds before he presses the scanner on my stomach to get the image on the screen. My thoughts were “Wuw, there is Berry. Berry is there.” I turn to look at your father who is standing next to the ultrasonographer. My heart fills up with pride and beats in rhythm with yours, just yours is sweeter.

We see your head first, he shows us your full body length, your feet, your arms which moves in that moment. I say “Oh, those are arms movements.”

“Yes, those are arms movements.” he says and I relax like a queen of the moment. My placenta, cervix are doing great. He shows us your measurement from crown to bottom: 16.28cm. He measures your skull. You have a perfect head shape. I am living each moment as a nurse. I am attentive to every movement on the screen. He says “This is the heartbeat…” daddy and I exchange another pleasing look. “Now I will check the spine… strong baby, strong arms and legs, everything is perfect. That’s the hand tucked under the chin.” We are beaming with joy, pride and love. I know you are still sleeping because this is too early for you. I ask myself “Is Berry comfortable in there?” On the screen you look so big, but my stomach seem very small to make enough room for you, but you seem comfortable.

The sonographer says “The cord is in the way but from what I can tell the baby is …” your daddy squeezes my toe and I beam at him. I am so happy because you are healthy and strong. Gender never mattered to  me but I am happy because you are all I ever wanted for my first child.

After the visit we got to have a first picture of you. Berry1stpicThis first glimpse of you has made us fall in love even further with you. After the appointment your daddy says “We have to protect Berry. Take care of yourself and make sure Berry is protected.” Baby, I want you to know that I will be your fortress always. I walk looking at each step I take to make sure I don’t fall. I ask God to cover us with his wings for extra protection.

From what I can tell you are pure sublime. You have a sweet pointy nose that reminds me of your daddy, your lips remind me of me, I like to imagine that your eyes shape is like mine too and your cheeks like your father’s. I am so much in love with you that I can’t wait to meet, but for the time being I want you to be comfortable in my womb until your new due date 14-11-2011.

The OB also told us that your are healthy and don’t have any disease. These wonderful news make everything enjoyable and I am daydreaming about you each second. I am thinking about names and songs for your birth playlist. But important things about life comes to mind as well. But what I want for you the most is happiness, health and love in your life forever.

After the appointment I bought a little gift for you as I promised. Berry1stgift

It took me ages to decide on the item – I am bad at shopping. I am wondering how long it will take me to purchase all the things you will need.

Well I have to start planning about what I need for you before it is too late. But for now I want us to enjoy our time without rush.

I dedicated the lines to you:

P7051707 Mummy’s love.



  1. Such a lovely visit captured. I am crazy excited for you and your husband and pray you and Berry continue to do well during and throughout the entire pregnancy. :)

    Hugs to you both and congrats again on your little Berry.

  2. Such a lovely entry! It brought back the love I felt for my girls when I was pregnant. I will also pray for yours and Berry's health. Thank you for sharing this experience with us.

  3. seriously, you are one of the very few who makes me so excited for pregnancy! the way you have documented your journey is a pure dream! i absolutely love it and look forward to your every post about Berry, each one sweeter than the last! i am excited for the day it is my turn and when i can turn to you to make my outlook just as bright! :)

  4. OMG!!! I'm so excited for you and hubby and Berry! I'm sure you will definitely take care of Berry!! The first picture is beautiful!!!

  5. Hi You look positively glowing! Thank you for popping over to my blog...I hope I can keep writing as often as i'd like! I'm enjoying my son tooo much! not long to go for you! enjoy this trimester it is the best! x


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