15 Jul 2011

Week 21 – Sometimes Laughs, Sometimes Cries

My sweet Berry bebe,

you are 21 weeks! This means we are more than half way there. It’s scary but exciting. I feel like many things will start escaping my mind, for this reason I have started to put things I need for you in a journal.

This week you’ve broken the one pound mark. You are the size of a banana, I guess a small plantain can do as well because I am eating baked yellow plantains and peanut butter a lot – I wish I could say this is just pregnancy craving, I just love the taste. You are making sense of the world through your sense of touch. You don’t have much to hold on to therefore you are playing with the umbilical cord. You perceive light and dark better than before. Your eyelashes and eyebrows are well formed, and more hair is covering your cute head. I wish I could see now, but I want you to grow healthy inside me until the time is ripe. week21berrybellyweek21

I read that it can be hard for a pregnant woman to be graceful and due to their growing body feel clumpy. Well Berry, I hope I am not the only one but, I feel so sexy these days. My centre of gravity is still fine. week21134I love my growing belly so much because you make me look like a real woman. Thank you so much for these feelings you are provoking in me. When I talk to you I can feel your kicks. Especially in the evening just after meal until few hours before bed. It is funny because you make me laugh and daddy can’t understand why I am laughing. But the other day he felt your movements and he started laughing too. We were both melting with pure enjoyment. We both can’t wait to see your arms and legs through my belly wall. 

I still call you Berry – maybe it will be a forever nickname, we will see. Yesterday, we talked about your name again. In your journal I’ve written the meaning of each name but but together you have too many names so we might cut some out. I try not to be so conscious of the language I speak in when I am talking to you but I’ve noticed that I speak to you more in English and Twi. I use your Ghanaian name to sing to you, you love it. 

Apart from all these beautiful sensations, I am starting to panic organise things because the days are moving fast. If I am not careful you might come into this world like Mother Nature created you without any baby items ready for you. So far, I just bought one baby sleeper for you. This week I started to think plan look into baby diapers, but I then questioned myself if it is the first thing I should think about. Shouldn’t I be thinking about, I don’t know, your crib and baby clothing. Maybe I am on the right track by chilling. Well, I looked into baby diapers and I am convinced I want you to have cloth diapers (I will write more about which type in a later post). I also started to read this book in detail.holisticGuidetobirthThinking about childbirth makes me worry a little. Not that I am scared of the art of pushing. I worry because the super attachment of your life to mine will be interrupted. At the moment you are safely in me, you come and go wherever I decide to take us. We do everything together. We are tied strongly by the umbilical cord, but once you are due that will be over. Of course we will be close but not as close to me as you are now. For this reason when I think about listing my birthing wishes I become a little sad.

Berry, I love you so much and I want the experience of birth to be close to how I daydream about it. I want your daddy and I to close by all the time. I want to play the music I am putting together for us. I might cry at the birth because of the happiness of the moment and the wonder of life. I am looking into a birth which will allow us to welcome you into this world with the concept of close tight family bond.


Though I want to see you and cuddle you in real life, instead of only through my belly walls, I would like this moment to last forever. Is it normal to feel this way?     

My daily pray to the Almighty is to shower our lives with love, blessing, health and happiness. I pray to the most High to allow me to be a good mother to you and to be a good wife to your father always. To allow your daddy and I to be parents to whom you can turn to when you are in need and seek comfort.

Like the title of one of my favourite Indian movies says Kabhi Khushi, Kabhie Gham (Sometimes Happiness, Sometimes Sadness). Yes, sometimes it will be all laughs but other times it might cries but I know that with love, respect and togetherness we will stand strong through thick and thin. You and daddy are my world and I want the two of you to know that you can count on me always!

All my love,

your mummy!



  1. You look great girl! happy 21 weeks!

  2. you truly make pregnancy look good! can't wait for you to continue your adventures with Berry!

  3. Oh my goodness, this post was beautiful - you are beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing your journey and your pics with us. I love it!


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