31 Jul 2011

What A Wonderful Two Days

Though summer sun brings along the annoying hot heat which is not good for a pregnant woman’s energy level, my weekend has been exciting, fun and romantic. On Friday we had dinner with some friends. Yesterday we had a great anniversary and today we are home just chilling…

This is my two days in pictures:

breakfast  I started our Saturday morning with me hand mixing and baking a homemade bun, served with scrambled eggs and wustle for hubby.

P7302768streetmusicP7302781 paintartist the street was full of artists – I love it! 

P7302771cute things

dogs dogs just being dogs :).

jellybeans In the afternoon we went to Starbucks and I bought a packet of jelly beans!

P7312810In the evening, after an Indian meal, we went to watch Smurfs 3D – yay right! It was fun.

mixer inspired by my desire to become good at making homemade pasta, pastries and bread, hubby got me a mixer today. I am so happy and feel like a grown up :)!


hubby concluded our romantic weekend with him using my the mixer to prepare a peanut butter cookie dough. Once baked is delish – isn’t he sweet!

This is my weekend in pictures, how was yours?

Unknown Mami


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  1. sounds like a fun filled weekend! i used to love the Smurfs! the jellybeans looks good!

  2. Your pictures of your weekend are great. How nice of your husband to make the cookies. I saw your blog on SIMC. Glad I stopped by.

  3. Of course he's sweet - as long as your baking is good! :) kidding!!!
    Have an energetic week! :)

  4. Awesome Toi! I am a Vendor as well. I am at Farmer's Market on Fridays. Great pictures and congrats on the pregnancy!

  5. what a great weekend!!! i want a the kitchen aid but i hardly ever bake so i can't buy it. i think i might want it because it looks so cute on the counter in the fun colors, haha.

    how sweet of hubby to make those cookies, they look delish!


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