23 Aug 2011

DIY Maternity Photo-shoot: Outdoor Inspiration

Hello ladies.
How are you all? Thanks everyone for taking time to comment on my last post.
Taking the days off have revitalised my mind and thoughts. I concluded that my worries were nothing in reality. As Mrs Pancakes rightly wrote “In regards to your thoughts..give them to God and let him help you process them! […] You and hubby do what you can and God will take care of the rest. Trust in the God with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding! […]”
I want to leave all in God’s powerful and capable hands. He is the one who gave us our little one and he is the ONE who will take care of our journey. Plus, life should be viewed through positive eyes.
Also Janeen wrote “You don't have to worry about being boring, use your blog to document your thoughts and if people comment, fine, if not, oh well. Just know people ARE reading. :)
Nervousness, anxiety, and whatever else you are feeling is completely natural. Just know that when the baby comes, everything will fall into place.”
Janeen is right, I am on this blog to documents my thoughts and I should write my feeling without setting myself to a standard. And as it happens at times people read but not everyone can comment. But most importantly one day I can show this online journal to my children.
I love taking weekly photos of my growing belly and I’ve been doing that since week 4 of my pregnancy. However, I would like some professional photos.
Today I spent nearly the whole day browsing our local photographers’ websites. I think the price is reasonable - the highest I’ve found is $550, include in the price is shooting, copies of the retouched photos with CD/DVD with all the printing right. But at the moment I don’t have money for that luxury. For this reason I am thinking about doing DIY maternity photo shoot. I want outdoors, indoors and those type of photos celebrities love to take.
I will use my tripod for most of them, but I’ve asked hubby to help me with some – especially outdoors. I don’t know how those will turn out, because I might want a style, setting and position that hubby will deem demanding. When the lighting will not be right I will make sure to get it right and he might get fed up with that – he will think I am wasting his time. He might take a photo in which I am making horrible face and I might get upset by that.
To make the DIY experience painless I am collecting samples. Hopefully they will make my photo session with hubby move smoothly. So far I am inspired by these outdoor pictures:
yellow is the colour – field is the location
love the lighting (more yellow) and style – I was happy to find out that the pregnant woman is the cool Melissa from Dear Baby, one of my fav blogs. I would also like a little bit of glamour in the photo-shoot

I am also questioning when to get these pictures taken. I read that 7-8months should be good because the belly will not be too big to find some positions uncomfortable. However, I’ve seen some pictures with 9 months pregnant women in them. Some looked gorgeous, some looked tired.
Did/Would you have a professional photographer to memorialise your pregnancy? Did anyone do a DIY maternity photo-shoot? At which month did/would you have your maternity photo-shoot taken?
LADIES, thank you for your support! We’re position #234.
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  1. Oooh these are so exciting! i have always loved beauty shots while pregnant! i love the ones where they hold the fruits and veggies to signify how big the baby is! Glad you are back to documenting your pregnancy and your love story with the little one!

  2. I'm all about the pregnancy pics! I did mine at 7 months. it was money and time well spent!

  3. I love the inspiration for your photos! I've scheduled mine for right at 7 months but I'm also having a friend take some next week which will be at 5 1/2. My friend is wanting to build his portfolio so he's going to take a variety of shots at all stages! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. I never had professional photos done with any of my babies but I kind of wish I had. I think you can get some great photos taken without the crazy costs. I'd find someone just starting out and wanting to build their portfolio if you can. They, in addition to taking your own, can provide you with some good shots I'm sure. :)

    Good luck to you!

  5. I LOVE doing the maternity photos. I several- but my brother is a photographer so I didn't pay anthing out of pocket. I did 20 weeks (half way there) then again at 6 months then 7 months. I didn't do any at 8 or this month. If you are doing DIY shoots I'd say do them as often as you'd like!

  6. Exciting! I wish I had real photos taken while I was pregnant. A friend took some pictures but they were all in doors in his nursery against the same wall. I don't like them very much. I can't wait to see how yours turn out! I think next time around I may have GG take them as he's become very handy with a camera.

  7. ahhh, i just love maternity pictures! i think in the future i would def. want to do maternity pictures ... i think i would love to use my actual wedding photographer. and i think 7-8 months would be perfect because i am thinking that by 9 months it is kinda hard to be comfortable, but then again this is coming from a person who hasn't had that experience.

    p.s. i never saw your last post but i am glad you got the comfort from your readers that you needed. i am not having children at this time but i find your blog lovely and i look forward to always reading your posts. because i am not going through the same experience as you are, i am not able to give you the advice that you sometimes need from my comments but know i am here and read all the time and if i can help at any time i would.

  8. I didn't have professional photos done, but now kind of wish that I did. I didn't feel beautiful during my pregnancy, but photos like these may have changed my mind.
    Gosh, I don't know the best time I would guess between 7 - 8 months.
    Good luck and I hope you will share them with us. I know they will be absolutely beautiful. :)

  9. I love maternity photo shoots! They are sweet. So glad you feel better about things!


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