22 Jul 2011

Week 22 and some thoughtful actions

My sweet-honey Berry,

this week the weather has been hot for mummy. I was boiling so much that I couldn’t concentrate therefore I took less pictures.week22 Plus, while you’ve been busy giving me those butterfly-like sensations, I have been busy getting things ready for our first Canadian camping trip – we are off to Prince Albert for few days.

This might be our last holiday as two, just daddy and I. Once you are born we might travel without you sometimes, but we strongly doubt that.

To make sure that I can stand the hardship of sleeping in a tent, we did a night trial in our back garden. homecampingWe used our sofa-bed mattress and six pillows. It was quite comfortable but, for extra comfort, we are taking another sofa-bed mattress. We know, this is luxurious camping – will be funny setting up the tent.

Daddy made the hammock  himself, he is creative and likes building things. He is thinking about building something fun so you can use to play once you can run around the garden. He is going to be the most fun and loving daddy ever.

Also, this week you received a cute wool shawl and hat from your paternal grandmother. She is sweet, isn’t she Berry? She handmade it and posted it together with your daddy’s piano books. 

berry2ndgift-vertpianobooks Daddy is so happy about that, he wants to improve at the piano because he wants to teach you to play. He also got me a self taught tutorial book, I should practice my limited piano skills.  He told me piano playing is a valuable skill to have. Now, I wish I listened to my mother when she wanted me to learn to play the piano.

You are a lucky baby, because we all love you so much. Your little cousin EFF and big cousins can’t wait to play with you. They all live around the world but one day you will meet them all and become great friends. Your uncles and aunties ask after and they want you to be healthy and strong – I am waiting for those bladder trigger kicks they are talking about.

Another thoughtful action came from one of my blog readers. She was driving from her friend’s house when she saw this sign.berrysign

This made her think of me and you, Berry. It brought a big smile on my lips. And warmed my heart so much. Such a thoughtful and kind lady, eh. You see, you are blessed!

To the physical changes. week22

This week you are the size of a papaya. Your skin still have to develop fully, but there is nothing to worry about because by the time you are here you will be healthy and full. I read that stretch marks might bloom at this point… I just checked, I can’t see many. However, I can notice  my waist getting thicker. In fact I read that I should gain more weight steadily from this week on, averaging 225g a week. Awww! Well, I hope this camping trip and outdoor sports will help me stay fit.

Until next week,

your loving mummy!



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  1. Can't believe you put the picture on the blog! hehehe so fun!

    Your belly sure is looking cute!!

  2. Yay 22 weeks! Have a fun weekend!

  3. the Berry street sign is too perfect...Berry should have his/her own blog called Berry's Trails chronicling all his/her lovely milestones..love it! i also love the beenie from grandma too sweet!

  4. loving your belly baby bump! so cute!

    love the sign too ... hope you and hubby have a great time on your trip!

  5. I love that you're being mindful of your fitness throughout your pregnancy. You're an inspiration!:-)
    I also love love love that you're going camping while pregnant. Looks like a lot of fun! I just hope you're going near some bathrooms? I can't imagine squatting in the bushes with a baby bump. I'd probably fall over! Hahah.


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