4 Jul 2011

Week 20 – Half Way There and a Dream

Wow Berry,

I am overwhelmed with excitement. Today you turned 20 weeks old in my belly. It’s excitingly scary how the weeks are going fast, we are half way there bebe mio. We are doing well. Today I posted the prenatal class registration form. I hope they have room for us.week201Tomorrow we have the doctor’s appointment and finally we will see you for the first time through the obstetrical ultrasound. Although your sweet movements reassure me that you are safely inside me, the scan will make reality will sink in. We are happy but also nervous, because from tomorrow I feel that time will fly away even faster. From tomorrow I have to start thinking preparing the house to receive you sometime in November. I am sure about your due date but tomorrow will confirm the expected delivery date.

We were indecisive if we wanted to know your gender, or keep it as a surprise until you are born. I asked my blog friends and they told me that when it was their turn they all wanted to know the gender of their baby. So, over the weekend we decided to let the doctor tell us tomorrow which gender you are. Plus, everyone in our family want to know, but maybe once we know we should keep your gender a secret for some time… what do you think?

I’ve been dreaming and in all of my dreams you are a boy. One of my sisters also dreamt that you are boy. A friend of mine told me that I will have a boy as my first child. Deep in me I feel that you are a boy and you will have your father’s sweet cheeks. I love kissing them and I am going to kiss your cheeks too. I am SO excited little one.

Tomorrow, after the scan I want to buy you something as a good behaviour gift :). This will be your first gift, because we haven’t bought anything to mark your presence in our lives since we found out that you are in my womb. However, I have few things that I collected over the years for my baby, it is stored in my favourite vintage bag. This week I am going to look more into baby items we might purchase for your nursery. Yesterday daddy agreed on the room that I’ve been thinking to use as your nursery.

Berry, you are such a good baby, you make wanna stay pregnant forever. I can’t wait to see you in your scan tomorrow. I want you to be healthy and strong inside me. My womb is your comfortable home, I hope you can feel the warmth I have inside every morning when I step out of the shower and I seem my big rounded belly in the mirror, which seems to be saying “Hello mummy, kiss from Berry!”. I don’t know how to say it, my heart is bursting with happiness.

All my love,

Your Mummy.


P.S: Your daddy just pointed out that sometimes the gender reading is not accurate during an ultrasound, because baby has closed legs, has moving limbs or has the cord in a way that can contribute to a misreading of the gender. But I am confident you are going to cooperate and let us know your gender, aren’t you honey Berry of mamma?

Question: Did anyone experience gender misreading at the first ultrasound?


  1. Wow, good luck I'm really excited to know the gender too. I bet your right. If you dreamt berry was a boy he may very well be.... Enjoy the ultra sound. Glad your pregnancy is going so smoothly.

  2. What a delightful post!! :)
    Clearly Berry is much loved and definately cherished!!
    I cant wait to find out what Berry is now - although, I think if I were in your position, I would want a surprise...but there is that added advantage of knowing what colour to paint the nursery! LOL! Man, tough decision - but I do hope you'll post a photo of the ultrasound?
    Good luck!! :)

  3. I love your stories about Berry!

  4. The Boy was spread wide open and it was hard not to tell what he was! I hope Berry is cooperative!

  5. It's all so very exciting! So so happy for you.

  6. reading this gets me all excited!! can't wait to find out what gender Berry is!! Happy 20 weeks!!!

  7. Beautiful post! :)

    My son is almost 21, but at 36 weeks my ultrasound indicated he was a girl! It wasn't until the very moment he was born that we found out he was, in fact, a boy!

    Good luck to you! :)

  8. Awww...the baby bump. I've been missing out on your blog. Glad to see that all is going very well.


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