28 Aug 2011

Blueberry-apple Pie

Another wonderful week is over and is time to show some pictures.

Wednesday and Thursday I was surrounded by nature and for the first time I tried my hand at taking detailed pictures like a nature photographer.

This is what came out:pregnatureP8243516wildmushroomflower1   hiddenberrycranberryApart from taking pictures, I picked some blueberries:     blueberryP8273623And yesterday I baked blueberry-apple pie – I prepared the pastry two week ago.   berrypie

Berry’s first blueberry-apple pie! It was YUMMY – wild berries are the best, small but full of juice.berrypiefin

Hope your week was fun and you are having a great weekend :)!
Unknown Mami
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  1. Love the deer moss. It's so delicate.

  2. Nice pictures, delicious that ice cream with blueberries.

  3. You took beautiful pictures. I love them and now I want some pie.

  4. Pics came out great. It seems like everybody such wonderful photography skills expect me.

  5. That looks delicious! and love the shadow pictures. very nice scenery too!

  6. your pictures look incredible ... i absolutely love the first one!

    and the pie looks amazing! yum! i've never made a pie before and i really want to make it but i think it looks too difficult!

  7. great photos and yummy dessert i love blue berries!

  8. By George, I think you've got it!

  9. Oh no, looks like you've been in forest here in Finland! :)
    Yummy, yummy!
    ps. you look very beautifully pregnant!

  10. Pics came out looking good but the blueberry pie has my eye!

  11. I.LOVE.BLUEBERRY.PIE!!! Never had blueberry-apple but it sounds delicious and I bet your baby was happy! :-)

  12. The pie looks delish! Please post the recipe!


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