29 Aug 2011

The News That Led Me To A Cute Video

This morning, the first news that hubby gave was “Beyonce is pregnant!” I was happy and wanted to know how many months.

So, after I had shower and breakfast, I went to read more on guardian.co.uk.

She looks happy and proud, just like the way I felt when I found out I was pregnant for the first time.beyonce-2-440 {via}

She looks beautiful – more than before!

I am SO happy her and Jay Z – I am glad she is showing off her beautiful bump. I thought she was going to hide her pregnancy like some celebrities but… I AM JUST SO PROUD OF HER! Proudly showing off her belly makes me like her! I understand the effect pregnant women have on human beings – oh, I am just proud for her, I am sure she wanted her baby more than anything else.

Hurray to proud pregnant women!

This led me to youtube videos for more information. But instead I ended up watch reviews on other stuff. I then watched Whip My Hair by Willow Smith. Her video led me to this cute video. The Figure skater is so cute:

Her name is Starr Andrew, above she is 9 years old and then I watched this performance of when she was 6. 

Isn’t she cute?

She warms my heart and Berry is dancing to the music too.

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  1. Such cute videos!! She is really talented! tfs


  2. you know we must be kindered spirits because i was thinking that Beyonce looked more beautiful than usual too! Congrats to them!

  3. She looks so amazing! And I thought Jay-Z looked so proud when they showed him in the audience!

  4. I'm really happy for them too! Babies and pregnancy are cause for celebration. I know a lot of ppl are like so what, but when you think about all the bad things in this world being able to produce life is such a blessing and breath of fresh air. I wish them all the best with this pregnancy.

  5. I was very excited to hear that Beyonce' is pregnant as well. So many people adore her and it's just so nice to see her go into this phase of her life :)

  6. i am so happy for her and Jay Z too! they look thrilled and i just love it!

  7. just found out from my neighbor that beyonce is prego! there were so many rumors before but now she really is. she looks beautiful

  8. I am so excited for her too! Were you able to find out how far along she is? I thought I heard on the radio that she wasn't going to reveal her due date- I'm thinking the two of your are due fairly close together.


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