5 Aug 2011

Indulging In the Small Things: week 24

My Berry Baby,

today mummy started her day with a little bit of indulging.week24You see, I’ve sent myself some deadlines. From day 101 I want to start organising the studio in a way that we can accommodate the necessary things for you. Yes, we (you and I)are going share the studio.

But until that date I am indulging in the small little things. Today for instance I had a long bath. Read some poems from the New Canadian Poetry anthology… poems and listened to classic music. indulgence

P.S: After the morning indulgence I am writing, so just a little bit of indulging… :).


A quick update: On Tuesday we went to see the OB and your heart rate was 138. I am sure you were sleeping because it was an early morning visit. It was not an exciting visit, but still was good to hear your heartbeat. Apart from that nothing major is happening. You are moving and I can see some of your movement through the belly wall. It is exciting to see. My belly button is not out completely.

Today I want to be brief because sometimes I talk too much._______________




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  1. You are brilliant knowing that you must take time for yourself and actually doing it. Don't forget after the little one comes to do the same thing. P.S. Isn't hearing your baby's heartbeat the sweetest sound ever?

  2. Glad that Berry is doing well!!! And I agree about small indulgences!!

  3. why wasn't it an exciting visit? and you don't talk too much! :)

  4. You look gorgeous!!! Love your little baby bump!

  5. I feel like your pregnancy is flying by! Berry will be here before you know it!


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