16 Aug 2011

Say Hello Wave Goodbye

David Gray’s songs are so GRAY like his surname, but I love them. He is a world known British singer.

Although the lyrics in Say Hello Wave Goodbye don’t come close to describe how I feel, the title explains this post.

I want to say hello and wave goodbye to my readers for some time.
I am finding myself boring and although I have many things I would like to write about, I don’t think they are interesting enough. I love writing my weekly pregnancy update but I don’t think there is room for feedback on them – and I appreciate my ladies who write the comments on them :).
I started my blog to be able to have feedback on some on my queries regarding pregnancy, but so far, God’s blessing, my pregnancy have been uneventful and I am feeling great. This makes me one boring pregnant lady.
However, as the days shift quickly into weeks, I’ve began to worry about motherhood. I am questioning myself if I am going to be a strong, good mother who can protect her child from outsiders.
The thoughts are so many I don’t know how to voice them out. They are intruding my dreams.  For this reason I want to take some days/weeks off to put these thoughts together and try to find some answers. I need to put them into one folder and take a step back to look at them again.
Inside I am scared to come out as a paranoid woman, but in this delicate moment every little worry for me might seem a big issue.

Waving goodbye is very difficult but I need to regain balance in my thoughts. Bare with me.

I will be back soon!

Please, DON’T LEAVE me behind in this superfast lane blog-sphere!


LADIES, thank you for your support! We’re still position #225.

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  1. I will miss reading about your thoughts about being pregnant. It reminds me of how I felt when I was carrying my daughters. Everyone has fears about how good of a mother they will be. But once you see the baby, your heart will be so full. It will be the greatest love you will ever experience. Good Luck!

  2. The best thing definitely is to take the time you need for yourself to what is best for you and the little one. In regards to your thoughts..give them to God and let him help you process them! You are going to be a strong and wonderful mother. You and hubby do what you can and God will take care of the rest. Trust in the God with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding! lots of virtual hugs your way and the family! Will be awaiting your return!

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting me! You look soooo cute. I love watching the pregnancy progression. My back to back pregnancies were both uneventful, which is the way we all want it to be. I've been a worry wart for some time w/ my boys while they were in the womb and now with them out. Its normal but trust that with all your concerns, the answers are inside of you. As soon as your baby arrives, its like an automatic protection thing comes out of you that you didn't know you had. You'll see. Trust your instincts and chop ppl's advice up to their own excitement, unless its something you agree with. Oh and congrats!

  4. Nice post. Really liked it. Thanks for sharing.

    Take the test ABC's of Pregnancy and find out your knowledge of things you are supposed to do and more importantly, what you are not supposed to do during your pregnancy.

    Take Care.

  5. I can definitely understand, from one expectant momma to another...WE CAN DO THIS!!! Looking forward to your return!

  6. I'm not sure how long you'll be gone, but I'm going to miss your updates, especially since we're running neck and neck with our pregnancies.
    You don't have to worry about being boring, use your blog to document your thoughts and if people comment, fine, if not, oh well. Just know people ARE reading. :)
    Nervousness, anxiety, and whatever else you are feeling is completely natural. Just know that when the baby comes, everything will fall into place.
    See you later. ;)

  7. Take as much time as you need. Let me know when your back lady. You are such a beautiful and intelligent woman and I am certain that you have more than enough to offer berry. Enjoy your time off and see you when your back. much love.

  8. May you and your child be blessed.

  9. You will have your hands full with that beautiful baby of yours. I remember the first look at both my babies. Cherish the moment you first set eyes on your baby and don't worry about us in blogland, we're not going anywhere. Lots of Luv.

    Lisa x

  10. I definitely understand and have been here before.

    I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my new furbaby! I am a new follower, and I will be here when you return!

    I hope things continue to go well for your pregnancy!

  11. Hi! Definitely take the time that you need for yourself. Please know that people, like me, are reading your blog. I know exactly how you feel about wondering if your blog will be attractive to others. But you can't worry about that, think back to why you started your blog and let that be your passion, not what others have to say. :)


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